FIRST LOOK: Volvo EX30 – inside Volvo’s game-changing electric hatch | Electrifying

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This may be small, but it is going to be a huge seller. The EX30 is aimed directly at the big selling Kia Niro and Vauxhall Mokka , however damages the cheapest Niro EV by ₤ 3,500 and the Mokka by more than ₤ 5,000.

The EX30 variety will feature three various options: a Single Motor version with 270bhp and a 51kWh battery; a Single Motor Extended Variety with 270bhp and a 69kWh battery; and a Twin Motor Efficiency with 424bhp and a 69kWh battery.

The standard-range battery utilizes lithium iron phosphate (LFP) chemistry, which is more cost-effective and less resource-intensive to produce. It is also thought to be less liable to break down over time. However variety is more restricted and the official figure is 214 miles. So more budget friendly, less variety. It'll be best for those of us who do routine driving and can charge in the house over night.

The Single Motor Extended Range alternative usages an NMC battery with lithium, nickel, manganese and cobalt, and produces its energy more efficiently than the LFP variant. More costly however you get more variety. The Twin Motor Efficiency variation sets that NMC battery with an additional second motor; and initial main figures are 298 miles for the Prolonged Range and 286 for the Twin Motor Efficiency.

Sign up with Ginny as she takes a very first look at the brand-new . Will this be a gamechanger in the little vehicle market? Is the EX30 on your shortlist? Let us know in the comments listed below.

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35 responses to “FIRST LOOK: Volvo EX30 – inside Volvo’s game-changing electric hatch | Electrifying”

  1. VivaLaDokky Avatar

    Now this is something else!

  2. Matty M Avatar
    Matty M

    I still don’t see why none of these EV’s have put a third seat in the front, all that space being wasted for a phone charger and cup holder. 😅

    1. oris247 Avatar

      such a good point; very little innovation generally with EVs

    2. Joe Avatar

      Most likely safety. Difficult to put an airbag there. Recal the Zoe that dropped from 5 to 1 star when they took the door air bag out.

    3. Mr SWR Avatar
      Mr SWR

      That’s a complete cluster f… of regulations in the EU.

    4. Joe Avatar

      @Mr SWR agreed

    5. Paul Holterhaus Avatar
      Paul Holterhaus

      I’ll take the cup holder, Thank You……………Paul

  3. Gerard Bendotti Avatar
    Gerard Bendotti

    That “small screen” is a driver sensor. There’s no display in front of the driver. It’s all in the middle screen.

    1. CNX Expat Avatar
      CNX Expat

      Hopefully they will offer a HUD. Turning the head to get important information is a bad idea IMHO.

    2. John Hartnup Avatar
      John Hartnup

      She says it’s a “little screen that gives you some information”. Speed, at the very least, I’d guess.

    3. Lester Avatar

      @John Hartnup It’s not a screen at all. It’s an eye tracking sensor. The EX30 only has one screen.

    4. BH London Avatar
      BH London

      @CNX Expatthere is no HUD either on EX30

    5. Antonio Palmero Avatar
      Antonio Palmero

      Looks great .

  4. Titan Avatar

    Fantastic video! Loved your little rant about the buttons!!

  5. Mika Davies Avatar
    Mika Davies

    Looking forward to the group test….. I would love the Volvo to win!

  6. Stephen Jenkins Avatar
    Stephen Jenkins

    Smallest car Volvo has ever made? Not heard of the Volvo 66? The 66 was a foot shorter. The original 343 was also marginally shorter. And both the 66 & 343 were narrower and lower.

    As for the EX30, an immediate turn off is the lack of instruments in front of the driver and reliance on the touch screen for everything. To think, Volvo were one famed for their ergonomics.

    1. gingermattb Avatar

      The old 480 “cheese wedge” also must be in the ballpark too…

    2. Paul Holterhaus Avatar
      Paul Holterhaus

      !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!………Right on.!!!!……………..Paul

    3. Stephen Jenkins Avatar
      Stephen Jenkins

      @gingermattb Correct, in the ballpark, but slightly longer. It’s narrower and lower though and much lighter. The same applies to the later C30.

    4. Tim Young Avatar
      Tim Young

      The 66 and 340 were originally DAF designs, with Volvo front styling. Made in the Netherlands, they weren’t regarded as “proper” Volvos

    5. Jori Diculous Avatar
      Jori Diculous

      @Tim Young Vovlo bought DAF while DAF produced the DAF 66. It then became the Volvo 66 after some minor adjustments. The 300 series came later.

  7. Grid Avatar

    As a volvo C30 owner, looking at the Zeekr X and Smart #3 gives me a reason to keep buying the Ex30? By the way, these three cars are Geely’s triplet kids.

  8. Steve Morton Avatar
    Steve Morton

    The Renault Espace had a central glove box!

  9. Ray Emre TUFEKCI Avatar
    Ray Emre TUFEKCI

    I like smaller, cheaper cars as long as they are good in quality department.

  10. Paul Wyman Avatar
    Paul Wyman

    What a great looking car, looking forward to the group test. 🙂

  11. petelmrg hubert Avatar
    petelmrg hubert

    Looks good to me; you can keep all your buttons.

  12. Billy Heywood Avatar
    Billy Heywood

    This is brilliant from Volvo, it shows that small EVs from mainstream European brands do not have to cost a fortune.

  13. Dainis Pozins Avatar
    Dainis Pozins

    Yes, Volvo EX30 Single Motor Extended Range with a 69kWh battery is on my short list. It looks well suited to Latvian road conditions and most importantly, it will be officially available for sale in Latvia, unlike electric cars produced by many other companies, , which not only demand too high prices for their products, but also make you wait way too long (more than a year) for the delivery of the car…!

  14. Scarbir Avatar

    Please always say how long you are when testing the rear seats, and tell us what you think of the corner you’re legs are in.

  15. Trixie Pickle Avatar
    Trixie Pickle

    Love the look of it, not sure it’s that small, Ginny looks absolutely tiny standing next to it!

  16. Nodrog62 Avatar

    The citreon xsara Picasso had a small glove box in the central under dash area which was designed to hold two juice cans

  17. Борець за свободу Avatar
    Борець за свободу

    Absolutely gorgeous

  18. Kinocchio Avatar

    The one I’m waiting for is the XC/EX 60

  19. NexusLithium Avatar

    Am really really amazed by this car, to me it only lacks a head-up display things and a little one behind the steering wheel….It really might be my next car after my current Niro EV, or maybe a very well equipped ID3 with the very large battery would make the fit enough.

  20. David Örnberg Avatar
    David Örnberg

    Citroen Picasso ( Spacetourer ) has a sort of glovebox in the centre…packed with some connection as well!

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