BMW M3 Touring – The ultimate one car garage has a big problem !

The is the ultimate one automobile garage however it does have a big issue. I recently spent the week with one to see how it would suit our life. There is no doubt the M3 Touring is quick, it's an absolute rocket, but simply what is it like to cope with?


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Video Contents
00:00 – Intro 0-62!
01:54 – M3 Touring in numbers
04:24 – My big problem with the M3 Touring!
06:11 – Seating position
08:11 – Ultimate pet dog carrier
10:26 – Goodwood Marshalls Track Day
12:26 – Relaxed driving
13:30 – Tracey gives her opinion!
18:44 – Drive Modes and Ceramic Brakes!
21:28 – What a road – What a !

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28 responses to “BMW M3 Touring – The ultimate one car garage has a big problem !”

  1. @Dino-qq2jp Avatar

    Hi Ped – perfect timing just as I unwind after a busy day. Sit back and petrol ped time! Thanks for the content – this channel is going places!! Love the podcast too mate.

    1. @PetrolPed Avatar

      That’s great to hear 👍

  2. @johns14a Avatar

    You’re probably the last to the M3 Touring party but this was easily the best and most relevant review to me. I like this car a lot but even if I had the money to buy one, I wouldn’t. I’d get the Alpina version instead. Specced correctly, it’s a lot less brash and, so they say, the ride is a better as a one car fits all proposition. Plus those Alpina wheels ❤ ❤ ❤.

    1. @PetrolPed Avatar

      Thanks John 👍

  3. @richierich9761 Avatar

    My wife said the same about the seats as well , I plumbed for the standard ones in my m4

    1. @PetrolPed Avatar

      Our lovely ladies know 😜👍

  4. @johnwallace520 Avatar

    I looked at one of these to replace my F90 M5 but the prices are just stupid. The depreciation is also pretty steep and the discount available is nowhere near enough to compensate, so for now I am keeping the M5.

    1. @PetrolPed Avatar

      Maybe wait 6 months and then look at used 👍

  5. @sawektomkiewicz3012 Avatar

    Great car. The only two “cons” are: 1) You can not order a towing hitch (I use it for transporting bikes) and 2) You cannot order a glass roof (only carbon) which makes the interior a bit dark. That is why I finally bought M340i.

    1. @PetrolPed Avatar

      Two things I would ideally want 👍

    2. @jonevans790 Avatar

      You can’t order a carbon roof either.

    3. @Becausefamilycar Avatar

      Same for me, I also have an m340i but tuned it. I will get an m3 touring at some point, can fit a hitch, the pano I can live without my f90 didn’t have one and it’s great for passengers

  6. @veroniquepaquet5092 Avatar

    Imagine they would make an M2 competition estate for let’s say 65K…

  7. @markpond8136 Avatar

    Brilliant content as ever …. I think if and of course as and when i am in the market to purchase such a vehicle i will go on your sound advice …. I work as an Estate Manager in North Yorkshire and have an all terrain vehicle as works vehicle . I have always wanted a Land Rover as my daily …. But I am not comfortable with that connection … my go to is Fox red lab 3 yrs just working of course and time out running and off road biking .. biking just getting into as Bored and in need of etc …. I am thinking solution to problem solved … but at the end of the day i have worked too hard and my mind is split … fantastic review as always . I just love the romance of hopefully before my life ends of driving down to South West France in my Ferrari Dino and ….. loving your work ❤

    1. @PetrolPed Avatar


  8. @andrewcubbage1007 Avatar

    I can understand why people buy an M3 for track use, but honestly for a normal road car with “ordinary” seats that you can get in to without that huge bolster, an M340i is more than powerful enough. I am sure most people can make good use of the £20k plus saving!

    1. @26NEWERA Avatar

      Or get the X3M comp with £18-£21k dealer contribution included. Pretty much the same car, tad bit heavier but for non driving purists like me its no big deal.

  9. @watchcommander2012 Avatar

    Brilliant Video Ped on the M3 Touring I love these type of estate cars my problem no matter how great the car is would be the price tag

  10. @DjNikGnashers Avatar

    Apart from the front end, and this is probably one of the best colours to try and disguise it, this is a mega car.

  11. @ghowells5433 Avatar

    Great real world review. I currently have a 2022 Macan GTS which is a great all rounder but very tempted with the m3 touring. I do worry about depreciation as there seems to be a lot around and dealers are discounting to offload stock, give it a year or two and will be a £50 to £60 k car

  12. @davisonnyatinyirenda4626 Avatar

    It’s practically impossible to find a car that is perfect. More power and very quick, sounds good, very stable, looks good, nice interior and spacious. What else. I like it and I would go for it. Nice video.

  13. @the_jnlt_channel Avatar

    Great video and great review of this beast. Pretty new to your channel and really loving the content, the reviews are some of the best on YouTube 💪

  14. @andrewkernick9326 Avatar

    My ideal car. Next step up from my current M340i Touring X-drive. Like you said, the price is the only downside…

  15. @s10Lucky Avatar

    A brilliant review Pete. I am in your camp. It’s without doubt the ultimate wagon, but its just that price. I see it in the £70k’s if I’m honest. Definitely not £100k plus. An epic all rounder though.

  16. @nigel.w Avatar

    I thought the Skoda Octavia VRS sounded quite good for a four cylinder turbo. IMO, this sounds really good for a modern turbo. Nobody makes a better inline six than BMW. I think I’d spec a 340i Touring.

  17. @reinmansmith Avatar

    You took the words out of my mouth… wait a couple of years and then pick one up at a more sensible price after someone else has taken the big depreciation hit! 👍

  18. @global_nomad. Avatar

    would be interested on knowing your thoughts about what you might gain or loose money/benefit by dropping down the 3 sereis touring range….a lot of what you like is surely available in lesser models..

  19. @trev8591 Avatar

    So pleased to see a Touring back in the BMW M range. It’s been missing for too long (even though I can’t afford one!).

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