New £22,000 VW ID.2: the small electric car we’ve been waiting for?

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has signalled its intent to be a dominant force in the sub- ₤ 22,000 electrical cars and truck market with the unveiling of a new ID. 2all principle automobile. Predestined for production in 2025, the new model is among 10 all-new electrical vehicles set up to introduce by 2026, and is likely to be a huge seller if the brand has the ability to bring it to market at its forecasted rate.

Revealed at a special launch event in Hannover, Germany, the ID. 2all is expected to be called just ID.2 when it arrives in 2025. It will be based upon a brand-new, smaller version of the Group's MEB platform– a universal set of underpinnings onto which any variety of body shapes can be developed. The smaller MEB platform (formally called MEB Entry) will be used throughout the Group, with Škoda and Cupra set to introduce their own versions of the ID.2 shortly after the VW-badged design shows up.

But will this be the cars and truck to open driving to the masses? Sign Up With Tom and Tomi as they take a closer take a look at VW's new child. Which one do you concur with? Is the new ID.2 an excellent style, or has Volkswagen taken a backward step? Let us know in the remarks below.

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25 responses to “New £22,000 VW ID.2: the small electric car we’ve been waiting for?”

  1. Brian Johnson Avatar
    Brian Johnson

    I am happy with the styling. As for the battery, surely the ‘car’ is sitting on top of the MEB platform. They have used clever thinking to utilise the wasted space under the back seat.

  2. Tim Bucknall Avatar
    Tim Bucknall

    Just what’s needed- an EV aimed at Joe Public, not just at volt-heads. This should sell in huge numbers.

    1. MH SOHEL Avatar
      MH SOHEL

      I wish you were true🫣

    2. Fergie Avatar

      Exactly, they played it safe. But bland and boring sells, so it’s smart

  3. TMan786 Avatar

    I’m with team Tommy on this one. Not everyone wants to drive around in a design statement. VW are playing it safe to go for mass appeal IMHO.

    1. Be Low Below Avatar
      Be Low Below

      Executives offering their contribution…

  4. Brian Parker Avatar
    Brian Parker

    I like the price – current EVs are too expensive, but will it still be around £22k in two years time? Not sure I like the look of the centre console. The id.3 feels different because it minimized that and lost the diff tunnel. However, as the presenters said, there’s usually a big difference between the concept car and the production model.

    1. Wazza Avatar

      Let’s hope they don’t do a Ora Cat who said would be £25k but ended up £32k

  5. Eric MacNaughton Avatar
    Eric MacNaughton

    I like it! The looks are simple and appealing. I hope they’re able to deliver on the suggested specs. Witchcraft notwithstanding.

  6. John Doyle Avatar
    John Doyle

    Looks fine to me. Need to replace my partners Fiesta at some point, this could be the one to convince her to go EV.
    For clarification, I do not like the ID3 at all, and never owned a VW in 50 years of driving, but this one looks good.

    1. James White Avatar
      James White

      Have a look at the MG4, same price but way better.

  7. v795619 Avatar

    Great review 👍
    If all that space and features/spec make it to production for that price I’d buy it in a heart beat.

  8. gibgibgib Avatar

    I like it a lot, agree with Tommy. And I’d disagree that the ID.3 is a nice design… I don’t think you can overlook the proportions are a huge improvement over the likes of a Leaf, ID.3 & MG4 etc

  9. Shwa #savetheaudiencerating Avatar
    Shwa #savetheaudiencerating

    I love it personally, I thought the event was fantastic too, nice to see all the historical achievements back on stage again.

  10. Jordskates Avatar

    I really like this. If the simple looks help keep the price low then I’m all for it. Plus what really matters is the interior and this looks a lot better than the interior on the first gen ID3’s

  11. David Y Avatar
    David Y

    Boring looks are fine for me if the car’s specification (space/ range etc) are good. It even has a rear wiper which scores points for me over some EVs.
    If the battery is under the floor I’d be a bit worried that rear passenger comfort would be compromised by a floor that’s too high (as seems the case with some non-SUV EVs) so would it be good to see how the concept gets turned into reality.

  12. The_Lost_Navigator Avatar

    I love the styling far better than the ID3.
    Front wheel drive will better harvest regen, and that cavity under the boot begs to be filled with a range extender. That would be game changer.
    The battery is still under the floor too. The space under the back seat is above the battery surely?

  13. Steven Keller Avatar
    Steven Keller

    The main thing we have to think about with this car is the price. It’s trying to be the most affordable EV on the market. And if 23,000 EU is the target price, two-years from now, the looks are going to have to be…simple. Bold does not come cheap.

  14. presterjohn71 Avatar

    They won’t sell it at £22k in the UK. It is bound to end up at £25k. Having said that I genuinely think they will not be able to make enough of them. This will sell like crazy.

  15. Jim Titheridge Avatar
    Jim Titheridge

    If it comes looking like that, and has all that space as well, I would have one tomorrow. I suspect that once it is in production, it will suffer with very limited storage though.

  16. Michael Goode Avatar
    Michael Goode

    Looks superb. It will be a difficult moment in deciding whether to hang on to our ID.3 or to get into the ID.2.

    Looks awesome.

  17. David Giles Avatar
    David Giles

    Personally, I love the design. There’s a saying that you have to know your audience. VW knows that it’s customer base for a car like this is coming from the Golf. If it comes in at the promised price, it’ll be a huge hit.

  18. Obie Paddles Avatar
    Obie Paddles

    This could be the one. Same outside size as the mark 1 golf and same inside size as the mark 7 or 8. What’s not to love?

    Make a hot hatch and put the dials into mark 1 golf mode and life will be great!

  19. Toby Bushnell Avatar
    Toby Bushnell

    Looks decent and will be excellent if they achieve their goals on pricing and range.

  20. Jonathan Palfrey Avatar
    Jonathan Palfrey

    That storage is amazing for such a small car. First non Tesla that really has taken advantage of underfloor storage, I love the under the back seat storage.

    Perhaps a good argument for more front wheel cars in future.

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