Vauxhall Astra Electric FIRST LOOK: has Vauxhall left it too late to gatecrash the electric party?

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Vauxhall has actually finally exposed the information of its long-awaited fully electrical variation of the big-selling Astra – and we have actually been invited to the brand name's HQ to have a good take a look around
Similar to the smaller sized Corsa and Mokka, Vauxhall has actually selected to offer an electric powertrain as just among the choices in the display room together with more traditional petrol variations. There is also a Sports Tourer bodystyle available, developing a brand-new competitor for the MG5..

Both the hatch and estate feature the same completely electrical powertrain. Powered by a 154bhp motor and a 54kWh battery, the Astra attains an official WLTP-certified series of 258 miles and reaches a leading speed of 105mph..

Similar to other Vauxhall electric models, the Astra Electric supports up to 100kW DC fast charging, with an 80 percent charge taking around thirty minutes. From launch, all Astra Electric designs will come basic with a three-phase 11kW AC onboard battery charger..

The Astra Sports Tourer Electric has 516 litres of luggage space with the rear seats up, increasing to 1,553 litres when folded– this is identical to Plug-in Hybrid variations of the lorry however 92 litres less than the petrol model..

Sign up with Nicki as she takes a close take a look around the brand . Is this the vehicle you've been waiting for, or has Vauxhall left it far too late to gatecrash the electrical celebration? Let us know in the comments below.

Rate ₤ 36k (estimated).
154bhp, 199lb feet of torque.
Front wheel drive, 1-spd.
9.2 seconds 0-62mph, 106mph leading speed.
50.8 kWh battery (useable, 54.0 gross), 258 miles range WLTP.
100kw DC, 11.0 kw a/c, 30 minutes fast DC, 50min 50kW.
8hr 15 minutes on home wallbox.
Weight: 1,679 kg.
Boot: 352-litres/ n/a seats folded (No frunk).
Vehicle-to-load: no.
Five star EuroNcap.
Exact same platform (EMP2) as the Peugeot e-308.

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36 responses to “Vauxhall Astra Electric FIRST LOOK: has Vauxhall left it too late to gatecrash the electric party?”

  1. Jude Brown Avatar
    Jude Brown

    First! I don’t mean me, I mean your take on the Astra dropped before anyone else’s, well done. Like the sound of the Sports Tourer, another electric estate, yay! Not so keen on the price considering what sounds like pretty poor sounding performance but I guess we’ll see when you drive it.

    1. Phuket Explorer Avatar
      Phuket Explorer

      Only first by a few minutes. The fully Charged Show are always hot on their heals.

    2. Jude Brown Avatar
      Jude Brown

      ​@Phuket Explorer oh yeah, they literally dropped one, two, three on my phone: Electrifying, Fully Charged, Electroheads. It tickled me, that’s why I mentioned it 😂

    3. Phuket Explorer Avatar
      Phuket Explorer

      @Jude Brown Same mentality as who’s going to get the swimming pool sunbeds before anyone else.

    4. Jude Brown Avatar
      Jude Brown

      @Phuket Explorer it was just a light hearted comment but, ok, whatever.

  2. Mika Davies Avatar
    Mika Davies

    Maybe OK on a leasing deal? But considering this is Stellantis and their Citroën BEV is nearly £10,000 less than the Astra, I would conclude that they are deliberately charging too much. Astra or Model Y …??? Not even a fair choice but a similar price!!!

  3. Richard Johnson Avatar
    Richard Johnson

    I like the Astra but I would go for the new Corsa

  4. David Vestey Avatar
    David Vestey

    I’ve been looking forward to this one but so far there’s nothing available that’s better than a second hand iPace

    1. Fergal James Avatar
      Fergal James

      There won’t be in this segment, the iPace was a luxury crossover

    2. Tom OOO Avatar
      Tom OOO

      The ipace is an unwise choice, no updates to software that is frustrating, a terrible efficiency and just not reliable enough

  5. neill gatley Avatar
    neill gatley

    So i could have an Astra. I could find a few grand more and have a tesla model 3 of get an MG 4 and book a lot of very nice holidays. The price is the only bit they seem to have wrong. Nice looking car. Not going to get me out of my MG

  6. supersimo Avatar

    £27K for the MG4 or £40k for the Astra, hhmm let me think………

    1. Mr SWR Avatar
      Mr SWR

      I’ll save you the effort as the MG looks better and is priced well. Honestly a 40k Astra and it’s actually a slow EV. E Corsa needs to be sub £20k and the Astra £24k.

