Elon Musk: “This New Battery Will CHANGE The EV Industry”

Elon Musk, Tesla and this all new battery is going to be among the best developments in the cars and truck sector.

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6 responses to “Elon Musk: “This New Battery Will CHANGE The EV Industry””

  1. William Gary Avatar
    William Gary

    Great job Elena

  2. William Gary Avatar
    William Gary

    Elon musk

  3. William Gary Avatar
    William Gary

    Yes yes, and a potato will do the same thing

  4. William Gary Avatar
    William Gary

    Organic batterys is the best way to go

  5. Kris Brooks Avatar
    Kris Brooks

    Lookup Cybermen

  6. Ace Ventura (AceVentura2003) Avatar
    Ace Ventura (AceVentura2003)

    … will change the world .. industry … that’s a very bold statement. But before you change the world, see if you can do anything about one’s own dysfunctional family and concubines.

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