FIRST DRIVE: 2024 Volkswagen ID.3 electric family hatchback | Electrifying

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Normally we 'd expect to see a car updated after 3 or four years, but worldwide of automobiles, things move quick. While the ID.3 landed with a big fanfare and some reasonable evaluations, even Volkswagen would admit that it might have done better.

Early automobiles were afflicted by buggy software while the brand's decision to ditch its standard sombre however sophisticated design approach didn't sit will well with existing owners. Blue-green paint and white wheel may have looked great on the drawing board and on the show stands, however to Volkswagen's conservative buyers, they were all a step too far, prematurely.

So now, simply over two years after the ID.3 first arrived, there's a new variation charged with widening its attract the masses. Calmer, less questionable and more traditional in technique, the new ID.3 has its sights set on Golf and Polo purchasers wanting to go without yelling it from the rooftops.

Join Ginny as she puts the new ID.3 through its speeds in the UK for the first time. Does the new version have more appeal or would you still choose something else? Let us understand in the remarks below.

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29 responses to “FIRST DRIVE: 2024 Volkswagen ID.3 electric family hatchback | Electrifying”

  1. Glen Reynolds Avatar
    Glen Reynolds

    Unfortunately I live in the US where neither of those vehicles are available. I think I’d go for the MG4 though. If I could afford an Ioniqs 5 that’s the one I would replace my 2020 ioniq electric with.

    1. Amsel Avatar

      Don’t get led by the lower price 🤫

    2. Jude Brown Avatar
      Jude Brown

      I wouldn’t part with mine for a gold watch! 6.2m/kWh even in some rain and some motorway driving the other day, often see 7m/kWh in better weather.

  2. Mr SWR Avatar
    Mr SWR

    It would be a great £28k Car but anything over for a small non special performance model nah I’d 3 pass. Can’t wait to see what that new baby Volvo does and what price it will come in. Plus we have the new retro Renault 5 and second generation MINI coming out. Plenty of choice and competition. And that’s before we get to the mythological model 2 Tesla or whatever it will be called.

  3. Jens Winther Avatar
    Jens Winther

    Lane Assist and Travel Assist in the ID.3 works great, in the MG4 it is pretty bad…

    1. Amsel Avatar

      But everything is smooth on YouTube! 😅

  4. Forrest Gump Avatar
    Forrest Gump

    After Dieselgate I’ll never go near another Volkswagen, not in a million years. My brand new Golf plummeted in value overnight and on top of that, I had my dealer on speed dial due to continuous faults and no less than three consecutive breakdowns. It’s Japanese manufacturers for me now.; they’re brilliant at quality control and always deliver on their promises.

    1. John Weightman Avatar
      John Weightman

      Every brand new car plummets overnight after purchase. My Polo which was caught didn’t fall in value. My current Golf has increased over the last year or so. Almost every make had the same problem. And I received £1300 in compensation for my Polo.

    2. Mike C Avatar
      Mike C

      I sold my Golf after three years of ownership for more than I bought it.

    3. Tom OOO Avatar
      Tom OOO

      In general – except where cars are in real demand – all cars in UK drop 20% as soon as you drive it off the forecourt due to the VAT you paid. Ie value of the car is 20% less than what you paid.
      After 3 years the average depreciation is 50% for all cars, though some can be as high as 65% – though to date EV’s have held their value better than average (don’t get misled by the current misinformation from the oil industry on depreciation).

  5. Jonty60 Avatar

    ID3 max owner here. Drove a MG4, brilliant, easy to drive. Would certainly consider when my lease is up. Great review, however some thoughts. Charging app is shown separately on the old ID 3 with software version 3.2 so that’s not new. You won’t get 4.6 m/kWh that’s ridiculous. according the lieometer or guessometer you might get 4.2 m/kWh but it’s a lie. Try doing a long range test and we what you actually get. As for winter range expect less than 3m/kWh. Also when you get a test car to try, do you check the tyre pressures. If they are high then maybe you get harsher ride and more noise? Also is the spec of the MG4 the same as the ID3. I bet you get more on the MG4 than the ID3 for the price, for example electric seats, matrix lights (cost option previously), panoramic roof?

    1. Barry Ward Avatar
      Barry Ward

      There is no panoramic roof option on the MG4

    2. Mark Mills Avatar
      Mark Mills

      @Barry Wardor Matrix head lights

  6. WillieLarsson Avatar

    VW had to do up their game when SEAT launched their EV, however its no finished article. At that price point, id be tempted with the SEAT or the EX30 , but that appears to be smaller again!

  7. PeaceWithDefenseOnly Avatar

    4:30 Haven’t they inform you, that even the first ID cars (could have) had the software update years ago that enables their Over The Air update capability. This function is not unique to the facelifted ID.3. Furthermore, it is applied to all MEB platform cars throguh ID.4 and 5 and Skoda Enyaq. These updates were done free during their first yearly maintenance checkup at the dealer.
    5:15 Sure… it doesn’t work properly: WHEN YOU ARE NOT TOUCHING THE BUTTON AREA, but the colouring on the dash.

  8. whittaker52 Avatar

    I’d have loved to have seen this comparison with the very final ID.3 prior to the facelift. It makes the pre-facelift cars now look like a serious bargain with 99.9% of the same car underneath.

