FIRST LOOK: New 2023 Kia EV9: it’s BIG but is Kia’s Tesla Model X-beater brilliant as well?

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Among the concerns we get asked the most at .com is what 7 seat electric vehicles do you recommend? Previously we have actually only been able to recommend the van-like Citroen e-Berlingo, the lacklustre and remarkably little Mercedes EQB or theTesla Model X, which tops ₤ 100,000 and is difficult to acquire.

So while the EV9 may be the most costly Kia has actually constructed, there's an excellent opportunity here for the Korean brand if they get the EV9 right – and from our first look at a pre-production it seems like they are.

Kia has changed itself over the previous years from a budget brand to a one able to take on the premium players and the EV9 stands out versus the large premium vehicles from the likes of BMW and Audi, thanks to its fresh modern-day appearance and a high quality interior.

Joint Ginny as she takes an extensive take a look at the final production version of the brand- EV9 and do not forget to read our review of the car over at .com.

Will the EV9 be on your dream list? Do you believe Kia is heading in the ideal direction with the EV9? Would you pick one over a Tesla Model X or Mercedes EQB? As constantly, we enjoy to hear what you believe so get typing in the remarks listed below.

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23 responses to “FIRST LOOK: New 2023 Kia EV9: it’s BIG but is Kia’s Tesla Model X-beater brilliant as well?”

  1. James Sansome Avatar
    James Sansome

    Looks like a beast!

  2. hardyk2010 Avatar

    Finally!! An EV I lust for.

  3. Allan Nielsen Avatar
    Allan Nielsen

    Looks really promising – love the angular design. Good job, KIA👍

  4. Graham Brown Avatar
    Graham Brown

    There are now so many things being made from old fishing nets, I starting to be rather sceptical 🤔

  5. iTech Talk Avatar
    iTech Talk

    I mean it’s cool and everything… but can’t wait to see people trying to drive this on UK roads 😂

    1. Blesson Wilson Avatar
      Blesson Wilson

      But people can drive the land rover and land cruiser or g wagon

  6. Michal Klucz Avatar
    Michal Klucz

    isofixes in third row. FINALLY!!! 4:10 I would like to meet engineer that decided that I need terrain mode on the steering wheel and steering wheel heating control in the infotainment.

  7. Alex Arndal Avatar
    Alex Arndal

    Really like u are able to turn the back seats! The idea of a driving living room is awesome. Looking forward to see the Hyundai Ionic 7 – one of them might be my next family car 🤞

  8. TJ Murphy Avatar
    TJ Murphy

    Can only imagine just how high the price will be

  9. CowTownKings Avatar

    I love the look! And the rotating middle chairs!

  10. CMCNestT Avatar

    I look forward to jailbreaking my EV9.

  11. A A Avatar
    A A

    KIA knocking it out of the park once again. Love it

  12. BluffMunkey Avatar

    I really wish that this was made by a US company so I could pay twice as much and watch it fall apart as I drive it out the showroom.

  13. protagonist Avatar

    I will buy Nio ES7 once in the UK!

    1. Steven Jones Avatar
      Steven Jones

      If they don’t go bankrupt first 😂😂😂

  14. John Minshall Avatar
    John Minshall

    Kia have been doing some great things these last few years. Whilst I really like the interior, sadly I’m not a fan of the exterior look (I wish I was, as I could really use a 7-seater EV!).

    Still, with such a people carrier shortage on the market, this is bound to be a success so long as it’s not priced out of contention.

  15. Martin Strange Avatar
    Martin Strange

    Features on demand – that’s a big no from me. Any manufacturer who fits all the bells and whistles as standard but won’t activate them until you pay extra is to be avoided. It’s a shame because it looks as though they’ve got most things right here.

  16. Your Citizen Avatar
    Your Citizen

    I am VERY against the subscription service heated seats and parking sensors… If they are installed, they should be utilized.

  17. Tim Orum Avatar
    Tim Orum

    so…. what size is it? bigger then a model y/ toyota highlander?

    1. Stephen Wensley Avatar
      Stephen Wensley

      Around the size of an oil tanker

  18. tonny ochieng Avatar
    tonny ochieng

    Excellent work Ginny and electrifying team. Keep it up. We’ll await the new Santa Fe for comparison

  19. Charles Holder Avatar
    Charles Holder

    I was quite excited about this car until you mentioned “on-demand services ” It is as inviting as ULEZ and road pricing by the mile.

  20. Mr.Relaxed Avatar

    I cant shake the feeling, but I feel Electrifying, with you now, almost felt a bit dissapointed?? I am in a looks for me like an 80`s car inside/dashboard area..With Features On Demand, I think we will have to pay alot more, for stuff that has been included untill now. No, I will wait for something else to come around

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