Can an AMG beat a Skoda OFF-ROAD?!

Thanks to Darkside Advancement for providing us their Yeti: @DarksideDevelopments
Thanks to Q Drive Efficiency for lending us their AMG:

Which will be better off-road – a ₤ 174,000 -AMG G63, or a ₤ 2,000 ? Well, we will find out!

So let's see how the 2 compare. Starting with the AMG, it's powered by a 4-litre twin-turbo V8 which can provide 585hp and 850Nm of torque. It's also built on a ladder frame chassis with 3 lockable diffs, and it's pretty heavy, tipping the scales at around 2,500 kg.

In comparison, the can be found in a lot lighter, at around 1,500 kg! But it's likewise method down on power, with its tuned 2-litre TDI Diesel engine producing 181hp and 407Nm. Nevertheless, it's also been raised and had some underfloor assistance added to it, so it's definitely prepared to go off-road!

So how will this one play out – will it be a simple win for the G63? Or could the Yeti nab it? You'll require to stick with Mat to see for yourself!

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AMG G63 v Jeep Wrangler Rubicon v Suzuki Jimny:


61 responses to “Can an AMG beat a Skoda OFF-ROAD?!”

  1. carwow Avatar


    1. EvoLution RC Avatar
      EvoLution RC

      He really doesn’t care about other people’s cars

    2. C W Avatar
      C W


    3. James Segers Avatar
      James Segers

      Do all the touareg generations ! Mk 1 touareg came with low range and two diff locks (occasionally only one), I think the next gens are only Haldex systems

      Edit: also I think Darkside made some crazy touareg mods!

    4. David Taylor Avatar
      David Taylor

      No I don’t want to sell my car on Carwow. I’m very happy with my 4×4 2 litre diesel Skoda Yeti! Handles well, good off road, good MPG. Only drawback is the tiny boot.

    5. Nassim Goujgali Avatar
      Nassim Goujgali


  2. Saggy 22 Avatar
    Saggy 22

    Darkside makes one of the best off road builds in UK🇬🇧

    1. Dennis Smith Avatar
      Dennis Smith

      Best off-road builds…… locking diffs, hill decent not working or didn’t have it and low ground clearance😳………yeah it’s a magnificent off-road machine! 🙄

    2. qu peter Avatar
      qu peter

      good luck beating stock land rover with a set of off-road tire. 😂😂

    3. Garry Buntain Avatar
      Garry Buntain

      The v10 would of been interesting 🤔

    4. Darkside Developments Avatar
      Darkside Developments

      @Samurai 4×4 only the Yeti doesn’t have low range or locking diffs.
      The 7L V6 has locking centre. 7L V10 has locking centre and rear. 7P V6 has rear and centre. All 3 have low range. V10 getting a locking front soon too.
      Come to Parkwood in June and show us all up.
      The Touaregs are 100x better daily drivers

    5. Mike Cochrane Avatar
      Mike Cochrane

      No they make quirky off-road build. Nowhere near the best.

  3. Reece Drury Avatar
    Reece Drury

    Shout out for Darkside. Comical how effective the car if you watch the darkside vids.

    1. Purwanti Allan Avatar
      Purwanti Allan

      The Skoda Darkside has 297bhp.

    2. Reece Drury Avatar
      Reece Drury

      @Purwanti Allan not this yeti. They have various cars with bigger numbers though

  4. Doggedly Determined Avatar
    Doggedly Determined

    Cayenne, Range Rover sport, GLE, Q7, X5 off road battle would be cool to see

    1. متستر Avatar

      ​@Purwanti Allan lmao they arent that easy to find and they wouldnt be good off road

    2. Okemefula Chidera Avatar
      Okemefula Chidera

      Me too

    3. M H Avatar
      M H

      @متستر there’s a channel do these test regularly

    4. Spasm975 Avatar

      In the circumstances as in this video, Skoda Yeti would beat all of them

    5. Defensivebeast Avatar

      That test has already been done by another channel

  5. Necron00b Avatar

    This reminds me of when the Daihatsu terios was released, small offroaders, big fun. haha

    1. Purwanti Allan Avatar
      Purwanti Allan

      Also kinda reminded me a lot to ISUZU PIAZZA.

  6. Adam Avatar

    The little Skoda is very impressive for a low-priced vehicle with a few mods. Great video, as always.

    1. Oli K Avatar
      Oli K

      I don’t know how they got it so cheap though- the cheapest in Germany right now is 5k and the usable ones start at 15k…

    2. 1CORINTHIANS 15:1-4 KJV Avatar
      1CORINTHIANS 15:1-4 KJV

      An entire new undercarriage is not a few mods though.

