Nissan Z vs GT-R Nismo vs Kei Car on the streets of Tokyo ! | 4K

My first time driving in Japan and what a choice of . First off the Nissan Fairlady Z. What a chauffeurs and truck with 400PS, rear wheel drive and a 6 speed handbook transmission. Why do not wee get this automobile in the UK? Then an overall legend. The just epic Nissan GT-R NISMO. 600 horsepower, 4 wheel drive and a 0-60 time of under 3 seconds. Finally a Kei Car. The wacky little Nissan Sakura.


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Video Contents
00:00 – Welcome to Japan
00:29 – .
06:25 – GT-R NISMO.
14:36 – Nissan Sakura.

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27 responses to “Nissan Z vs GT-R Nismo vs Kei Car on the streets of Tokyo ! | 4K”

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  3. @komis-wt7db Avatar

    The camaraderie among participants creates a sense of belonging, like a family united by shared interests.💚

  4. @samson-bm8zs Avatar

    This thread is a testament to the brilliance of the human mind and its capacity for growth.🍒

  5. @mrmawson2438 Avatar

    Hello mate

    1. @PetrolPed Avatar

      Hi 👋

  6. @001sander2 Avatar

    What tyres on that Godzilla?

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    2. @johnmullarky Avatar

      ​@@PetrolPed Are you allowed to say that ? 😂

  7. @alij100100 Avatar

    Mario was hilarious,😆 you need to invite him to the uk and get him in some more of your videos. 😆🤟👍

    1. @PetrolPed Avatar

      We will work together again 👍

  8. @johnbrown3951 Avatar

    When I first met my wife she was driving a Nissan Z Fairlady import in black with a gold dragon motif emblazoned down each side of the car. I never did get to drive it and it was sold to be drifted as part of her divorce agreement but it was a very cool car and very fast by all accounts. She did end up with the Hyundai coupe which I did drive Glasgow to Inverness, then Aberdeen and back the same route over a weekend which was a lot of fun.

  9. @Roderica_Kreutzer37 Avatar

    Great video.Thank you🍆🍆🍆

  10. @martinedwards7360 Avatar

    Great cars 🚗 Ped, but poor camera work on this vlog. You didn’t do the cars justice.

  11. @mrmawson2438 Avatar

    Cheers mate

  12. @Yorkshiremadmick Avatar

    Mario was great and good camera work. I’m sure the Suzuki Cappuccino was a kei car. As well as a few others which we did get.

  13. @popsbubbles1242 Avatar

    Pete, surly whilst there you could convince Nissan to sell the Z in the UK.
    Fisting a Nizmo ….what else are you getting up to. LOL

  14. @wrathofbod Avatar

    A shame we don’t get the Z here, i wounder if it could be imported?

    1. @paulelsey2486 Avatar

      The z has been in the UK since 2004 350z, then 370z also nismo version

    2. @wrathofbod Avatar

      @@paulelsey2486 that z is not available in the UK, 350z and 370z are.

  15. @watchcommander2012 Avatar

    What a great set of cars and a brilliant video like to see more collaboration videos between you guys

  16. @garethlewis1006 Avatar

    Get Super Mario back on the channel, top man, great stuff 😅

  17. @guylambrechts2303 Avatar

    Some dynamic filming! Funny video that’s for sure. Cheers.

  18. @leemace9638 Avatar

    The Nissan Z 😍 FAB content all the time watching from a rainy 💦Sydney apartment here keeping me entertained 👍👍

  19. @nickleighton9299 Avatar

    Another Great Content again got to say well Jell..!! 😁 loving all this Nissan content what great set of cars 😉👍

  20. @johnmullarky Avatar

    Kei cars are such clever packages…

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