  9. Andrew Roberts Avatar
    Andrew Roberts

    Ginny is so right, last week I walked into my local dealership in Canterbury last week and looked at a new ID3 2024 model. I was really impressed with the improvements . I take delivery next Tuesday.

    Volvo EX30 launch event sometime in November. Delivery due if you order blind 8 or so months from then.

    The Megan’s, Hyundai and Kia all have the charger port in the wrong location for my garage fitted home charger.

    Nearest MG dealer 20 miles away from me, I have health issues so a local dealer is of primary importance for me.

    It’s the nearest car to my much loved i3. Sadly that is no longer made😂

    1. Asif Khan Avatar
      Asif Khan

      same, passenger side or rear charging ports are an instant showstopper for me

  10. astrea79 Avatar

    I love that colour! ❤

  11. Rob Verleg Avatar
    Rob Verleg

    I am impressed 👌

  12. John Ore Avatar
    John Ore

    Would love one. Id3 all the way.

  13. Richard Johnson Avatar
    Richard Johnson

    i said i would have the id3 but i will be waiting for the next up date and also wait to see the id2 or idlife. Also there is the new Fiat 500x coming out soon.

  14. David Mulabi Avatar
    David Mulabi

    Thanks… but with sustainability and car-sharing becoming modern lyfestyle, it is always nice to tell us about back seat space and comfort…but maybe i missed this on the original.

  15. Anthony Stevens Avatar
    Anthony Stevens

    Nice one Ginny. Certainly availability of EV’s has been an issue but lead times are reducing significantly in the UK anyway. Finance packages are certainly more attractive if that is your preference and ‘if’ I had to go for the ID.3 or the Vauxhall on a monthly plan the ID.3 would likely win but I’ve not driven either. In reality I’ll wait a while longer. That touch control for almost everything is something that right now is a deal breaker right now. A family member recently got a VW group car (not an EV) and the infotainment screen is not my cup of tea/coffee/wine. at all. Yes you can get used to it but plodding through screens when the car is moving over a less than billiard table smooth road (do we have any of those in the UK?) is far from ideal for me. The rest of the car is pretty OK though. Out of the current VW group EV’s I’d consider the Enyaq (I’ve not driven this either yet) as the touch screen at least has short cuts and if I recall correctly (I could be wrong) has the useful controls illuminated. Thanks for my continued education on EV’s They are certainly looking more like a viable option in the future. If only my property had the possibility of a wall box charger.

  16. Hisham G Avatar
    Hisham G

    I would like to say the ID3, but it needs to be a few thousand cheaper and needs to ditch the haptic buttons and sliders. The looks never bothered me and at least they seem to be sorting out the software.

  17. Stu Shinybutton Avatar
    Stu Shinybutton

    I have a 2023 ID3 Tour Pro (77KW). I comfortably get 310+ miles and have had no issues with the software. A backlight for heater slider would be useful but you can “hello ID” and have the car adjust the temp if it’s too dark (you remember where the slider is, so it is really not an issue). I am a car enthusiast as much as the next person and IMO the ID3 is a very good car with some new design ideas which work perfectly fine. I have found the quality to be as expected with VW – just more environmentally aware. Again a good thing.

  18. Alex Holt Avatar
    Alex Holt

    Does that finance comparison include matching specs, or does the gap reappear when you add heated seats etc?

  19. petelmrg hubert Avatar
    petelmrg hubert

    We had an early id3, which was a bit glitchy and we chopped it for an MG4 Trophy (and a pocket of cash) when the market had gone bonkers; much preferred the VW, faults and all to the just-as-glitchy MG – anyway there’s a happy ending to the tale as we’ve now got a Tesla…

  20. Richard Seager Avatar
    Richard Seager

    I have an ID.3 1st Edition, nearly three years old now. It has headlights that move around when you approach the car – and turn into corners – and selectively dip so as not to dazzle oncoming drivers. It has brake lights shaped like an X. It has a silver strip along the side at the roofline. It has over-the-air software updates (although a couple of times VW has had to recall the car to carry out an update that couldn’t be done OTA). None of these features are new to the facelift.

    The ID.3 is much maligned, by journalists, but much loved by owner drivers. It’s a very easy car to drive, very comfortable, quiet, spacious, relaxed, reliable, amazingly cheap to run. It has niggles but these irritate journalists much more than owners – who have time to get used to the car. The sliders below the infotainment screen could do with a backlight but otherwise they work just fine. The two window winders in the driver’s door rather than four (not mentioned in this review but in so many others) are actually a good idea. You are highly unlikely to wind down the rear window by mistake to talk to the server in the MacDonalds drive-through. And you can touch a surface just ahead of the buttons for over three seconds, after which you can wind all four windows together with just one button. Some people like the haptic surfaces on the steering wheel, some don’t. I don’t, but I recognise that it’s a small thing and a matter of personal preference.

    Journalists hardly bother to mention the great qualities of the car. VW really know how to make cars. The doors open and shut precisely, the seals don’t leak water into the boot or passenger cabin. The tail-light lenses don’t fill up with water, either. The chassis is nicely tuned, the suspension just right, the steering precise but light. The motor is instantly powerful and the throttle mapping progressive. In a car the length and width of a Golf the passenger cabin is as spacious as a Passat while retaining a Golf-size boot – and the turning circle is as tight as an Up! city car. These are the things that really matter, not haptic buttons.

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