What links Senna, McLaren F1, Metro 6R4, Bugatti Veyron & Lewis Hamilton ?! – Nichols N1A Ep.3 | 4K

I have been following the development of the sports car for the in 2015. I this episode we learn just what links Ayrton Senna, the McLaren F1, the City 6R4 Group B rally car, the and Sir .

The Nichols automobiles group has some new members with amazing backgrounds. In the video we fulfill John Morrison who has joined to direct sales. John was an extremely effective racing driver, winning the Rolex Daytona 24 hr and racing in GT1. He was likewise accountable for offering both the McLaren F1 and when they concerned market.

Then I invite back himself and Richard Hurdwell to talk about the suspension of the N1A. Richard was associated with the active flight program for Lotus F1 and dealt with the Metro 6R4 with among my rally heros Tony Pond!

Lastly we meet Oz Metcalfe, the fabrication genius who is making the suspension components. Oz worked for McLaren F1 for 30 years and was 's coach.


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00:00 – Welcome to the BRDC Clubhouse!
01:15 – He sold 42 Bugatti Veyrons!
11:08 – Time to talk suspension
12:25 – From the 6R4 to the N1A
26:46 – Meet Lewis Hamilton's Coach
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16 responses to “What links Senna, McLaren F1, Metro 6R4, Bugatti Veyron & Lewis Hamilton ?! – Nichols N1A Ep.3 | 4K”

  1. Mr Mawson Avatar
    Mr Mawson

    Hello mate

  2. Witton Avatar

    Absolutely fascinating listening to these guys. The engineering expertise is stunning.

  3. François G Avatar
    François G

    Nice video!

    Evening all! Happy Bank Holiday! Hope everyone is doing well and has a great week. You should get Steve and Richard on the Drive Torque Podcast.

  4. steven bennett Avatar
    steven bennett

    Pete. A very gentle and respectable way of interviewing your subjects. Allows them to recount their past and talk about what they are doing now. Keep it up. More of these reels please.

  5. Mr Mawson Avatar
    Mr Mawson

    Cracking chats 👍

  6. Paul Levers Avatar
    Paul Levers

    Awesome chat with motor racing history makers, can’t wait to see more of the car come together.

  7. lawrence gatt Avatar
    lawrence gatt

    How much money 💰 he gets for Avery ONE he sales. ON top of his wages?

  8. lawrence gatt Avatar
    lawrence gatt

    2 great gentlemen 🏁🇦🇺👍

  9. wordreet Avatar

    Some proper interesting peeps and stuff in this vid Pedro! I currently work in precision engineering, did 5 months of a 6 month govt mechanics course,40 years ago, and have many years experience drinking decaf, playing with RC cars and their suspension, oh and mig welding 1967 a Beetle or two. Hehe, no, I’m not applying for a job. 😉

  10. Garry Matthews Avatar
    Garry Matthews

    Hi PP you have knocked it out of the park with this vid. These guys are just awsome

  11. Dave Hayes Avatar
    Dave Hayes

    Incredible insight into the making of the Nichols car. Has any car had so much successful historic knowledge and passion input before? Another great video into this development, thanks Pete.

  12. David White Avatar
    David White

    The Parkinson of motoring podcasts 👌 Knowing when to just listen is the skill.

  13. Damo drives Avatar
    Damo drives

    Was confused why there was a video on a Sunday 😂… oh it’s Monday

  14. Kenny L Avatar
    Kenny L

    excellent vid, more of this stuff please.

  15. Dickie Mcvitie Avatar
    Dickie Mcvitie

    One thing I find interesting about these guys, is that they never blow their own trumpet.. If anything they seem to under play their achievements, which makes them even more impressive and interesting..

  16. graham west Avatar
    graham west


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