    2. Phuket Explorer Avatar
      Phuket Explorer

      £19K for the MG4 where I live! 😄

    3. Antonio Palmero Avatar
      Antonio Palmero

      Does the Astra have a 7 year warranty ? .

    4. Phuket Explorer Avatar
      Phuket Explorer

      @Antonio Palmero For 40K, I’d expect a lifetime guarantee and free charging!

  7. Lew Avatar

    £40000! For an Astra? And not even the top spec? WoW. I can’t see this flying off the shelf. Also from knowing Stellantis, from owning an electric Corsa, I bet the real world range is some way off the WLTP figures, happy to be proved wrong…but I definitely won’t be buying one.

  8. Toby Bushnell Avatar
    Toby Bushnell

    If you want value and RWD, get an MG4 and save a ton of cash. If you have £40k to spend you’d just buy a Model 3 wouldn’t you? Other great options also available at or around £40k.

    1. Daniel Peixoto Martins Avatar
      Daniel Peixoto Martins

      Actually, I wouldn’t. I really don’t like the 3. No hatchback and the Interior is too minimalistic even for my taste.
      I could go for the e-c4, the Id.3 or the Mégane E-tech but not for the the Tesla.

    2. DC Various Vids Avatar
      DC Various Vids

      I see your point for tech, much quicker charging, better range, etc. But not everyone can make do with a saloon. Some people just need a hatchback.

  9. AhhGee Productions Avatar
    AhhGee Productions

    40 grand is a joke right? How does Vauxhall spin that one? In a world of the MG4, this is INSANE pricing. There is nothing here that MG4 doesn’t do better. Madness.

  10. Gerry Mac Avatar
    Gerry Mac

    The price will need to drop by 10k to make this car interesting, just look across the street to what MG are offering for less cost.

  11. Fergal James Avatar
    Fergal James

    Nikki’s assessment at the end was pretty devastating “all the bits in all the right places” is what the doctor says after a successful check up 😂

  12. Robert Smith Avatar
    Robert Smith

    I never used to like estate cars but they look so much better than any SUV (Porsche etc included in that). Rapid acceleration not important to the majority of people these days – nowhere to use it where I live unfortunately. They are incredibly pricey considering they’ll only be worth £20k at three years old given current EV depreciation. Probably less of an issue for company car drivers because the tax break will cover the high leasing costs.

    1. Callum P Avatar
      Callum P

      I’m genuinely a bit shocked at the £40k price tag, given that a Model 3 is literally just a shade over that. £35k would’ve made quite a difference.

  13. sam42061 Avatar

    Oh wow so kind of them to include the FREE electroverse card 😂

  14. William Lee Avatar
    William Lee

    Very fair review, but think even you thought at 40k this is dead in the water at that price and at best is only average in every way, not a chance of it tempting the masses.

  15. Daniel Peixoto Martins Avatar
    Daniel Peixoto Martins

    Wow! That’s a huge incease in range from the e-c4 and e-208 with similar capacity. Good job Stellantis!

    1. Callum P Avatar
      Callum P

      e-c4 has just been updated with this battery pack on offer 😄

    2. Daniel Peixoto Martins Avatar
      Daniel Peixoto Martins

      @Callum P do you know if it improved the range and how much? C4 is much cheaper and before the merger, they were way more comfortable than Opel.

  16. Andrew Johnson Avatar
    Andrew Johnson

    Strange comment about the heated front windscreen and trying to find a credit card to scrape the ice – The beauty of EV’s is you never need to do this due to pre-conditioning… Although i did love the heated front windscreen in the late 80’s in my old XR3i lol

    1. Rob McSorley Avatar
      Rob McSorley

      I chuckled too. I had a Focus in 1998 with a heated front screen 🤣🤣

  17. Graham Castle Avatar
    Graham Castle

    To quote a former tennis star “you can not be serious”. Bonkers, dead in the water at £40k

  18. Tony Powell Avatar
    Tony Powell

    The only EVs worth considering at the moment are the MG4, 5 , ZS EV 6, or Tesla Model 3. None of the rest come close in terms of range per € or warranty or access to theTesla network.

  19. Bernard Charlesworth Avatar
    Bernard Charlesworth

    Interesting to see what price it would be if batteries were made in UK instead of Germany

  20. A L Avatar
    A L

    We need all car reviewers to start comparing the prices they are charging in the UK vs what they are charging in other territories.
    Sick of UK price gouging.

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