MID-WEEK 180 – Why this weeks F1 has been called off | Real-life Tamiya Wild One !!

This weekends Emilia Romagna Grand Prix has actually been called off due to severe flooding.

I have a new dream vehicle … the real life by The Little Vehicle Company. I need among them in my life. I 'd also like to state a huge and sincere thank you to all those of you that sponsored me. Together we have raised over ₤ 6,500 for the Born Free Foundation.


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21 responses to “MID-WEEK 180 – Why this weeks F1 has been called off | Real-life Tamiya Wild One !!”

  1. François G Avatar
    François G

    First!! Evening all! Hope everyone is doing well and having a lovely week so far. Clearly it is a shame the Grand Prix has been called off.

    1. Rod Matheson Avatar
      Rod Matheson

      Well done sir… 😅

  2. Lewis Hunter Avatar
    Lewis Hunter

    Evening all, hope all are well 👍

  3. Andy Miller Avatar
    Andy Miller

    Got to love a wild one

  4. Mini Brothas Avatar
    Mini Brothas

    Sitting in Austin waiting for the Mini races at COTA this weekend!

  5. Witton Avatar

    Well deserved time off Pete. Good to have you back!

  6. Jamie Pickles Avatar
    Jamie Pickles

    Last week Honda revealed the New ZR-V and CR-V. Also Ford revealed the New Tourneo Courier

  7. Jamie Pickles Avatar
    Jamie Pickles

    I will be attending the Fully Charged Show North at the Yorkshire Event Centre In Harrogate on Friday 😊

  8. Kevin Cross Avatar
    Kevin Cross

    Pot holes here in East Sussex are equally dire – BUT, new contractors have started this month, and they appear to be starting in earnest, not least the roundabout at the end of my road that looks like the surface of the moon 😡 being completely resurfaced starting next week 👏🏼

  9. john coleman Avatar
    john coleman

    Wow Pete, very well done on the £K6+ raised for Born Free! Amazing M8. Cheers John.

  10. Jim Cabezola Avatar
    Jim Cabezola

    You’re looking great after your Ironman, and it’s great to see you. I’ll bet you can’t wait to did it again; my spin trainer is off in June to perform another one! It’s addictive…but what an addiction to have! Aloha!

  11. Guy Lambrechts Avatar
    Guy Lambrechts

    Hi all. 6K starts sounding like it. Be careful with the IM’s. Gets under your skin and you’ll never get enough of it. Belgian’s potholes are legendary they say. Got my 13y old Zafira ‘MOT’d’ and stayed in the que for over 5 hours! Luckily he passed.

  12. Bizzie1956 Avatar

    I’m so proud of you raising the amount of money that you have 😎

  13. Footey 7 Avatar
    Footey 7

    Evening all 🍻🇨🇦!! Awesome job once again Pete 👍🏻

  14. Samieb155 Avatar

    Good News on the Iron Man fund. The F1 crying idea was funny though. Glad to have a Midwk180, don’t call it a 360 as you’ll round in circles PP. 👍🤣

  15. Alasdair Wilson Avatar
    Alasdair Wilson

    Evening Peddlerz.That is a fantastic total for Born Free.Congratulations.The potholes are pretty bad around here but some roads have improved over the last few weeks so not all bad.Looking forward to your Ariya review on Friday.

  16. Guantou Avatar

    Pot-hole situation in Rotherham is dire, appears to be an abundance of tarmac available for making speed humps but none available for repairing the craters like pot-holes.

  17. Bradley Morgan Avatar
    Bradley Morgan

    Love the comment about Max Verstapen 😂

  18. wordreet Avatar

    My goodness! Six and a half thousand of your Earth pounds!!?? Super happy to have been part of that! I tend to support mainly animal charities and always will as long as I have a few squids to spare.

  19. David White Avatar
    David White

    I “invested” in a build slot for a Wild One kit ages back, it’s been a long time coming…. I did pop in to see the development car when at Bicester one day. Want to build it with the Grandchildren. Will we get it by Christmas?

  20. Clifton Mcintosh Avatar
    Clifton Mcintosh

    Nine one pp there is no way I could have done that so well done again 👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿

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