MID-WEEK 180 – So many awesome cars dying this year !

Do you reside in a ULEZ location?

F1 is almost back! Testing starts at the end of February and livery/ exposes will go through Feb too. This year we say goodbye to a lot of unbelievable and trucks. I will be biding farewell to the on Friday but we likewise say goodbye to the , , Ford GT and the Ford Feast. I'll be trying to get as a number of them on the channel as possible this year.


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20 responses to “MID-WEEK 180 – So many awesome cars dying this year !”

  1. Jake Warren Avatar
    Jake Warren

    Good evening everyone! I live in Bristol, our Clean Air Zone (CAZ) started on 28th November, non-compliant private cars are now charged 9 quid a day. It’s definitely changed travel patterns in the city, roads just outside the zone are busier. I have a compliant car so no issues for me but lots of controversy locally about it and it definitely affects poorer people who are unable to afford to change their cars disproportionately.

  2. Tristan Bird Avatar
    Tristan Bird

    Hello absolutely fantastic video thank you petrol ped keep up the brilliant work looking forward to to Friday video V6 Tristan

  3. Torsten Østergaard Avatar
    Torsten Østergaard

    wow you guys are fast – i was waiting for the video and already 11 comments… anyway, Preparing for a long weekend trip to Davos, hope to get some skiing done and the main event for the weekend is participation sunday morning Audi Ice Experience Davos. That is going to be interesting……

  4. Jamie Pickles Avatar
    Jamie Pickles

    Another enjoyable MID-WEEK 180. Land Rover have revealed the Facelifted Velar. Plenty of pictures online 😊

  5. Alan Cookson Avatar
    Alan Cookson

    Watching from the hotel room on the 296 GTS drives in Seville and can I be at the back of the pack, possibly the fastest place on tour 😂🏁

  6. Daren King Avatar
    Daren King

    Another great video. I live just inside the boundary of the new ULEZ extension in London. It won’t affect our cars, but will affect some of my neighbours.

  7. Automotivania Avatar

    Late! My reminders keep not going off! Sad to see the stinger go but the ev6 GT is just crazy

  8. henryhol8538 Avatar

    I live in Greater London, so will be caught up in the planned expansion. Though my Alfa GT is compliant (phew) I really feel for all those with earlier modern classics.😥

  9. Fishtigua Avatar

    Hi Pete, looking forward to the Stinger video, never really got my head around it when it first came out. Did you see a bit of a jump on the ULEZ vid, I posted it on TVR and MG Rover sites? Hope it brings a good few viewers onboard. Cheers mate, Fish.

  10. graham west Avatar
    graham west

    Evening all. I spent the day not fitting a roll cage to my Defender, the new and highly rated hole saw I was using was less than useless so couldn’t progress to next stage. Hopefully new hole saw will arrive tomorrow and I can have another go on Friday.

  11. Alasdair Wilson Avatar
    Alasdair Wilson

    Evening everyone.Cheers for the shout out,had a great time in Turkey.Friday sounds great,looking forward to that one.

  12. Colton Cleveringa Avatar
    Colton Cleveringa

    I’m super hyped for Friday’s video! The stinger is a car I truly would love and will pursue owing one. These cars are so cool.

    Hi everyone and Sir Pete hope everyone is doing well this week!

  13. GLuca Viggy Avatar
    GLuca Viggy

    Little bit of insider knowledge, the 720s is actually already dead and the same goes for the 765lt spider. Production finished just before the factory stopped for Christmas.

  14. Steve Burland Avatar
    Steve Burland

    I live in the current inner ulez zone my car is quite new and petrol so is ok, but the expansion just proves it’s a tax to fill the mayor’s pockets at a time of cost of living crisis.
    Not everyone can afford to buy a new car or change it , and don’t get me started about LTN’s another stupid idea.🤦😁

  15. Mr Mawson Avatar
    Mr Mawson

    I give you a thumbs up before the the beginning starts 😆 See you Friday mate

  16. ginggur17 Avatar

    Evo pal, thankyou for the shout buddy. Amazing how many cars are being phased out. 😨👍🇬🇧

  17. El Turf Avatar
    El Turf

    Fuel at £144.7 for me locally (petrol). I live 8 miles outside Birmingham, so as long as my new Skoda meets the emissions, it will never affect me. Also, I can’t believe they are killing the Fiesta considering that the sales are still so high.

  18. Dan Greasley Avatar
    Dan Greasley

    Looking forward to Friday and yes you need to review any car that goes EOL this year.

  19. Dickie Mcvitie Avatar
    Dickie Mcvitie

    Sad to see so many good cars are dying off this year, but as they say, all good things and all that…

    Watching this in a bit of a state of shock as I’ve been told I’ve been told I’ve been accepted for a job I applied for and will have to move to East Anglia in the non to distant future, YIKES!!!

  20. Steve Luck Avatar
    Steve Luck

    Great mid week 👍 Some big names in that list. Some epic cars in there. Lovin’ that hoodie 👍 I shall look on the Goodwood shop.

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