Is the Porsche 911 (992) Sport Classic the Perfect 911 ? | 4K

Is the the perfect 911? It definitely has drop dead stunning looks and is dripping with heritage. only made 1250 911 Sport Classics and at the time they were the most costly 911 you might buy and now they are selling for significantly more than that.

They are powered by the 3.7 L twin turbo flat 6 from the 992 Turbo adn have a 7 speed handbook with rear wheel drive. Generally a space rocket!


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Video Contents
00:00 – Collecting from Porsche GB
01:41 – I have actually driven a lot of 911s!
02:53 – The most expensive 911 you can buy!
04:27 – 'carbon fibre!'.
05:07 – Essentially a GT2 Touring!
07:14 – Finest interior EVER!
10:42 – Drive Modes.
11:53 – Gearshift care!
14:35 – Relaxed but quick!
18:15 – Why it's the best.

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22 responses to “Is the Porsche 911 (992) Sport Classic the Perfect 911 ? | 4K”

  1. John S14a Avatar
    John S14a

    Nice review Ped. Great looking car, love that colour (though I’d ditch the roundel) and the interior is just gorgeous.

  2. James Auton Avatar
    James Auton

    Gorgeous car, colour and the interior. What an investment too!

  3. john bennett Avatar
    john bennett

    What a truly stonking car!! That colour & wheel combo is just 👌👌. The duck tail is just perfect 👌. I’m not sure it’s quite worth £300 k +. So 2 people have basically bought them to “flip”. How annoying! I hope Porsche UK are making notes of names & addresses! These are to be owned and loved. The rest of us can only dream…😩

    1. Francisco Cabrera Brito Avatar
      Francisco Cabrera Brito

      I don’t think they really are to take note. Their note is they have bought it and the dealers got their margin. Their note will be the next one for retail at +300k and the “good clients” that bought the 992 are getting another +100k margin on the next one.

  4. Steve Frampton Avatar
    Steve Frampton

    Love how you had the Drive Torque podcast on the entertainment system, subtle touch, love it.

  5. Owen McDonald Avatar
    Owen McDonald

    Great review. Beautiful car. But as always, with the 911, a new variant is available. Is the S/T better?

  6. Alasdair Wilson Avatar
    Alasdair Wilson

    Nice car and a great review.I think I would prefer it as a slightly differently geared six speed.

  7. Steven Avatar

    Pete you’ve nailed it this time mate…what a machine. Completely agree with you on your comments. Also loving the interior great colour combination

  8. s line boy Avatar
    s line boy

    Another great video ped. I like the explanation of the gear box. And the driving pleasure. ❤❤

  9. Champagne Shutter Photography Avatar
    Champagne Shutter Photography

    The most gorgeous interior I’ve ever seen! And I even like the exterior grey, and I’m never a grey guy!

  10. Steve Mitchell Avatar
    Steve Mitchell

    Another great review Pete. I totally agree with you on the exterior of the car looks fantastic but I’m afraid those seats and that tan colour interior would drive me mad. Either black or red in such a classic for me

  11. Cinq '66 Avatar
    Cinq ’66

    Thank you for this video. What a stunning car 😍. Thanks also for the info on the 7-speed manual gearbox! I’m still happy with my 6-speed but would love that wing on my 991.2 Touring!

  12. Ahmed Vorajee Avatar
    Ahmed Vorajee

    I wish I could have gone for it!. Opted for the 911 Carrera base model with great specs 😊

    1. Peter Richardson Avatar
      Peter Richardson

      Best choice as to enjoyment and value

  13. David Browning Avatar
    David Browning

    I agree, it’s a stunning car. The interior reminds me of quite a few Singer 911s I’ve seen. I found your comments on the 7 speed gearbox very interesting as I wondered where it would be ‘sprung’ to. I think I would find it frustrating & probably just wish it was 6 speed, but I guess you’d get used to it. You’re a lucky chap!

  14. Damo drives Avatar
    Damo drives

    1 of the best reviews you have done and what a car, great placement of the podcast and how on earth did you you not mention Joes money shift in the M2 😂

  15. Tom Ashley Avatar
    Tom Ashley

    From what I hear and see, Pete, “delicious” as you put it is definitely the right word!
    Such a pity re the gear box though as I’m sure someone’s going to get themselves in a mess (no, not you Joe😉, you know better!😄- cheers mate).
    I get the manual bit, but a six-speed would have been safer don’t you think?
    Brilliant car and review!
    Have a nice one!
    Cheers, Tom

  16. pops bubbles Avatar
    pops bubbles

    Stunning looking car, the wheels and duck tail, interior all splendid.
    I’ll take 2 please.

  17. Jim Cabezola Avatar
    Jim Cabezola

    What a car! Porsche are really doing a fond farewell to their older lines. It’s the long kiss goodbye at the end of a romantic film. Seeing all the little heritage details hearkening back to Porches of yore come together so well is like listening to a symphony. Watching you drive the perfect 911 is a privilege. Drives like this one…how long are we gonna be able to have them? Mahalo for creating a document we can enjoy long after climate change makes us give up all things automotive. Aloha.

  18. Philip Parkes Avatar
    Philip Parkes

    Hi Ped
    Enjoyed every minute of this review, however I will say the Sport Classic is a prime example of Porsche engineering, but also the expertise of Porsche Marketing, no wonder they are one of the most profitable manufacturers on the planet. Do I like it, yes, would I choose that spec no. And if of course the price and availability renders it out of bounds. I think I could configure a 911 very close at a more affordable price, and it would have a PDK box. Having tried manual vs PDK before I bought my 991 I never regretted the choice of PDK. Horses for courses and personal preference. I am sure if I went back to another 911 I could get my ideal touring car first considerably less than these limited edition cars. OK my future residual value might not be guaranteed, but the pleasure would not be diminished.😉

  19. Torsten Østergaard Avatar
    Torsten Østergaard

    Fantastic review, what a beautiful car. Interesting observation and information on the gearbox. I don’t think i have ever driven a 7 speed manual……

  20. Andy Johnson Avatar
    Andy Johnson

    The haunches on that Ped look amazing, are they really as wide in the flesh ? it’s beautiful 🙂

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