BYD Dolphin – 9 things we LOVE and… 5 we HATE | Electrifying

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Regular audiences will understand that we're rather crazy about the BYD – a little household electric automobile with a decent variety, loads of kit and a cost that might practically be described as inexpensive.

So why are we back behind the wheel once again? The very first time we saw the , we weren't allowed to drive it. Then, when we are enabled to, a technical concern meant that we didn't get to experience the automobile at its best. We had another go a couple of months earlier, however at that point, the automobile wasn't signed up in the UK. So finally, after months of waiting, we're lastly getting to drive the BYD Dolphin right here in the very same spec you can purchase.

The Dolphin is just over 4.2 metres long (4,290 mm) and around 200mm longer than a Vauxhall Corsa Electric and a Peugeot e208. Nevertheless, unlike the Corsa, Peugeot and MINI it's developed on an all-electric platform created from the start to be a simply electrical set of underpinnings.

Although BYD uses the Dolphin in its home market with 2 small battery options (30.7 kWh and 44.9 kWh) the brand has revamped the automobile for Europe and is providing a larger 60kWh pack and faster charging capability, along with the 44.9 kWh unit.
The entry-level Active model has the 44.9 kWh battery and 93bhp motor providing around 211 miles of range. The Boost has a more effective 178bhp motor and 17-inch wheels which hit effectiveness, so the variety drops to 188 miles. The Comfort and Design use the larger 60.4 kWh battery and 201bhp motor, providing a series of 265 miles.

Sign up with Nicola as she notes the 14 things we like … and hate about the brand-new BYD Dolphin. Are you a fan? Is the Dolphin on your shortlist, or would you choose something else? As constantly, we love to hear your views, so let us understand in the remarks listed below.

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34 responses to “BYD Dolphin – 9 things we LOVE and… 5 we HATE | Electrifying”

  1. Paul Zacharias Avatar
    Paul Zacharias

    Great review, as always. However, I’d add one more dislike: looks. Given the competition, it’s a shame BYD did such a meh job with the styling – especially the front, which (to these eyes at least) looks horribly dated and bland. Hopefully it’ll look better in the flesh…

  2. Artful Avatar

    You will need to do 2 tests as the Base model Dolphin Active needs to go against the base model MG4 SE Standard Range but that cannot be done until 2024. But will be interesting to see the Design Vs Trophy.

    1. siasek Avatar

      We have a comparison video MG4SE vs Dolphin Active on my channel, where we compare mainly the technical data and the comparison is quite interesting. For me, the winner is… guess! 🤔

  3. A Z Avatar
    A Z

    Very closely priced with the MG4. I would rather the MG to be honest.

    1. Jajalaatmaar Avatar

      Yep, like most BYDs, strangely not cheap enough in Europe. Hopefully (Chinese) competition bring the price down.

    2. dxelson Avatar

      @Jajalaatmaar dealer networks

    3. Decimal Avatar

      Mg4 price is tempting, even though it’s not a perfect car.. this is too expensive for a Chinese EV. Think it will need some heavy discounts to sell. Maybe they don’t plan to import high numbers of them to UK?

    4. marklola12 Avatar

      The mg is cheap as hell inside though i sat in one at a dealers the other day and couldn’t believe how cheap things looked and felt

    5. Gordon MacKenzie Avatar
      Gordon MacKenzie

      @Jajalaatmaarbut nearly half the price in China. Somebody’s making a big markup.

  4. Rebwar Kader Avatar
    Rebwar Kader

    ❤❤ very well done

  5. Farshad Arasteh Avatar
    Farshad Arasteh

    Nbr 1 and 2 on Cons, superficial, 3 and 4 AGREED, 5 well it is a small vehicle but it is funkilicious, ONLY if Fisker had that kind of interior. Hey, girly are you going to review a Fisker ocean or Alaska? Thanks

  6. Xarifa Zee Avatar
    Xarifa Zee

    In my country, MG4 is unknown…As with sll British cars, it is always associate with Not Reliable. My country BYD Dolphin sold like hot cakes… The BYD standard range is only £17K and the extended range is £22K….The price is near Honda City or Honda Vios car of 1.5 litre…Very cheap and affordable.

