FIRST DRIVE: 2024 Hyundai Kona Electric. Bold is it still brilliant? | Electrifying

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The Kona is an favourite, primarily due to the fact that its excellent driving variety and effective use of energy make it a terrific choice for anybody planning to go electrical for the very first time. Nevertheless, it isn't without its defects. It's not the most spacious vehicle in its class, it's slow to charge and the practical style doesn't exactly turn heads.

To attend to these weaknesses, the Kona has been on the getting end of a full-on glow up, or to be more precise– and in the words of 's Design Director, SangYup Lee– a scale up.

We anticipate to see two designs from launch, long variety with a 65.4 kWh battery and a 160 kW motors offering a declared official WLTP variety of 306 miles, along with a standard variety 48.4 kWh model with a 114 kW motor with a claimed range of 212 miles.

Unlike its stablemate the Kia Niro, the Kona can charge at over 100kW, which implies a 10-80% charge can be attained in around 40 minutes. Hyundai reckons that a 15 minute charge on a 150kW charger will add 100 miles of variety – which is rapid.

Join Nicola as she takes the brand-new Hyundai Kona Electric out onto the road for the first time. Is it still a terrific option for family purchasers, or has Hyundai gone in the incorrect direction? Let us know in the comments below.

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30 responses to “FIRST DRIVE: 2024 Hyundai Kona Electric. Bold is it still brilliant? | Electrifying”

  1. Anna Skuse Avatar
    Anna Skuse

    You always put a lot of effort into your videos, keep it up🦋🦋

  2. Be Low Below Avatar
    Be Low Below

    Who else misses the original Ioniq?
    Efficient, practical, affordable and crucially …


    1. Moosey Avatar

      completely agree. These suvs are pretty much all the same. Like not every one has a big family and they might want something abit more sleek. Also the uk roads are not well developed for big or even mid size suvs. We really need variety.

    2. Lewis Standing Avatar
      Lewis Standing

      Original Kona is barely bigger than a focus really. Think this is more of an SUV but the original not quite IMO.

  3. angela1984a Avatar

    How about something that isn’t an SUV or a Crossover and doesn’t have a sedan-opening boot?

    1. Beth McGuinn Avatar
      Beth McGuinn

      You mean like a hatchback or station wagon? I agree! I’d also like that with 4wd.

    2. Tom OOO Avatar
      Tom OOO

      Mg4, mg5, e-208, e-308, e-corsa, zoe

    3. angela1984a Avatar

      @Tom OOO MG is unfortunately directly owned by the Chinese Military Dictatorship. e-308 doesn’t exist yet. Zoe is too small and e-Corsa doesn’t have enough range. You also can’t legally put a tow bar on Zoe in the European country that I live in. Can you order the e-Corsa with a tow bar?

  4. Reddylion Avatar

    Nice ev👍

  5. tomattime Avatar

    A rather impressive updated look, and an excellent rEView

  6. David Burke Avatar
    David Burke

    How about mounting the charging port centrally 🤔

  7. Joseph Cullen Avatar
    Joseph Cullen

    Not sure whether all those safety features are standard but they ought to be these days

  8. Matt Carvers Bulldogges Avatar
    Matt Carvers Bulldogges

    Minus the camouflage attempt on the edges its a good looking car, and either im finally getting used to this ‘no tail pipe’ greener look or that car is shaped very well on the lower rear section

  9. Eliot Hochberg Avatar
    Eliot Hochberg

    It’s certainly true that you should review what your actual driving usage will be before you spend extra money on extra range.

    But I’m going to say adding around 100 miles of range, which is 50% more, for 10% of the price of the car, that sounds like an OK deal to me.

  10. Victor Lopes Avatar
    Victor Lopes

    Yes, Korean brands are smashing it !

  11. John Minshall Avatar
    John Minshall

    Still prefer Kia Niro, just like with both respective mk1s. Good car though!

    You can definitely see this doing well once on sale.

  12. Lewis Standing Avatar
    Lewis Standing

    Love my Kona,70 plate , 24k miles, battery is perfect. OG tyres still great, 4.5m/kWh. Enough room for 2 kids and camping stuff in a roofbox. Amazing range.

    But since the used EV market crash evolving over 9 months my 40k new car has dropped from 30k to 15k. Balloon payment is 17k…..

    Not a problem particularly as I’d probably keep it anyway as it’s perfectly suits our needs. But it’s foiled my upgrade to a used model 3 long range plan.

    However if I hand it back, I could get a 0% finance deal on a new model 3 for very similar price to the loan on the Kona balloon payment 🤷

  13. 159church Avatar

    Can’t make up my mind to love or hate it’s looks but kinda think it’ll replace my MG
    the Korean cars in my view lead the way in EVs

  14. Xela Ander Avatar
    Xela Ander

    My beef with one pedal driving in electric cars is the brake light issue that technology connections mentioned, as opposed to downshifting one pedal driving brings the car to a full halt and doesn’t light up the brake until the end

    1. TJ Murphy Avatar
      TJ Murphy

      If u were coasting then the brakes lights wouldn’t come on either and you would still be dropping speed. Any driver behind should be able to notice the car in front is slowing down if they are driving at an appropriate speed and distance

    2. Mark Cain Avatar
      Mark Cain

      Sounds dangerous in poor visibility

    3. Lewis Standing Avatar
      Lewis Standing

      On the original Kona the brake lights come on for regen level 2 and 3 but not 1 or 0. Ioniq 5 is the same

    4. Richard Balderson Avatar
      Richard Balderson

      @Lewis Standing I use the auto regen most of the time. I just bring the car to a halt with either the paddle or the foot pedal. Safer than the adaptive cruise control stopping – as that stops the car too close to the vehicle in front. When stopped by the paddle it does not move until the accelerator pedal is operated. Apparently the efficiency is optimal in the auto mode.

  15. Michael Goode Avatar
    Michael Goode

    Love my ID.3 70 plate. Only 13,000 miles but running perfectly and returning 5 miles/kWh. Yes, 5 miles/kWh.

    Love the roomy cabin, decent boot, proper hatchback and crucially, rear wheel drive. I am no great fan of all the gadgets and gizmos that new cars now have but it’s possible to enjoy the driving experience in a practical car.

    The only problem EV manufacturers have imo is that once you have your EV the only reason to change is when you personal circumstances demand it.

    I don’t miss having a stinky and noisy engine either.

    1. Zygmunt The Cacao Kakistocrat Avatar
      Zygmunt The Cacao Kakistocrat

      We don;t care. Find a VW video to comment on.

  16. Gordon MacKenzie Avatar
    Gordon MacKenzie

    Brilliantly presented Nicola ☺️ x

  17. Richard Mangan Avatar
    Richard Mangan

    Hope they sort the batteries out this time .12 volt and drive battery . My 2023 64ah kona needs new drive battery after 575 miles . Been waiting nearly 3 months now Hyundai are really smashing it yeah right .

  18. Y Y Avatar
    Y Y

    Tbh the only reason manufacturers are pushing suv’s is because they pretty much have to with electric car batteries. Yes there’s the merc eqe sedans etc but those are so long they can spread out the battery. It’s a marketing fix

  19. xchopp Avatar

    We have a ’22 Kona Electric SEL and we love it more and more! I’d be interested in the ’24 model if it has V2L (video doesn’t say, so I assume not).

  20. Koen De Leersnijder Avatar
    Koen De Leersnijder

    With those lights on the fenders that rear end is seriously ugly in my opinion.

    Keep up the reviews, really liking this channel. Nice job as a reviewer, good attitude.

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