MID-WEEK 180 – Rally Legend and a Mate win in the desert !

What does your insurance coverage renewal look like this year?

Big congrats today to rally legend Carlos Sainz and my mate for both winning in the desert. One in the and the other in the .


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20 responses to “MID-WEEK 180 – Rally Legend and a Mate win in the desert !”

  1. @RodMatheson Avatar

    Good evening Peddlerz 🙏 I can’t believe next week is the start of February! Insurance renewal was ok, minimal increase over the last few years and classics are the same most years. I have heard some horror stories, especially from EV owners! Talking if EVs, I’ve been seeing more BYDs on the road, great value for money by the looks of them! Still hasn’t converted me yet though 😊 Have an awesome week guys!

  2. @malcolmbrew8815 Avatar

    Well done great achievement. Gone up a little, but not a great deal. Have a multi car policy.

  3. @lewishunter Avatar

    Evening all and congratulations Pete on the 200,000 subscribers 👍

  4. @stephenspink6072 Avatar

    Evening all !! Insurance came down £5. Multi car with my new f54 JCW. And wife’s mini convertible multi car with house insurance as well! Renewal end of February so waiting to see ?? First couple of weeks on February for the number lol😂. Mr S

  5. @Jake.Warren Avatar

    Good evening everyone!
    Insurance not too bad, went from £186 to £242 for my Mini Electric. I was expecting a lot worse! Changed from Sheila’s Wheels to Tesco through a comparison site.

  6. @EmilyCobbini Avatar

    Your content is like a good movie that you want to watch again and again.🐼 № ⁉️

  7. @SirRounded Avatar

    Insurance went from ~£600 to ~£800 last year. (Fair enough I didn’t contest it.) Will see how it goes this year and jump ship if it’s worse!

  8. @leannejackson2482 Avatar

    Hi, late to the party – was driving to work. Congratulations on 200k 😊

  9. @MartaDixoniko Avatar

    This video is like a ticket to another dimension. What feelings did it evoke for you? Share your impressions! 🌌🚀❣️❣️❣️ ^ 🍗

  10. @michaelkember8102 Avatar

    Evening all. Didn’t make the magnificent 7 as I’m watching at the train station on Dad taxi duties. Hope everyone is well.

  11. @johnbrown3951 Avatar

    I am waiting for the renewal on the i-Pace but as I changed my other car already this year my premium went down so that was a result. Looking forward to watching the highlights of WRC 2024 this weekend. I interrupted watching the shakedown to watch mid week 180 that’s dedication to your channel.

  12. @owenmcdonald5922 Avatar

    Can’t remember the exact figures, but my premium went from mid 400s to mid 600s 2022 to 2023.
    By the way, Finland was fantastic. Dry cold was not uncomfortable, and best of all, I saw the Northern Lights. You’ll have a great time in March.

  13. @michaelstaunton1632 Avatar

    Congrats on 200K 👌👌. Onwards & upwards the your channel 👍👍

  14. @BMW7series251 Avatar

    Many congrats Pete on the 200K subs! Very well done M8, cheers, John.

  15. @fishtigua Avatar

    Well done on the 200k, people will always follow quality when they find it. Did you see Mr Toyoda’s Chairman’s statement saying he only sees battery EVs taking 30% of global car sales and Toyota will still offer a blend of power sources for the foreseeable future. Also that the GR division out-sold the Prius range.

  16. @UniversityOfTurmoil Avatar

    re: Insurance – got my renewal email this morning, it’s gone from £520 to $570. Interestingly I have had unchristian thoughts about Tesla Model 3s as they seem to be coming down in price, did an insurance comparison site quote and it came back with £1400 as the lowest price, with £2000 prices from firms you’ve actually heard of.

  17. @reinmansmith Avatar

    Wasn’t the daily Dakar TV coverage fantastic, loved it 👍 …. Re insurance cost, my daily, a new shape RAV4 hybrid went up £50, £330 to £380. My 2003 Merc SL500 only went up £20, to £329 which includes European breakdown cover. So overall nothing out of the ordinary. My two classic motorbikes actually cost me less last year!

  18. @dangreasley7934 Avatar

    200K. Wow. I remember when you had a mere 70K subscribers. I’ve been with you since the summer of 2019 and have seen you go from strengh to strengh. Many congratulations and keep on doing what you’re doing.

  19. @Yorkshiremadmick Avatar

    Congratulations 🥂 on 200k here’s to 250k 🎉

  20. @keithweybury5212 Avatar

    Great update and well done on 200k

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