Ferrari GTC4 Lusso – The perfect Ferrari for my life with Ferrari Approved – Part 1 | 4K

The is the best for my lifestyle. 4 seats and space for the pups, and perhaps even my bike with the wheel off! Let's not forget that epic V12 soundtrack and all wheel drive. I recently went to Italy to read more about the Ferrari Authorized used program and while I existed got to drive the stunning Ferrari in the hills near the Varano Circuit. Regretfully it was a VERY rainy day however maybe they were the ideal conditions to put the automobile to the test.


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21 responses to “Ferrari GTC4 Lusso – The perfect Ferrari for my life with Ferrari Approved – Part 1 | 4K”

  1. Petro Bolah Avatar
    Petro Bolah


  2. Steve Mitchell Avatar
    Steve Mitchell

    A beautiful looking and sounding car.

  3. Tristan Bird Avatar
    Tristan Bird

    Good Evening petrol ped beautiful V12 goodness. Oh my word beautiful car. This is so reminds me of the 812 GTS love that GTC4 Lucco Thanks you petrol ped

  4. Brumsgrub Avatar

    I love those cars, when Shmee had his i hadn’t seen much of them. I would 100% have one if i had the money

  5. wordreet Avatar

    Well it is an estate car after all, so I shouldn’t refuse it. But you didn’t take your bike to try it in the back!

  6. Garry Matthews Avatar
    Garry Matthews

    Great on PP just wish I could have been riding shotgun on that. What a car!! Shame the weather was so band and you could not really open it up

  7. Simon Ingate Avatar
    Simon Ingate

    Just one thing – didn’t get to see the outside of the car. Otherwise, great video.

    1. Petrol Ped Avatar
      Petrol Ped

      Yeah sorry. It was absolutely tipping it down with rain 😢

  8. Peter Kirton Avatar
    Peter Kirton

    I would love to own one Peter but far too expensive for this old man

  9. Dan Greasley Avatar
    Dan Greasley

    Beautiful looking car and a very innovative way to purchase a second user ferrari. Still way out of my league but a good way forward. Shame about the weather but hey, beggars can’t be choosers.

  10. John Brown Avatar
    John Brown

    Would you swap your Defender for this one?

  11. Marc Sob Avatar
    Marc Sob

    Love the Lusso!!

  12. caneytt Avatar

    How can the oil not be covered in the 7 years servicing?

  13. Véronique Pâquet Avatar
    Véronique Pâquet

    I could so much live with this interior! Nice car and again a great video.

  14. Dickie Mcvitie Avatar
    Dickie Mcvitie

    That warranty and service package is superb!! Best I get 6 winning numgers…

  15. David Cannon Avatar
    David Cannon

    When i can afford to heat my house maybe the watch and car will follow

  16. Philip Michael Hughes Avatar
    Philip Michael Hughes

    Ped, you lucky lad! Green with envy 👍 What a great idea too from the Ferrari. Thanks for bringing this into view.

  17. Trev Avatar

    Come the lottery win that would be my daily. Always loved the GTC4. A few looks turning up at Aldi to do my weekly shop!

  18. Daniel Heathcote Avatar
    Daniel Heathcote

    If I had the money, this would definitely be in the garage – it’s one of the few models I’d have. Looks stunning, great interior, practical. I’d even consider daily driving.

  19. Kevin Phillips Avatar
    Kevin Phillips

    Such an impressive vechile. Great video Pete. Thanks

  20. Jim Cabezola Avatar
    Jim Cabezola

    I’ve always liked the looks of the front-engined Ferraris more than those of the mid-engined ones. So happy to see you enjoy this car…in the rain. It’s inspiring to see these cars driven in the real world of rain and slippery roads. A much lovelier setting than seeing them parked up on the streets of Monte Carlo, Nice or even London. Superb video! Aloha.

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