FIRST LOOK: Kia EV3 and EV4. Will baby brothers to the EV9 and EV6 be a hit? | Electrifying

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is going for it when it concerns electrification. The Korean brand name has actually pledged to offer a million vehicles all over the world by 2026 and has actually currently registered the names EV1 to EV9 for its and truck roll-out. We have actually already seen the EV6 saloon – along with its efficiency packed GT variation – and the 6 or 7 seat EV9 has actually also simply gone on sale. And now they're about to be joined by a little SUV called the and a saloon formed EV4.

The won't get 's super-fast 800 volt charging system. Rather it will feature 400 volt capability, which will help keep the costs down. When the strikes the UK in 2024 it will be the brands most inexpensive electrical model with rates anticipated to start at under 35k, putting it up as a direct competition for automobiles like the EX30 and the Fisker Ocean in regards to cost and size. It'll also come with a vehicle to load technology which successfully changes your automobile into a mobile battery that can power whatever from laptop computers to garden tools. When it pertains to power Kia hasn't stated anything official but offered they're attempting to keep the cost of the EV3 the launch model will be single motor front wheel drive that will probably have an LFP battery.

The EV4 looks similar to the EV6 however will be more economical when it arrives in the UK. Although the concept is a saloon, we're expecting European designs to sport a hatchback tail when it's launched. Like the EV3 the 4 will also come with 400 volt charging capability.

It will sign up with the lineup in 2025 and Kia are keeping peaceful on the efficiency information however expect it to be in line with the Hyundai Ioniq 6 so we must get a choice of rear or four-wheel drive together with 2 different battery sizes to pick from, though the UK is unlikely to use the entry-level 53kWh battery and will stay with the 77.4 kWh 'Long Variety' models.

Sign up with Ginny as takes a close take a look at both designs at the LA Motor Show. Are these the automobiles you've been waiting on? Is Kia onto a winner with the EV3 and EV4, or would you opt for something different? As always, we love to hear your comments, so get typing below.

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24 responses to “FIRST LOOK: Kia EV3 and EV4. Will baby brothers to the EV9 and EV6 be a hit? | Electrifying”

  1. Jay Raj Avatar
    Jay Raj

    Great range.

  2. Robert Shears Avatar
    Robert Shears

    Would be nice if the concept cars included a full size spare wheel and tyre, with a rear wash wipe system too. I can do without all the ambient lighting in exchange. Hopefully the actual cars will have indicator stalks, window switches, manually opening gloveboxes….but perhaps I should expect the worst.

    1. pStarke Avatar

      Kia said that the interior is only a concept, but the exterior will be released almost the same and that it will be released in a few months.

    2. AGWUK Avatar

      Many manufacturers, of both ICE as well as electric, have ditched the spare wheel; why lug around an extra 20kgs when it’s hardly ever needed?

  3. Avaline Sky Avatar
    Avaline Sky

    Kia is killing it with their EV lineup

  4. Omniconcepts_7 Avatar

    An electrifying look at and narration of kia’s potential EV models.

  5. simonridley Avatar

    What about something that isn’t a SUV or crossover? Far to many SUVs in everyone’s lineups

  6. Grizzly HP2 Avatar
    Grizzly HP2

    I would love to see KIA build a 2-door EV that is affordable, like starting around €25k and below?. . . . . .
    or any other EV builder designing a 2-door EV? Just like about all brands ICE cars had up to late 90th?
    What happend with all people that they all need a door to get in the rear seats once a year?

  7. Richard Johnson Avatar
    Richard Johnson

    i will be waiting to see the EV 1 and 2

  8. Ian Ackery Avatar
    Ian Ackery

    Like the EV3 chunky looks but well have to see how it stacks up against the likes of the EX30 and Smart #1. However, that EV4 is hideous! What on earth are they thinking?

  9. Moonwalker Avatar

    The EV4 looks absolutely huge to be compared to a model 3. Maybe its smaller in reality vs. on screen.

  10. BuBandit06 Avatar

    How on earth did we skip the EV5?? It’s right there😂

    1. tacodias Avatar

      Blame the Ioniq 5

  11. John Doyle Avatar
    John Doyle

    Kia really going for it. I have an EV6 but the 4 and 5 look great.
    We live in interesting times.

  12. Jozef Kostelansky Avatar
    Jozef Kostelansky

    Interesting piece of news: EV3 will be produced 20 miles from the town, I live in.

  13. Chas F Avatar
    Chas F

    EV3 is just the right size and price and looks great, so I just hope Kia still give the driver interface some proper buttons and the regen paddles

  14. Cart00nNick Avatar

    I do quite like Kia’s new design direction! It looks robotic and I love it!

  15. Decimal Avatar

    Looking forward to EV 1 and 2. These are huge.. and still expensive. Not seeing big price drops yet, which is strange considering battery pack prices are so much cheaper than they were.

  16. Decimal Avatar

    Really like Ginny’s more restrained, less jokey-joke style. Thanks for treating us like adults 🙂

  17. Rhys Tomlin Avatar
    Rhys Tomlin

    It’s going to suck when they eventually get rid of the soul. It’s such a lovely car and I love the odd looks!

  18. sxxy chocolate Avatar
    sxxy chocolate

    EV3 – Good looking EV and hope the final version looks the same as the concept…its a fine concept and real world worthy! Now sell it for no more than 20k!!!

  19. Richard Avatar

    Not over enthused by the fact it will be 400v. I wonder if they will increase its max charge rate. I have a Niro EV and its a great car but the charge rate at 72kw is just too slow these days. If the EV3 doesn’t double it, it will be a mistake.

    1. Dqtube Avatar

      If the vehicles are E-GMP related, they will be limited to 300A-310A, so depending on the actual battery voltage, the peak power should be in the range of 110kW-140kW.

  20. and ders Avatar
    and ders

    looking forward to the EV5, its cheap in China but how will EU prices be?

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