New BYD Dolphin DRIVEN. Is this the cheap electric car we’ve been waiting for? | Eectrifying

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If you're in the marketplace for a small, efficient and cost effective electrical cars and truck, you do not need us to tell you that alternatives are thin on the ground. In stark contrast to the petrol automobile market, where cheap runabouts are simple to come by, those wanting to change to electric power have precious couple of to choose from.

However, that could be about to change with the arrival of cars like the Dolphin. Thanks to low production expenses and what's known in the industry as a 'vertical supply' chain (which indicates one business develops and makes everything from the microchips to the mirrors) Chinese brands are completely placed to bring their items to the marketplace at prices that European carmakers just can't match.

The Dolphin is set to follow the Atto 3 into UK showrooms by the end of 2023 and has the potential to be a real game-changer. With precious few competitors (the MINI is set to be changed, the Fiat 500e is stunning however pricey and the Renault Zoe features a no star EuroNCAP security score, the Dolphin is focusing on an open objective.

Sign up with Nicola as she takes the Dolphin for a drive in European specification for the very first time. Will BYD's ₤ 25,490 supermini be on your shortlist, or is the still the vehicle of option? Let us understand in the remarks below.

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Take a look at our full video library:. 00:00 introduction- The BYD
Dolphin. 00:43 Style and Size. 02:07 Interior. 05:15 Rear seats.

05:55 Boot area. 06:15 Driving impressions. 07:43 Battery Size and efficiency.
09:21 Charging.
10:00 The annoying
10:44 Price and specifications.
11:53 our decision.


30 responses to “New BYD Dolphin DRIVEN. Is this the cheap electric car we’ve been waiting for? | Eectrifying”

  1. doja’s cat Avatar
    doja’s cat

    Nicola is a great presenter and an amazing addition to the already superb team at Electrifying!

    1. 🐋🐋🐋 Avatar

      Right? She has such a great on screen personality I love it

    2. Simon Yapp Avatar
      Simon Yapp

      Nicola is so fun, knowledgeable and up beat. Great tv career ahead ! Thank you

    3. James Stockman Avatar
      James Stockman

      @Simon Yapp Simp

  2. The Continued Voyage Avatar
    The Continued Voyage

    Great review, funny and realistic.

  3. temper44 Avatar

    BYD really need to set up a London office, to get more in touch with European consumers. I mean, its great that they are doing their own designs.. but sometimes less is more.

    1. Lucis Leesion Avatar
      Lucis Leesion

      I love that, Dolphin looks exquisite. Europen small cars look so cheap and crude.

    2. NL3044 Avatar

      It’s not designed for specifically EU nor is it suppose to be for, its designed for asia like other small asian cars but brought to EU.

  4. Yiyi Avatar

    BYD Dolphin will easily be the most affordable long range EV in any given market. BYD Seagull just came out even cheaper just shyly half of price of the dolphin around 8-15k usd. The era of BEVs is already here.

    1. Lucis Leesion Avatar
      Lucis Leesion

      I was hoping the sodium battery Seagull way more than this Dolphin

    2. Yiyi Avatar

      @Lucis Leesion BYD was reported to release sodium-ion battery in 2024, still next year. Pricing for EV will eventually drop to affordable level with this breakthrough of replacement to lithium battery. The whole automobile industry has weighted in the future of EV revolutions, there will be lots of affordable EVs in the foreseeable future.

  5. Sarg Fowler Avatar
    Sarg Fowler

    Actually looks quite decent and I’m sure a software update will fix a few things. One to keep an eye on.
    Interesting that it was a RHD in Spain!

  6. Londonyes Avatar

    The weird thing about this car is it uses a stretched platform of a small car. So its like the length of an Astra but the width of a Corsa. I wonder how it will compare to other medium sized hatches.

    1. bikeman123 Avatar

      Less width is probably a good thing with our small parking bays.

  7. Mark D Larsen Avatar
    Mark D Larsen

    It is a weird interior, but… I think it might grow on me. At least it has my preferred side-by-side cupholders! I would guess that the low-speed “hum” is a pedestrian warning sound. 88kW fast charging is… not fast charging… not any more. Ah, well… I doubt we’ll see the BYD Dolphin on our side of the pond. At least not for a very long time. Nicola: you’re a charmer and make me laugh!

