TWIN TEST: Citroen ëC4X vs Renault Megane E-Tech. Which family electric car is best? | Electrifying

Check Out the ëC4 X evaluation:
Read the Megane E-Tech evaluation:

The e-C4 X and the Megane E-Tech are both medium-size cars aiming to convince switchers that they don't need the bulk and weight of an SUV. But while they both are around the very same price, they simulate to do things a little differently. The Megane E-Tech is created to provide a stylish drive while the Citroen majors on convenience.

The Megane Techno tested expenses a not unimportant ₤ 38,495. That's ₤ 1,000 more than the Citroen, but it does have a lot more power at 217bhp. That's also a bit more than competitors such as the Cupra Born and Kia Niro EV and provides a 7.5 second 0-62 time. There's a 60kWh battery under the flooring which gives an official range of 280 miles.

This Citroen tested is the Shine Plus, which costs ₤ 35,495 and is a little longer than the Renault. It comes with a 50kWh power pack and a motor producing 134bhp, some 83bhp less than the Renault. It means the 0-62 time is more leisurely too, at 9.5 seconds. The smaller sized battery indicates less range as well– 221 miles versus the Renault's 280.

Join Nicki and Nicola as they crunch all the important numbers and put both cars and trucks through their rates on the road. Which French fancy would you choose? Possibly you have an option? If so, let us understand in the remarks below.

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27 responses to “TWIN TEST: Citroen ëC4X vs Renault Megane E-Tech. Which family electric car is best? | Electrifying”

  1. Philip Lucas Avatar
    Philip Lucas

    Good comparison. Renault is a great brand from my experience renting a car in France. My favourite EV is the MG4 at the moment for people on a budget that don’t want a big car. I heard the fast charging is a bit slow but I don’t go on road trips that often.

    1. Artful Avatar

      Weird you mention the MG4 the interior of the Megane is actually not much different to the MG4 in terms of passenger space also although the Megane looks bigger – park beside one in an MG4 and the only difference is the Renault is a tad higher and a couple inches thats it. I am hopefully picking my MG4 SE Standard range up next weekend and want to park beside one to see.

    2. Abraham Gilles de Jager Avatar
      Abraham Gilles de Jager

      MG4 Fast Charging is pretty good -That is what i have heard.

    3. Mymi Phone Avatar
      Mymi Phone

      The MG4 is GARBAGE. Tried it and hated it.

  2. Dany Rizo Avatar
    Dany Rizo

    I like the E-C4 hatchback more, but the Renault Megane is better, but probably too expensive.

  3. S Mc Avatar
    S Mc

    No mention of the shallow rear window in the Megane which makes visibility a nightmare.

    1. Oliver Stemp Avatar
      Oliver Stemp

      That’s what cameras are for

    2. tacodias Avatar

      Drive one and can confirm visibility from the rear window is very limited.

      On mine, the rear view cam only comes on with rear drive engaged

    3. Mymi Phone Avatar
      Mymi Phone

      Fake News. There is a camera wich goes very well

  4. Ian Wells Avatar
    Ian Wells

    Just rejected my Renault E-Tech. Litany of niggles from alarm constantly going off to windows randomly going down to numerous rattles. However, the last straw was the car breaking down. Twice. For a 4 month old car, this was unacceptable, switched to an E2008 and, although slower, love the car and its lack of niggles!

  5. Graham Cook Avatar
    Graham Cook

    I think the Renault with the 60kWh battery is better. Relative small battery with charging up 130kW, means 20-80% time is minimised. The 280 mile range also means that even in winter you should get => 200 miles at 70mph on the motorway, which is 4 hours driving prefect tine to stop for a recharge and toilet/food break. Then set off again at 80% for another 3 hours driving or 150 miles at 70mph on the motorway, giving a driver’s range of 7 hours driving and 350 miles and that’s Kent to the Scottish border.

  6. Spike Avatar

    Like the Renault but honestly, I think i will stick with my Enyaq 😊

  7. Miguel Barroso Rainha Avatar
    Miguel Barroso Rainha

    My choice would be the Citroën eC4X. Much better looking, better comfort and quality.

  8. Mark D Larsen Avatar
    Mark D Larsen

    I envy you on that side of the pond: we’ll never see either one of them here —like so many of the EVs that you review, most unfortunately. I’ve had a boot for over 5 years, and prefer the hatch I had for 6 years before that. That’s what my next EV will have, for sure. Nikki and Nicola have great rapport!

