MID-WEEK 180 – Race Car for the Road…What’s the point ?!

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F1 is in Saudi Arabia this weekend and let's hope the Red Bulls aren't dominant again.

When a batch of and truck reviews arrive on YouTube who is you go it channel?


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20 responses to “MID-WEEK 180 – Race Car for the Road…What’s the point ?!”

  1. François G Avatar
    François G

    Evening all!! Hope everyone is doing well and are having a lovely week so far. In regards to Automotive Media embargo I watch Henry Catchpole, Chris Harris, Harry Metcalfe and Mat Watson. Essentially, who I choose to watch first, depends on the length of the video, so watch them in order from shortest to longest.

  2. Brian Griffiths Avatar
    Brian Griffiths

    I tend to watch road tests as Youtube makes them available. Next to this channel, Rory Reid is my favourite presenter.

  3. Jamie Pickles Avatar
    Jamie Pickles

    Another enjoyable MID-WEEK 180. Yesterday the New 2024 Kia EV9 was revealed and on Monday the New 2024 Mercedes-Benz GLC Coupe was revealed 😊

  4. Jamie Pickles Avatar
    Jamie Pickles

    At the moment I am watching the MID-WEEK 180 at home 😊

  5. pops bubbles Avatar
    pops bubbles

    Hi Pete
    The Val looks special, hope you get that on the channel.
    I watched ‘seen through glass’ and Harry’s garage for the Purasangway or however you spell that
    Excited for the Emira after watching two Americans(Throttle House) review it saying they think it steers better than any Porsche

  6. DoctorFish10 Avatar

    Harry’s Garage is my usual go to, even for the Mazda Ferrari crossover. As for the Val, it seems to be a just because you can doesn’t mean you should.

  7. Ben P Avatar
    Ben P

    Watching the mid week 180 at 250 km/h on a German ICE train from Stuttgart to Munich

  8. Graeme Collie Avatar
    Graeme Collie

    Greetings! Watching the Mid Week 180 passing some of the time sat charging at an Ionity station! 11% to 49% done already (8 mins)!

    For new car releases, Harry Metcalfe and Shmee for technical, Mat Watson for humour and Catchpole / Harris for artistic content, depends on what mood I’m in. As for the point of the Valkyrie as with most hyper cars, well because the manufacturers can and they have people that will buy them. And those that do will occasionally take them out of their garages to Salon Prive’ et al, no style with it on the back of a trailer!

    I always have to chuckle at those that berated McLaren and their multiple variants, comments largely from people who will never own one. All too often they have a regular customer group that says I’d like something like this and McLaren build it. Sabre and Solus GT are the latest examples. Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche, Pagani, Bugatti, they all do it! Remember when the 911R was to be the last ever manual 911, how long did that last?!

    Hope you enjoy the Emira it’s meant to be a fantastic drive, just a pity Lotus aren’t the best on customer service as there is some horror stories circulating about the ordering and delivery process, difficult when they’re trying to attract customers who are used to Porsche et al. Goodwill and brand enthusiasm will get quickly used up.

  9. Asher C Avatar
    Asher C

    #WhereAreYou&WhatYouDoing – Sitting at work with my feet up watching midweek180, life is good!!!!

  10. Ian Banister Avatar
    Ian Banister

    Just finished detailing a Brooklyn grey M3 Touring….

    Go to reviews for new stuff …. Chris H, you, Joe A & Rory R are my usual watches.

  11. Footey 7 Avatar
    Footey 7

    I’m just chilling at home in my comfy chair watching the 180 ! Looking forward to the Porsche vid 👍🏻

  12. Alan Skinner Avatar
    Alan Skinner

    Hi Pete, good to see you enjoying yourself at the Goodwood Media day, today.
    Just arrived home to catch this week’s 180, after a day working in the Pit Lane at Goodwood looking after the Media drives.

  13. Simon Gibbs Avatar
    Simon Gibbs

    For the 4.0L vs 2.5L comparison I would be interested to hear how each car makes you feel. For me sports cars are about feel and involvement rather than numbers.

  14. John Mull Avatar
    John Mull

    Snow story….I was waiting to get on to a roundabout in West Lothian at the time it was snowing but not settling. Along the road comes a Dino 246GT! First one I have seen on the road for ages.
    Reminded me of when I was 12 or 13 petrol head – I used to spend hours at a garage at the top of my road in South London where they frequently had Ferraris, Astons etc in the workshop.

  15. Alasdair Wilson Avatar
    Alasdair Wilson

    Evening all.On the new car drop vids I would normally go for Harry’s Garage first,followed by Jonny Smith and Chris Harris.I do like the look of the Purosangue,just a pity about the price.Porsche comparison sounds interesting,look forward to that.

  16. Mike Hughes Avatar
    Mike Hughes

    For me the most interesting comparison will be in the balance. As a local it will be interesting how each loads up as you come down Harting Hill and take the right hander after the White Horse headed for your place, I’ve always used that corner to feel the point of weight transfer. I was lucky enough a few years ago to compare a friends early 911 to a 912. It was all about balance. The 911 was a great car for getting out of a corner, but you had to go in slow, the 912 carried speed through a corner and was so much better balanced and a joy to drive.

  17. Jack Gartland Avatar
    Jack Gartland

    Hi Ped and peddlers,,, just kicking off my 12 hour night shift with a spare 10 mins to catch up on the mid week 180!!!

  18. Guy Lambrechts Avatar
    Guy Lambrechts

    I’m at home as I was too tired to go to the compound bow training. (boring as an argument, I know) But over 60 reactions yet…Look forward to see the head to head 718. Please compare running cost and scale of ‘happyness’. My brother in law has the same 718 as you and is super happy with it. On track days he’s behind his 911 turbo/RS.. friends but on tours like NC500 he’s having as much fun as anyone else if not more. As I live in Belgium the road tax for the 6pot is huge compared to the 4. Anyhow the GTS has the looks that would make me buy a 718 if I had the budget. Cheers!

  19. Andy Hopton Avatar
    Andy Hopton

    Just got in from dropping my parents wedding anniversary (54th) presents off. Sat catching up on youtube whilst surveying the race cards for day 3 of Cheltenham.
    The embargoed content depends on what car it is, Track reviews then straight to Mr Harris, media road drives then Harry, Mat Watson, Catchpole, Sam STG and EVO depends who it is

    Hope you got out in that 6R4 at Goodwood

  20. Owen McDonald Avatar
    Owen McDonald

    The new ferrari is stunning. I put all the reviews into watch later and watch 1 per day . I usually watch the vloggers before the full on journalists/motoring press.

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