NEW CAR DAY ! – Goodbye Mustang MachE…HELLO ?????

It's time to take shipment of my new Hendy Group Long Termer. To start with I need to state a fond goodbye to the Mustang MachE. I have actually run the Mustang for around 7 months which is much longer than the strategy. Then I head to a Hendy dealership for a brand name I have actually refrained from doing very much with at all. Question is … What brand and what ?


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22 responses to “NEW CAR DAY ! – Goodbye Mustang MachE…HELLO ?????”

  1. thecremeegg Avatar

    Looks like an Ariya which I’m actually test driving tomorrow!

  2. François G Avatar
    François G

    Evening all!! Hope everyone is doing well and has a great weekend.

    1. Lee Avison Avatar
      Lee Avison

      Indeed Sir 🙏🙏

  3. MikeJ F Avatar
    MikeJ F

    I hope it has a better color than the one on there add. The inside looks very nice.

  4. Alan Butterfield Avatar
    Alan Butterfield

    Hi Peter, Nissan have caught my attention this year with the car you have just picked up but also the Qashqai epower models and the XTRAIL looks fabulous. Best wishes Alan Bx

  5. firebolt2310 Avatar

    It’s a one gorgeous EV on the market right now !!

  6. Kevin Cross Avatar
    Kevin Cross

    I live just along the road from a Nissan dealership and I’ve seen one of these over the last few weeks, thought it looks quite striking. (It is in Black)
    Look forward to your impressions 👍🏻

  7. Breezy k Avatar
    Breezy k

    Bloody hell ,this is actually pleasantly surprising ,that centre console and the buttons in the dash are fantastic given that’s it’s a Nissan ,I must say this is why when it comes to electric I feel the Germans will suffer ,the Koreans already have the advantage so should be very interesting.all the best Pete .

  8. Michael Staunton Avatar
    Michael Staunton

    Best of luck with the Nissan . Definitely looks really nice 👍. Will you use the dash cam again from the Mach E you had just fitted recently perhaps?

  9. Peter Kirton Avatar
    Peter Kirton

    It will be interesting to see how the range suffers when you use all the additional electric features like the heated and ventilated seats etc.

    1. Simon de Haas Avatar
      Simon de Haas

      It’s usually the general cabin heating that affects range most in EVs, heated seats use relatively little power, that’s why most EVs have them

  10. Dave G Avatar
    Dave G

    The Ariya looked impressive at launch. Look forward to hearing what you think of it. Expensive electric though compared to us having spent £25K ish on a ICE Tiguan a while back. D

  11. steven bennett Avatar
    steven bennett

    Looks like a nice car. As to your opinions, I think Hendy would want you to be open and transparent. After all they are getting 2-3 months of feedback on a product.

  12. Howard Lake Avatar
    Howard Lake

    Wow! I just saw most of my journey to work, as I live in Bournemouth! I find it hard to get excited about EVs, but I must say what a great ambassador for a local business the handover employee was 😀

  13. Brumsgrub Avatar

    That interior really did look nicely done

  14. ginggur17 Avatar

    Hello pal, it’s nice getting a fresh car to review every so many weeks. 👍👍🇬🇧

  15. Garry Matthews Avatar
    Garry Matthews

    I have to say not heard about this Nissan and it looks rather good and first impression fairly simple controls given the mix of inputs. Your reviews are always what you genuinely think so just keep them coming

  16. Nigel W Avatar
    Nigel W

    IMO, the Ariya seems expensive; nonetheless the exterior and interior stylings look v. good to me. Very interested to learn your thoughts compared to the other EV SUVs you’ve sampled, especially as it’s clear the Ariya is not going after the customer looking for a high performance EV, so I guess it’s main rival is the Hyundai Ioniq 5.

    All that said, all EVs are currently expensive, but ICE car prices have also risen significantly. That’s just the way it is right now. EVs are also particularly heavy, and it seems to me that the higher the performance the stiffer the damping needs to be to control the weight at speed on a twisty road, and most makers seem to be struggling to deliver the compliant ride a daily driver should be able to deliver.

    So, just how much performance do you really need to be impressed on a daily basis by your EV? Does the Ariya offer enough punch for a ‘petrolhead’ (automotive enthusiast)? Is the ride nice and compliant? Is the interior comfortable? Does it have a quality feel and a feel good factor? Does it deliver good range? And is it genuinely a serious alternative to a Tesla Model Y or a high-end luxury EV SUV for someone who has one or more special cars for high days and holidays?

    Personally, I can get over the brand snobbery issue, certainly for a daily driver. I buy cars to impress myself, not the neighbours. But is the Ariya actually worth up to 60 grand? Previously, Nissan quality and refinement hasn’t been its strong suits, least of all its interior quality. Is the Ariya really a serious contender in the medium-luxury space, given that it doesn’t deliver high-performance or bring advanced technology to market?

  17. MrAbcdef098 Avatar

    Hi ped its not a bad looking car i will look forward to your full review on it cheers

  18. Trev Avatar

    Beautiful interior, love the Merc inspired dashboard (as we have one!). I don’t mind the styling, bit boxy at the front but could live with that. Grey, though? What is with people and grey cars?

  19. Nick Leighton Avatar
    Nick Leighton

    Pete Iam so glad your trying a Nissan out on your channel as I have close relationship with Nissan myself and it made me very proud as the Ariya is a stunning car 🚗 I get some people saying in the comments on the cost but cars in general have gone up and up especially electric cars, but when you compare this to other cars in the premium market it comes a better propersion granted including myself not exactly affordable to everyone 😂, but for those that can it’s well worth checking out, I really look forward to seeing how you find the experience and how it compares to the Mach E I got a feeling your going to enjoy 😊by the way the Silva turbo 👍 that’s showing my age 😅

  20. Daniel Heathcote Avatar
    Daniel Heathcote

    We used to have a jeep cherokee in the family in the mid-late 90’s. Great car, my folks really enjoyed owning it – reliable, good standard spec (we didn’t tick any options, as it came with everything they’d have added on the options list with limited spec), gutsy engine, towed well, smooth auto box. Only thing that was a downer was fuel economy. Locally, it’d struggle to do 12 to the gallon until the box warmed up! On a great run we would get 18-20 to the gallon. With a roof box for holidays, going to alps etc, we would get 14-16 if we were lucky. But with the size of tank, we’d get 250 to the tank. Did work well as we’d get the tank brimmed at home, sipping 2 hours in to france for fuel and driver swap. Dad would take last stint from the Jura range.

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