    3. d3at45tr0k3 Avatar

      2009/2010 Yeti’s here in Croatia are selling for north of €7k and facelift around 10-15k

    4. saqz Avatar

      you mean the 30k in mods on a 20 year old skoda with offroad tyres?😂 “impressive”

    5. Paul Young Avatar
      Paul Young

      1k come on gullys ,it just sounds better.

  7. Jeroen Noël Avatar
    Jeroen Noël

    I imagine the G would also be a good helipad

    1. Mohammed Choudhury Avatar
      Mohammed Choudhury

      Those who know know 😉

    2. Purwanti Allan Avatar
      Purwanti Allan

      @Mohammed Choudhury hopefully he got his wish granted.

    3. Mohammed Choudhury Avatar
      Mohammed Choudhury

      For those not in the know Jeremy Clarkson landed a helicopter on a Skoda Yeti in Top Gear

  8. Enoch Avatar

    Editors vs Graham is my favorite thing in the video 😂

    1. Purwanti Allan Avatar
      Purwanti Allan

      Graham? Why not Sebastian Loeb?

    2. yeahitskimmel Avatar

      ​@Purwanti Allan did we all miss Loeb being a regular character on carwow?

    3. ValiantDiesel Avatar

      ​@yeahitskimmel This guy has well over 1000 comments on this channel, seriously every video, they’re always of the more confusing sort.

  9. James Martindale Avatar
    James Martindale

    The Skoda would be most fun I reckon, you wouldn’t be as afraid to drive it hard

  10. Sebbe_AS Avatar

    This just shows how important tires are

    1. Artur Eestlane Avatar
      Artur Eestlane

      @Spasm975 you are correct, but tires actually have massive difference in off roading. Car guys say that a new set of good tires is the best upgrade for any vehicle.

    2. drkc5 Avatar

      Exactly.. I reckon a Sandero would be epic on some mud tires.

    3. JT1989 Avatar

      Yeh, both on off-road tyres and the G wins everything. But that would be boring, and I’d still rather throw the skoda around

    4. JT1989 Avatar

      ​@Spasm975 yeh but, if that G had the same tyres as the skoda and driven the same way it would have won every challenge…. hence why the right tyre is so important t

    5. Spasm975 Avatar

      @Artur Eestlane Sure, it has a big impact, but if you look at 14:15 challenge, you’ll see that G wagon with road tires hasn’t slipped at all and could “walk it” easily while Skoda had to send it to make it through – even though Skoda had offroad tires which should be superior in this challenge

  11. It is I who Nuts to That Avatar
    It is I who Nuts to That

    4:05 whoever made this edit deserves a raise.

  12. Cuntan Achim-Ioan Avatar
    Cuntan Achim-Ioan

    It’ll be interesting to see a comparison between two G-Wagon’s one with Street Tires and one with Off-Road Tires, educational purpose 🙂

    1. Arnold Atuhaire Avatar
      Arnold Atuhaire

      @MrAbletospeak he said that

    2. MrAbletospeak Avatar

      @Arnold Atuhaire ? he did not.

    3. kill all tires Avatar
      kill all tires

      Mrunabletoread more like. What do you think street tires are?

    4. Rob Bush Avatar
      Rob Bush

      Yes. Tires are key. G is still an expensive way to go but nearly unstoppable with a proper setup. Older non-AMG models will accept down to a 16″ wheel and you can fit some proper tires.

    5. MrAbletospeak Avatar

      @kill all tires no idea. we have road tyres and off road tyres.

  13. Ryan Adams Avatar
    Ryan Adams

    definitely should do more cheaper vs expensive stuff! big trend atm on youtube and so good to watch. should do some track and drag race stuff as well as off-road!

  14. KaeyD! Avatar

    Even with street tires that G is a beast off-road . That is so crazy
    Big ups to the Skoda though 😂… great value for money

    1. saqz Avatar

      its not really great value for money. this skoda is at least 25k with all the mods😂

    2. KaeyD! Avatar

      @saqz true that … but it’s relative to the G you see

  15. Joshua Minke Avatar
    Joshua Minke

    You definitely would have more fun in the skoda. If you break it, just buy another one haha 😄

  16. Mike g Avatar
    Mike g

    Poor Gram making fun of him. 14:33 is the best, couldn’t stop laughing 😂😂
    Glad he seems like he can take the jokes

  17. Dustyn Beliveau Avatar
    Dustyn Beliveau

    Greyham is the true g in these competitions, running up and down in the mud and cold, helping the other drivers, Truly an offroading expert.

    1. Smokin_D3ad Avatar

      he is! and the editor is making him look dirty😂😂💀

  18. Okith De Silva Avatar
    Okith De Silva

    Darren and Graham are the best off road experts for Carwow off-road challenges!

  19. steve cross Avatar
    steve cross

    Lightweight and off-road tires, certainly make a big difference to performance off-road. Yeti is a good little car anyway. Those mods certainly upped its game. 😊

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