MID-WEEK 180 – Zenvo Aurora is the most powerful V12 road car EVER !

Where are the best roads you have driven?

The brand-new is the most powerful V12 roadway car EVER! It has a quad turbo V12 with 1250bhp combined to a triple electrical motor established with an extra 600bhp. That makes a massive 1,850 bhp!


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21 responses to “MID-WEEK 180 – Zenvo Aurora is the most powerful V12 road car EVER !”

  1. Michael Kember Avatar
    Michael Kember

    Evening all hope everyone is well and you enjoyed your break Mr Ped.

  2. Garry Matthews Avatar
    Garry Matthews

    I have to say looking forward to you review of the motor home it does look good, bet it’s diesel

  3. John Brown Avatar
    John Brown

    Probably a wise move going to France as the wife and I took a little dog walk along part of the West Highland Way last week and it was a little windy as we set out but at one point the wind died and down came the midges and it was unbearable then the wind came back and we finished our walk so in essence a good choice by you.

  4. Bizzie1956 Avatar

    Your content is the best and most varied on the net Pete

  5. Robert Nightingale Avatar
    Robert Nightingale

    Now l understand why you got the Moho fron Barnsley. Totally agree about avoiding midges.

  6. jpexplorer51 Avatar

    What am I up to. Putting a petrol ped sticker on the back of my (new to me) Kia Stinger. Thanks to your reviews 👍Gary in Cheltenham

  7. Brian Griffiths Avatar
    Brian Griffiths

    There are a number of people in my locality buying motorhomes as an alternative to finding holiday accommodation, so I look very forward to your report.

  8. Rick The Spud Avatar
    Rick The Spud

    Question for Misha – What’s the most fun you’ve had on a lap of the Ring? Which car, and why? Speak soon Pete. 👊

  9. Robert Lloyd Avatar
    Robert Lloyd

    Yippee, finally made the magnificent 7……might add it to my CV 😅

  10. Pete James Avatar
    Pete James

    I went to Australia a few years ago, their wasn’t a single pot hole and even the roads in the outback in the middle of nowhere were perfectly flat.

    1. Neil Forbes Avatar
      Neil Forbes

      Don’t come here now the roads are a shambles especially in Victoria.

  11. john coleman Avatar
    john coleman

    Wow Pete, you really are busy M8! Look forward to Friday. As an ex camper we and the kids spent many weeks in France. Loved it, cheers, John.

  12. Mini Eggs Avatar
    Mini Eggs

    Are you on the list for the 5 series launch?

  13. Mark Thoughts with Ukraine massive respect for them Avatar
    Mark Thoughts with Ukraine massive respect for them

    QUESTION — for Mesha , so sad last week to hear about 2 more people dying on Nürburgring does he think the ring will be ever permanently be close down due to safety

  14. Gary G Avatar
    Gary G

    I don’t know much about motor homes but I have watched a few of Motoholic’s YouTube videos. I think he mentioned that if over 7M long you need a C license, what ever that is. I agree that France has roads that are kept in great condition. I remember when in St Martin, in the Caribbean, as you cross from the French side, to the Dutch side, the road condition drops dramatically.

  15. steve hill Avatar
    steve hill

    Loving the content as always, glad you’re back! Just re-watched all the clubman videos as we’ve just ordered a new one before they stop making them. JCW, BRG with black top & I’m going to try similar upgrades that you did on yours……wonder if the discount codes still work 😂 🍻

  16. Véronique Pâquet Avatar
    Véronique Pâquet

    You’re on a roll sir! France’s roads are great buit Austria tops it of for us with epic mountain roads.

  17. Wraith7230 Avatar

    Best roads ive driven, some in south africa were excellent

  18. Alasdair Wilson Avatar
    Alasdair Wilson

    Glad you enjoyed your break.Looking forward to Fridays vid.

  19. Trev Avatar

    Sitting at home with a severely bruised Coccyx, unable to drive or ride the ‘bike 😥. Misha is a Legend – what’s the scariest moment he’s had on the Ring?

  20. T Thomas Avatar
    T Thomas

    Ironically the best roads around here (Northwest) are the rural white roads in Cheshire – much fewer potholes than any of the main roads because today’s drivers never use them! And a basic question for Misha – how is he doing? It’s been a manic year with many ups and downs, he’s now officially racing too, then there was the incident two weeks ago that must have shaken everyone up where we lost two drivers – hope he is getting the time away to relax as well.. I know he loves cars and driving but we all need another space to clear our heads and hearts!

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