Tesla’s ALL NEW $20,000 Car SHOCKS The Entire EV Industry!

All Tesla Design 2 which opts for $20,000 shocks the whole industry as exposes that the newest Tesla is coming true. This Tesla Design 2 will be most probably exposed this year 2023!


17 responses to “Tesla’s ALL NEW $20,000 Car SHOCKS The Entire EV Industry!”

  1. Elton Dilworth Avatar
    Elton Dilworth

    I like to see Tesla with a suv

    1. Modok!51 Avatar

      I’m sorry, how long have you been blind?

  2. arman karol Avatar
    arman karol

    need a teslabike

    1. Modok!51 Avatar

      Why stop there? How about Tesla skateboard, Tesla Skates, Tesla running shoes & Tesla socks!

    2. arman karol Avatar
      arman karol

      @Modok!51 😝

  3. Excited User Avatar
    Excited User

    There’s many a slip…

  4. Steve S Avatar
    Steve S

    “every since”… lol

  5. Way Avatar

    Love it!

  6. Frank Nicholas Dale Avatar
    Frank Nicholas Dale

    I would like to know why is the labour in American so expensive, is it wages , skills or both over China, because they way you present the labour issue sounds like exploitation of labour In China.

  7. Momcilo Pucar Avatar
    Momcilo Pucar

    China has much cheaper EV than Tesla 2 . Chinese Ev’s Seagull and Dolphin are 10k to 11.5k Only. Tesla Cannot compete against Chinese EV’s prices.

    1. Modok!51 Avatar

      Chinese can’t compete against Tesla’s Safety or FSD!

  8. Momcilo Pucar Avatar
    Momcilo Pucar

    When people sees Chinese EV’s and theirs prices Tesla has no chance to compete against Chinese EV’s…

    1. Modok!51 Avatar

      Only if the Chinese EV can pass the 250 foot drop test!

  9. Scotty Mendenhall Avatar
    Scotty Mendenhall

    Keep tesla ev cars in USA affordable USA

  10. Danilo Batoon Avatar
    Danilo Batoon

    I would love to see a hatchback Tesla

  11. Stephanie Vargas Avatar
    Stephanie Vargas

    ELON MUSK!!!!!!

  12. Dwight Fisher Avatar
    Dwight Fisher

    Give me a 15000 car and I will buy one!

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