NEW Lexus RZ 450e review – the electric SUV that thinks it’s a Tesla | What Car?

Lexus replicates Tesla by presenting a 'yoke' guiding wheel. View our brand-new evaluation to discover more!

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23 responses to “NEW Lexus RZ 450e review – the electric SUV that thinks it’s a Tesla | What Car?”

  1. What Car? Avatar
    What Car?

    Would you swap your steering wheel for a yoke? YES or NO? 👇🥚

    1. DrMikeOxgreen Avatar

      No. Yoke seems like a unnecessary marketing gimmick

  2. Bowie Avatar

    62k wow……

  3. joey020 Avatar

    Why is the battery so small? I don’t understand Toyota’s reasoning for some of these products. I get they’re betting on Hydrogen but there’s no point putting out half hearted attempts.

  4. disarchitected Avatar

    Dunno about these huge wheels. All that unsuspended weight, thin tyre side walls susceptible to pinch flats, hugely expensive tyres. Sure why not for a Ferrari but a family SUV?

  5. Jhonny Pusong Avatar
    Jhonny Pusong

    This is the best design interior exterior for Lexus so far.
    other suv brands blunt design big screen over design
    Nothing inside just a wide screen.😅
    White seats like maternity hospital.
    The down side here is the miles range.
    They should do 300-400 miles range.
    Same as their hybrid( Toyota Lexus)
    Has over 300-450 miles range.
    I do like to change my hybrid if the have that range.
    I travel far places throughout Europe.
    I’m 100% confident for my hybrid because has a over 400 miles range( 450).
    Summer or winter.
    Perfect car for me.
    No waiting of charging plans ahead looking charging stations or parkings with charging stations.
    The hybrid can handle both world.

  6. 964tractorboy Avatar

    I’m no Lexus expert, but (to me) the grille looks every bit as large as previous incarnations; and “ugly as”. I would also argue that having to spend another 4k for the inclusion of radiant heaters to extend the range is some serious back-handed logic when you’ve now spent a chunky 66k.

  7. William A-D Avatar
    William A-D

    what about reversing with that type of steering wheel?

  8. Angry TV Avatar
    Angry TV

    Drive by wire steering? What could possibly go wrong …

    1. Bond, James Bond Avatar
      Bond, James Bond

      Its a Lexus. Knowing this brand every inch of the vehicle engineering will be tested to the nth degree.

  9. Tero Alho Avatar
    Tero Alho

    Beatiful car from Lexus.❤️

  10. Martin Hutchinson Avatar
    Martin Hutchinson

    It looks different in a very good way, well done Lexus, what took you so long?

  11. David H Avatar
    David H

    May has missed it …but ride quality…? Quietness of cabin..?

    1. Benjamin Smith Avatar
      Benjamin Smith

      He said very good ride comfort.

  12. Benjamin Smith Avatar
    Benjamin Smith

    The review is good but why give that clickbaity title? It’s terrible. Nothing about the yoke in the Lexus is like the implementation in Teslas (which is just a regular mechanical steering wheel with a yoke instead of a steering wheel). And I’m honestly tired of hearing about Tesla. This Lexus has enough unique features to stand on its own without having Tesla in the headline. And the benefit of steer by wire is it’s more efficient and doesn’t require so much turning. That may be the future of steering.

  13. A L Avatar
    A L

    I will never understand why people chose larger wheels when it means significantly lower range and a worse ride.

  14. f1kwa Avatar

    If only it had a glovebox and an ICE and a vastly reduced price tag…. No, I don’t like the yoke, fine in a racing car but this isn’t…

  15. J J Avatar
    J J

    Excellent another £60K+, 2 tonne SUV that does 200 miles (realistically)….

  16. ian palin Avatar
    ian palin

    Just one more EV with a poor range and slow charging, what folk want is a real world range of 450 miles even in the cold and 10-90% charge in 15 minuets plus a Tesla topping charging network, but the truth is Car manufactures don’t care about charging once you have left the showroom, except of course Tesla.

  17. Bond, James Bond Avatar
    Bond, James Bond

    It does not think it is a Tesla as unlike Tesla the build quality is far far superior and it won’t break down.

  18. Mr Mawson Avatar
    Mr Mawson

    Its not bad but the price

  19. OldNew BorrowedandBlue Avatar
    OldNew BorrowedandBlue

    I never liked those type of indicators on my IS500h Sport.

  20. Ian Brown Avatar
    Ian Brown

    Is this really the future? Come on Lexus surely you can do better than this!

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