  9. David Atkin Avatar
    David Atkin

    Great comparison although I have one issue. There are some massive discounts on the Citroen. A quick look on Autotrader I can get an eC4 X Shine plus brand new for £28k, best I can manage on the Renault E-Tech Techno is just over £35k. While the Renault may be a better car, it’s certainly not £7k better.

    1. David Colin Avatar
      David Colin

      Hmmm, there is a reason the C4 is being discounted. And it is still just about the same price as an undiscounted MG4. Even at that price, I’d still prefer the MG, even though I have had plenty of Citroens in the past.

      I just can’t get over all the European brands resisting the demand to going over to dedicated EV architecture, it really is madness. The only market that is definitely going over to non-ICEs, and they are still dragging their heals. The ONLY Euromaker that has produced their own dedicated EV is VW. Unfortunately, the implementation of VW’s iD range is not that great, but it is the only EuroEV that has the dynamics. I know that BMW tried it with the i3, but they’ve now apparently abandoned anything else.
      Meanwhile the Chinese companies are churning out dedicated EV architecture as if it was going out of fashion.

      I really want to support European manufacturers, but the way they’re going at the moment, I see no way that I can justify getting anything other than Chinese.

      Having just written that, I realised that the Megane is dedicated architecture. Well done Renault.

    2. valy teoc Avatar
      valy teoc

      ​@David Colinești neinformat… Megane este construit pe o platforma nouă dedicată ev..
      . Nu are nimic de a face cu meganul termic. Nu mai dezinforma

  10. petelmrg hubert Avatar
    petelmrg hubert

    We went to look at the Megane because it boasted a massive boot – in litres – but the shape meant a normal wheelchair wont fit in, although you can get one in an a Zoe upright…

  11. Tom OOO Avatar
    Tom OOO

    Citroen not only made comfortable cars, but they made the car that still holds (even now) the best crash avoidance car (Xantia). It may have started out 1993 -2002 , but is still the best in the official tests.

  12. Peter Jackson Avatar
    Peter Jackson

    Am I allowed to say, two of my fav manufacturers, Citroën and Renault 😊 if I could, I’d buy both! Nikki and Nicola so good to see you both on a film! Thanks for the stats, feeds and speeds.

  13. Mark Bloxham Avatar
    Mark Bloxham

    The PCP for the Tesla model Y on the same terms is £2 a month more than the Renault. 2.2% APR may have something to do with it. No contest.

  14. Mika Davies Avatar
    Mika Davies

    I drove the Megane at launch but found it small and I hit my head on the roof line every time getting in and out. By accident I was offered an “in stock” E-C4 Shine Plus. On lease just £265/mth… OK, less BHP but not massively noticeable when driving day to day. Only small negative on the Citroën, is a little more range would be handy.

  15. Mika Davies Avatar
    Mika Davies

    Note… 2024 E-C4 X will have more range and more BHP as there is an update across the range on all Stellantis cars. Bearing in mind the best lease on the Megane is £326 for 3 years (8,000 miles) and the E-C4 X is £75/mth cheaper at £251/mth. It is also noticeably bigger than the Megane.

  16. Paul Green Avatar
    Paul Green

    I have a Megane but the equilibre which has lighter fabic and headliner and 18inch wheels all of which I prefer – it can also tow 750kg unbraked 900kg braked which Citroen can’t

  17. Flickerbrain Avatar

    You two are great! My wife had a Citroen Pluriel and that was a nightmare. Too many breakdowns approaching the Gotthard Tunnel to ever buy a Citroen again! I don’t think I’d even trust a Citroen ev. Very impressed with our Renault Zoe so not surprised the Megane E-Tech is good.

  18. Graham Wilkinson Avatar
    Graham Wilkinson

    Good fun review of 2 worthy cars. I think that the commentaries were far more entertaining than either of the cars.

  19. CorranP90 Avatar

    Had eC4 for a year now, the range no matter how you drive is 160-180 miles, since 2022 Q4 no matter what pack you get you don’t get wireless charging.
    The rear spoiler set just above the boot lid ruins your rear view, combined with blind spots that don’t really work, 360 cameras don’t work below 5 mph, Stellantis group say it isn’t an issue.
    We will be avoiding Stellantis group vehicles in the future as the service is shocking.

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