    1. Ben Willock Avatar
      Ben Willock

      Nearly £10k more here at both price points. The UK is such a ripoff country. Everything is too expensive here.

    2. John Doyle Avatar
      John Doyle

      MG is not British, it is Chinese

    3. Xarifa Zee Avatar
      Xarifa Zee

      @John Doyle My country former British colony and we have few British vintage MG sports car…

    4. Michael Dixie Avatar
      Michael Dixie

      MG used to be a British company but was sold to Chinese company in late 90’s So now a Chinese brand.

    5. Hisham G Avatar
      Hisham G

      Chinese owned British company?

  7. Barry Harris Avatar
    Barry Harris

    Thought they were not going to put Build Your Dreams on the back only BYD?

  8. Madonsteamrailways Avatar

    This looks good. The problem is – it’s a car rather than a small camper.!! I think that Build Your Dreams is making a great product.

  9. Madonsteamrailways Avatar

    I prefer a car with a loud tick when the indicator is on. My current Renault Zoe has a nice loud tick!!

  10. Karl griffiths Avatar
    Karl griffiths

    I love this ladydoing car reviews well done xx

  11. Decimal Avatar

    Comfort trim is £30k, and that’s the cheapest available in UK at the moment.
    This is not a cheap EV.

  12. Bernard Hilton Avatar
    Bernard Hilton

    Please compare this car against the Hyundai Kona and it’s Volvo equivalent.

  13. Mika Davies Avatar
    Mika Davies

    I would be interested to see the BYD close up, as i don’t like the cheap finish on the MG4. I also found that the MG4 has soft and horribly unsupportive seats.

  14. Anthony Stevens Avatar
    Anthony Stevens

    This car certainly has a lot going for it. It’ll be an interesting head to head with the MG4. I’ll wait a while on this one but it’s definitely worth checking one out at some point. The ‘bing bong’ would irritate the hell out of me as well so I’ll have to see how irritated I get during the the test.

  15. Brian Avatar

    Actually drove one of these last week out of Exeter BYD. Very impressively built and very comfortable. The two issues I had were a. Regen braking was pretty weak compared to my eNiro (21 model) and b. The lane keep assist on a B road was borderline dangerous and really jerked the wheel between the verge and the central markings. Was not a issue on the motorway or the A30, but was poor on the B3180. If they sorted that it would be fine, but the MG 4 is, I think, better.

    1. Pad A Avatar
      Pad A

      Chris is great at exeter – I can see this selling really well for BYD south west

    2. Slightlybored Avatar

      Funnily, a lethally aggressive lane keep assist is people’s main complaint about the MG4

  16. Michael Dixie Avatar
    Michael Dixie

    The price is a shame. If this was closer to £20000-25000 for the entry to top spec then may sell much more. As it is it’s too close in price to more established brands which means as a largely unknown brand in the UK it will struggle to compete.

    1. Pad A Avatar
      Pad A

      I did think that when the Atto3 came out it might struggle against the ID3 but it’s the best car I’ve driven all year & the Dolphin was a better drive than the MG4 imo & it’s the UK’s cheapest EV well when we get the smaller battery version

  17. Mr SWR Avatar
    Mr SWR

    The screen in portrait mode is for navigation, Waze when you turn the screen is a different beast.

  18. David Watson Avatar
    David Watson

    Would like to see one but with only two dealerships covering London, Birmingham and Scotland don’t see BYD selling many at least we have a MG dealer in Nottingham. Win for MG in my books

  19. david k.d. Avatar
    david k.d.

    While it costs over $30,000 in Europe, the Chinese price is under $20k. Don’t know why reviewers complain about hard plastic on a sub 20k car. Great review though

  20. Shaonian Avatar

    No one pedal and fast charging too slow, really needs 140kw like the MG4 essence.

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