End of Year Beer and Banter with Mrs Petrol Ped

I just get Tracey to do this as soon as a year. It's time for a Live Q&A to complete the year of and I have actually convinced Tracey to join me. So charge your glasses and prepare for some fun!


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20 responses to “End of Year Beer and Banter with Mrs Petrol Ped”

  1. @garethlewis1006 Avatar

    Great Xmas present, we need to see that when it’s built! and a review of course 😅

  2. @Driven247 Avatar

    Would be great to do a collab in the new year? As you know your Abarth’s like I do! Enjoyed the live stream although watching it back not live!

  3. @terryrandall7948 Avatar

    Forget the McCarron, get that special made Mini from your friend. You are not a snob. Merry to you both

  4. @solentbum Avatar

    Sorry I missed the live bit, So Happy New Year. Q. How is the conversion to EV going?

  5. @user-jg6vi4cd7v Avatar

    Hi missed it at the vets with the cat all day just back home!
    Thanks for all the videos love the channel some day i will catch it live! H xmas and look forward to more content in 2024 H N Year!

  6. @dangreasley7934 Avatar

    Wow, chuffed that my question was first out. And what a great answer from Tracey. You’re both a fantastic inspiration of what can be achieved if you follow a dream. I have no doubt that Tracey gives you full support. Team work really is dream work. Well done to both of you and good luck for 2024. Looking forward to more great content.

  7. @Russell_G Avatar

    Stuck at home with Covid, slept through the live bit, my apologies, but thanks for everything and thanks to Tracey for being such a good sport!

  8. @DSCC007 Avatar

    Great to see Tracy back again. Wishing you all a very enjoyable Christmas and a guid New Year. Keep up the brilliant content. Aw the best. from Edinburgh.

  9. @bizzie1956 Avatar

    Thanks for a great live chat, Mrs Ped was so nice to see her. I hope2024 brings you both everything you could wish for and thanks for all your hard work, it’s great to have someone who will say if they don’t like the car and not a yes man 👍🏻🎄🎅🏻

  10. @edmoses2049 Avatar

    Thank you to the two of you for taking the time to take our questions and make that video. Enjoy your holiday and have a happy 2024.

  11. @petergoring4626 Avatar

    Merry Christmas Both! really enjoy the channel, keep up the great content in 2024!

  12. @tomashley5869 Avatar

    Can’t wait to watch that this weekend ! Thanks! Cheers, Tom

  13. @tonymoreton7166 Avatar

    Mrs P, not an EV gal.
    Good gal.

  14. @veroniquepaquet5092 Avatar

    You both look great! Enjoy the end of the year and your holidays in the sun!

  15. @keithmyerscough9900 Avatar

    Sorry late to the live vid Pete ,
    Just to wish you both all the very best for 2024.
    Great vids ❤❤❤

  16. @keithevans5667 Avatar

    Damn missed your show oh poo! Well done team Ped X and the Pups ❤

  17. @michaelschneider- Avatar

    Mr. & Mrs PetroPed, A Merry Christmas & Happy Healthy Prosperous New Year 2024.
    The PetroPed embrodered shirt made the Uk trek to Vail, Colorado in time for the Christmas Tree. .. The girls chimmed in “What is Petro Ped?” “Oh it feeds Dad’s Porsche Stupid Condition”
    Too funny. . The shirt is of nice high quaility, Perfect! .. ’98 Carrera C2S original owner.
    Cheers, Mike & Ingrid Schneider

  18. @paulbetesta Avatar

    Enjoyed this and nice to see Tracey on the channel great work to both of you🎉 ❤

  19. @RobertArrowsmith Avatar

    Missed the start but do love the channel. Most good YouTube channel owners have fun or quirky personalities and I’ve always had a good laugh with your offerings. Great points of view and fair reviews. All the best for 2024 🎉

  20. @paulscott1759 Avatar

    Happy New Year to you both have a great 2024

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