DRIVEN: New Polestar 2 (2024). Has the Tesla Model 3 finally met its match?

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has introduced a number of substantial design, engineering and requirements updates to its 2024 design year 2. Introduced in 2021, the Swedish brand name's first all- model gains larger batteries, faster charging capability and increased variety.

The brand-new model is readily available in basic and long-range forms with purchasers taking advantage of bigger batteries for both models. Basic range vehicles get a 69kWh pack (up from 64kWh) provided by LG Chem while long range designs will include a new 82kWh CATL pack (up from 78kWh). The updated batteries likewise include enhanced cell chemistry and modified connection hardware which allow for faster quick charging. According to Polestar, the basic range designs will have the ability to charge at speeds of approximately 135kW while long variety designs see the maximum charge rate rise to 205kW.

Another substantial update is a switch from front to rear-wheel drive for 2WD designs. In a move that mirrors that made by parent company Volvo with its XC40 and C40 Recharge models, the 2WD Polestar 2 will have its drive motor on the rear axle instead of the front. Polestar has actually also modified the control electronics for all-wheel drive designs– in specific the front motor detach function. As an outcome of the updates, basic range Polestar 2 models have a WLTP figure of 321 miles (a boost of 25 miles) while long variety double motor designs have a WLTP figure of 367 miles (a boost of 65 miles).

Polestar has also enhanced performance with the introduction of new motors. Single-motor models are powered by a brand-new motor with power output of 295bhp. Torque output has actually likewise been increased from 330Nm to 490Nm. As an outcome, the 0-62mph time has actually been cut by 1.2 seconds, down to 6.2 seconds.

UK customers can purchase the 2024 model year Polestar 2 now, with the first shipment anticipated in the 3rd quarter of 2023. Costs start from ₤ 44,490 for the basic range single motor model and rise to ₤ 57,950 for the range-topping long variety dual motor model with Performance Pack.

Join Nicola as she takes the modified Polestar 2 for a drive in the UK for the very first time. What do you think about the improvements? Would you pick a Polestar 2 over a Tesla Model 3? Let us understand in the remarks listed below.

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27 responses to “DRIVEN: New Polestar 2 (2024). Has the Tesla Model 3 finally met its match?”

  1. Joe Avatar

    Definitely a big improvement on the outgoing model with the big range hike and far fewer add ons needed meaning you dont need to add £10k to geta few safety options / reversiing mirror etc.. When i test drove the current model i found the google voice command interface was very good.
    One the downside, I hated the huge, overly high and completely unnecessary centre console and the transmission tunnel holdover in the back is utterly ridiculous.

    1. Greg Kramer Avatar
      Greg Kramer

      I thought they stuffed the center spine with batteries.

  2. Rain Sound Avatar
    Rain Sound

    Nice review❤

  3. BH London Avatar
    BH London

    Polestar UK made a mistake with the specs they’ve been telling everyone (including the media) Standard range car max DC charge rate has been reduced from 150 to 135kW

    1. ensteffo Avatar

      @alyssa vasquez Blablablabigotyracismblablabla

    2. Riaz Avatar

      ​@alyssa vasquez Did you post this from your Chinese made phone or your Chinese made laptop by chance?

  4. SuperDuper Awesome Avatar
    SuperDuper Awesome

    Is there any chance you could give consumption stats based on the time you have the vehicle (and a figure at 70mph), it would be so much more informative than wltp figures? 👍🏻

    1. Stewiedude1 Avatar

      This ^ 100%

    2. António Jesus Avatar
      António Jesus

      One more with this question. None of the recent 2024 Polestar 2 videos show this information….

    3. Will Baker Avatar
      Will Baker

      They are all driving the same few press cars so aren’t getting the time to do proper driving figures. Speculation seems to be around 280 – 300 miles (she does state something similar early in the video)

    4. SuperDuper Awesome Avatar
      SuperDuper Awesome

      @Will Baker yeah – I was just thinking reset the old computer,drive it, same just before they drive at 70mph – just an indication …

  5. woody1569 Avatar

    Great vid you do make me laugh when you do your vids. Love the new polestar 2 better range and hp well done.

  6. Борець за свободу Avatar
    Борець за свободу

    Great review – great car too.

  7. Tesla model s Avatar
    Tesla model s

    Cool looking car

  8. Niels Junker Avatar
    Niels Junker

    Beautiful car 😊

  9. AnotherDapperDave Avatar

    A truly lovely car. I believe the transmission tunnel is actually the battery. It’s still unsightly and one of the major detractors that prevents me from considering the Polestar 2.

  10. hellcat1988 Avatar

    Just goes to show how high of a bar the model 3 STILL sets, 6 years after launch, that people still have to use it in a tag line as something to compare against. Also, I can’t get over how hilariously “Apple crowd” the phrase “don’t want to follow the crowd” still is.

    1. patmanrick Avatar

      Even worse, this is still inferior to the Model 3 on virtually every empirical metric, and costs a lot more

  11. NimbusKhan NK Avatar
    NimbusKhan NK

    The car you guys tested has the Plus pack, as denoted by the sunroof. This means it also has the foot-activated trunk opening, so there’s no point in complaining about the trunk manual lock position.

  12. sevensixtysteve Avatar

    Great update to my fav EV. I love the simplicity of the design and functional, gimmick free interior. I thought I would prefer the previous version with the grill but in this colour, this looks epic.

  13. Inez Kestens Avatar
    Inez Kestens

    I’ve had the old model for about a 8 months now and while the range is meh, and I really need some window wipers in the back it IS just such a relaxing car to ride around in.
    Very powerfull when you want it to be but it’s really quiet, relaxing and great seats. And i really like the interior, but it took some getting used to. However everything with the software is also great, and it still feels like a “car”.
    i won’t deny it has it flaws but outside of the range I really can’t complain.

  14. Scott Sorensen Avatar
    Scott Sorensen

    Nice car, but the Model 3 beats it almost every category: acceleration,charging, efficiency, passenger and cargo space,etc. Buy it if you like it (or just don’t like Tesla), but it’s no Tesla killer.

  15. Jonathan Taylor Avatar
    Jonathan Taylor

    Bless you, Nicola – you continue to make me giggle with your wonderfully quirky, engaging presentation… Keep it up, Mrs…!
    It’s kinda amazing – in this EV age – that a manufacturer can go “Yep, we’ll just make the car rear-wheel-drive, this time around…”
    As far as I know, that has NEVER happened with any ICE car – especially on a mid-life facelift…!
    EV technology rules… 😎

  16. Donald Duck Avatar
    Donald Duck

    I remember when VOLVO’s had front and rear bumpers with dampers which could absorb the energy from a low impact bump. I think thats what most people want when they spend £60k on a car, a little bit of front/rear/side protection on their overly expensive asset, in car parks, on the road parking etc.

  17. Anthony Stevens Avatar
    Anthony Stevens

    You found a smooth Cotswold road! Are you sure it’s not someone’s driveway who isn’t short of a few buttons? Anyway the quick car review was great. The shift to rear wheel drive helps the steering without any torque steer but it could become entertaining in very cold weather. Many thanks for sharing.

  18. pedro0leite Avatar

    Two little points, you should have a button to open the boot from the driver seat (and close too) and you can kick under the rear to open too, that is why the button is not an exclusive way to work. After you mentioned the transmission tunnel, and the console space, you actually had and have batteries on those spaces, that is also why it’s kept and you don’t have that space. Then the dynamics of having that center weight really makes a difference on handling, the EV that keep all the batteries as a platform tend to wobble on turn and suspension range.

  19. Ian James Avatar
    Ian James

    The best presenter for cars full stop

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