20 Awesome Cars You Won’t Believe are ULEZ Compliant !

With the London Ultra Low Emissions Zone () set to expand to cover all London Boroughs in August 2023 here is a list of 20 amazing, fun and in some cases incredible automobiles that comply to the emissions basic and will have the ability to be driven in the ULEZ zone without incurring a ₤ 12.50 daily fine.

Substantial thanks to my mate Paul Lewis (Instagram @bispal) for making the effort to research and assemble the list. Which would you have?


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24 responses to “20 Awesome Cars You Won’t Believe are ULEZ Compliant !”

  1. Petrol Ped Avatar
    Petrol Ped

    Which car would you have from my Top 20 ULEZ compliant cars ?

    1. Brian Griffiths Avatar
      Brian Griffiths

      The Mini or the Renault because I prefer small cars. The next step is zero emission zones that will probably be introduced more quickly around the UK than presently anticipated and is the reason why I drive an EV.

    2. Nuno Ferreira Avatar
      Nuno Ferreira

      If i had the money ( in the Uk 😅) i would pick a Continental GT…😍

    3. Colton Cleveringa Avatar
      Colton Cleveringa

      E46 m3 or the TVR

    4. wordreet Avatar

      Lotus Elise S1 !!!!!!!!!
      Holy crepe, who would have thought that little beast would be ULEZ compliant!!??

  2. Ian Taylor Avatar
    Ian Taylor

    Absolutely bonkers what you can drive around in. Not something I have to consider as Ive probably only ever driven into London 5 times in 40 years. Oh and if I do my electric car should be compliant. That is if I can find a charger to use near London.( That’s another topic @petrol ped has touched on)

  3. Graham Knibbs Avatar
    Graham Knibbs

    I’m truly surprised by some of the models that are compliant! BUT The Bentley Continental GT most certainly is the biggest surprise of all.

  4. edwowen Avatar

    Great list!

    It really shows what a load of nonsense this ULEZ system is!

  5. Mark Schraider Avatar
    Mark Schraider

    Some of those might be more expensive to run than just paying the daily charge (Conti, P38, F360) 😂 Just shows how ridiculous the whole ULEZ thing is !

  6. John Brown Avatar
    John Brown

    I was a bit surprised the other day when big signs appeared on the M8 through Glasgow about a new ULEZ Zone in the city. It doesn’t really affect me that much as I live 5 mins from the railway station & I would normally take the train into the city but it is a rare occasion that I do. What does affect me is if I travel to see my son in Edinburgh but then I will have to take the i-Pace or so I will tell Mrs B as she will be none the wiser. With regards the MG on your list my little sister was driven to her wedding by her bridesmaid in an MGF with the top down even in Scotland. I was a little jealous as I was a fan having owned an MG ZR and a ZS 180 V6 so not that jealous really. That was a very interesting list.

  7. MDA500 Avatar

    The shocker is that from August the ULEZ zone will even apply at Heathrow Airport! So, as well as the £5 drop off charge there will be this additional £12.50. And no, I can’t afford a Bentley Continental…..

  8. henryhol8538 Avatar

    I did a search when the original ULEZ zone was introduced and was relieved to find out my Alfa GT was compliant. I do feel for those with earlier Modern Classics and still hope it doesnt go ahead for Greater London.

  9. Elton Kingsley Avatar
    Elton Kingsley

    The Range Rover 4.0 Thor engine is a TFL website mistake before you rush out and buy one. The Thor 4.0 and Later 4.6 GEMS are both definitely Euro 2.

  10. Steve Burland Avatar
    Steve Burland

    As someone who currently living in the current ulez zone it isn’t to bad but I would be more fearful of what Oxford’s 15 minute city could mean for drivers in other cities.🤔

  11. stippolyte Avatar

    For those so afflicted does this list also apply to Bristol, Birmingham and any other City zones, I’m assuming they’re also emissions based not just congestion charge?

  12. Lost GPS Avatar
    Lost GPS

    Just picked up an R53, when i checked if it was compliant i was shocked and happy

  13. Bispal Avatar

    Fantastic, thanks for sharing with a bigger audience with all your usual enthusiasm 🙂 When I started doing this it was to replace my NA MX5 I have owned for 8 years as it is my daily driver. I didn’t want to give Sadiq £87.50 a week for me to use my pride and joy. What I wanted was a modern classic that pre-dated the September 2005 Euro 4 cut off (on 1st Jan 2006 depending which regulation you read) , and, please correct me if I am wrong, but all the 20 cars do pre-date 2006. I almost bought a 1977 Rolls Royce Silver Shadow and briefly considered an MGB GT V8, but the daily driver aspect meant i wanted something newer. I have settled on another 986 but I have plans for perhaps another car too, maybe a V8 (or a Sagaris – the only complaint TVR ). Thanks again, was great to watch my list come to life 🙂

  14. Colton Cleveringa Avatar
    Colton Cleveringa

    I’m so glad this is something I don’t have to deal with here in the states. I’m sorry you all have to! Really having to move on from a car that’s your baby because of the government is such a tremendously stupid and messed up thing.
    Very cool of you sir Pete to provide a silver lining to this nonsense you all have to deal with. Definitely a lot of sweet cars. Thanks Paul!!

  15. EuropaSman Avatar

    Out of those on the list, I’d drive the Elise. Interestingly, the Exige S1 and Elise S2 with the K series engine should be ULEZ compliant. The Elise S2 from 2004 had the 1ZZ from the MR2 Mk3 and the 2ZZ from the Celica. The 2ZZ was also fitted to the Exige S2 and was also carried over to the 1.8 version of the MY11 Elise, a.k.a. the Series 3. The 2ZZ Elise S3s are rare beasties. I’m lucky enough to own one. With a red line at 8000rpm, they are addictive!

  16. Dickie Mcvitie Avatar
    Dickie Mcvitie

    I’d love the V8 Vantage, who wouldn’t.. Thankfully all the family cars are ULEZ compliant, so in that respect we’re not worried. It does seem that the mayor doesn’t listen to anything Londoners say and just ploughs ahead with anything he wants… Hopefully come August I and the family wont be living anywhere near London or the ULEZ zone.. fingers crossed.

  17. AoToGo Avatar

    Hi Pete, that was a very interesting list. Totally with you re the Honda S2000, must check to see if they’re still obtainable ( decent examples) . MG F what complete toilet fodder, sorry 😂 I was reading recently that current research has confirmed particles shed from vehicle brakes and tyres contribute towards air pollution much, much more so than previously understood, the article stated that in future emissions and road tax laws these factors will also be considered, so if you are driving a massively over tyred BMW x5 etc then you’ll potentially need a very fat wallet!

  18. mark dance Avatar
    mark dance

    There’s many problems to the new Ulez , I don’t agree with it costing hard working families but at the same time there are zones around the IK with far worse air pollution- for example the Qe2 bridge in Dartford and other areas – plus traffic jams are appalling too . The government needs to act to some degree to spread traffic more efficiently around and utilise better road networks .
    My 2017 Porsche Cayenne E Hybrid v6 supercharged petrol is tax free with 430bhp – but if it was up to me any cars sporting RS or Cosworth or M sport or AMG badges should be exempt just because they are drivers cars .

  19. Phil Kett Avatar
    Phil Kett

    Another marmite car perhaps but it might surprise you to know that the Mazda RX-8 is also compliant. Not exactly the most economical car on the road but a hell of a lot of fun to drive!

  20. Julian adams Avatar
    Julian adams

    Another sports car with 5.4 litres of naturally aspirated V8 goodness to add to this list is the 2005 onwards R171 SLK55 AMG.

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