  8. Jason Blair Avatar
    Jason Blair

    The are some many choices in Europe, in North America not so much. Loads of interesting models to see on this channel in the next year or so.

  9. Paul David Avatar
    Paul David

    Love Nicola’s presenting style. Honest down to earth review as well. I personally dont think BYD cars will sell as well as BYD are expecting in Europe and the UK. The styling is off and not to European tastes, that hideous Build your dreams rear logo is vomit inducing.

  10. David Nicholson Avatar
    David Nicholson

    Excellent presentation, Nicola. I await further interesting videos from you.

  11. Domenico Lamberti Avatar
    Domenico Lamberti

    im absolutely loving the snark from Nicola, a great addition to the team!

    but I also agree with the BYD badging across the back, it just feels… tramp stampy

  12. bryan Avatar

    Nice to see some actual design (doesnt matter if you like it or not) in the interior, it makes a change from all tones of black and grey.

  13. James Mccormack Avatar
    James Mccormack

    Really like all the new models coming and think these new cars are going to make a big ‘Splash’ in the EV market. The Seagull will be even cheaper. I see the Dolphin and Seagul as being aimed at younger markets with can only be a good thing. BYD (Build your own Dreams) won’t bother that many people. The MG 4 has been selling so well and I think BYD will just add to that Market.

  14. Kevin Murphy Avatar
    Kevin Murphy

    Electrifying including Nicola are Brill. I love all the presenters.

  15. _maghetweten _ Avatar
    _maghetweten _

    I like Nicola her style of presenting. Don’t beat around the bush and just plain and simple tell your own honest opinion.

    Those beeps and bongs would bug me too, I would be more intrigued by a different color pattern and by all means: just stick BYD on the rear and be done with it. It’s a shame that they combine BYD in full front with the rear tail lights which makes it difficult to remove I guess.

    I would like to see the BYD seal, one I am more inclined to reconsider than the Dolphin or Seagull. But that’s my personal preference. Good that they do offer a sharp price to compete against MG 4, Stellantis cars.

  16. Steven Barrett Avatar
    Steven Barrett

    Nice to see these finally arriving over in Europe and hopefully soon, the UK. At £30k i would be looking at an entry level Tesla with its superior charging network (and speed) at the lower end maybe it will sell. If the range was higher and say £19995 to £24995 then it would fly off the shelves….time will tell

    1. benrgrogan Avatar

      Isn’t the entry level model 3 £42k ?

    2. Steven Barrett Avatar
      Steven Barrett

      @benrgrogan used off Tesla for just under £29k with their full guarantee and charging network, believe me after driving non-Tesla’s since 2014 their network is such a relief

  17. Jonathan Taylor Avatar
    Jonathan Taylor

    Bless you, Nicola… you do make me giggle, the way you do your reviews… so much so, in fact, that my wife said, “What are you smiling at over there…?” 🤣
    As for the car – I think it’s a worthy entrant in to the entry-level new EV marketplace… yes, whilst the exterior design is a bit ‘meh’, at least it’s not offensive (“Build Your Dreams” logo excepting… 😳) and we Brits have always been more interested in value-for-money rather than flash designs (as proven by the Vauxhall Corsa being such a hit…!)
    And the interior certainly is ‘interesting’ – at least it HAS design elements (MG4, yes, I’m looking at you…) and may well just be a bit more colour-dependent than most.
    So, all-in-all, a great new addition to the UK market and I will certainly be having a look-see when it’s launched over here. 👍

  18. Ian Langfield Avatar
    Ian Langfield

    More Nicola and Tom please – excellent additions to the Electrifying presenter lineup

  19. Lucis Leesion Avatar
    Lucis Leesion

    I really love this small car! But I still feel that BYD could make it cheaper than 25k. May be around 20k?
    I have no idea, perhaps BYD needs to recover its R&D cost…

  20. Max Siegieda Avatar
    Max Siegieda

    From the description I thought this would be a small car but not really, 4.3m in europe. Still the small battery version sounds like a great upgrade from my 24kwh Leaf Tekna. I considered the mg4 but you can’t get the LFP battery with the 360 camera.

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