The £15k electric supermini is HERE! – 2024 Dacia Spring FIRST LOOK |

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The Dacia Spring will end up being the most affordable electric cars and truck on sale in the UK and it's great to see that it's made a big leap forward in terms of design, desirability and quality.

The first-generation Dacia Spring was an automobile we wanted to love, however it featured some quite big defects in regards to quality and improvement which let it down. However Dacia seems to have actually repaired those flaws to come up with a fun, cost effective electrical car with a new look and a nicer interior. It will be the most affordable brand-new electrical cars and truck on sale in Britain when it arrives in the UK and while you aren't getting the levels of equipment or space you'll find in more expensive rivals, we believe it must be on your list.

In the UK we'll be getting simply one battery size and at 26.8 kWh it has to do with half the size of the Vauxhall Corsa Electric's and quite a bit smaller sized than the 44 kWh battery you'll discover in the Citroen e-C3. As Dacia is focused on keeping the Spring as light as possible – it's less than half the weight of a VW ID.3 – Dacia declares it will cover over 137 miles of official WLTP variety on a complete charge. That's more than the Mazda MX-30, which has a bigger battery pack. You'll be able to get the most out of your range as the Spring is fitted with regenerative braking for the first time, which feeds precious energy normally lost through braking back into the vehicle's battery.

The Spring has a sluggish 7kW on-board charger, and a charge from a home wallbox will take four hours. Dacia states numerous owners will choose to utilize a three-pin socket to charge, which takes 11 hours; and in Europe there will be the alternative of a socket booster which utilizes a more robust three pin which can charge at 3.2 kW instead of the typical 2.3 and sees the time cut to around 7 hours – expect to see a similar piece of set on offer in the UK.

A 30 kW DC battery charger makes it possible for quick( ish) charging from 20% to 80% in 45 minutes, This is standard on the two more effective designs on sale in the UK, but will not be on deal – even as an option – on the entry level 45 version. The charging flap is nicely situated in the centre at the front of the car and a vehicle-to-load adaptor, which permits you to charge up other things from your cars and truck – like an e-bike, or vacuum (should you wish to spring tidy your Spring) – is fitted as standard on the top of the variety Extreme specification.

Join Ginny as she takes a first look around the vehicle that is set to set a new criteria for affordability when it shows up later this year.

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48 responses to “The £15k electric supermini is HERE! – 2024 Dacia Spring FIRST LOOK |”

  1. @TheJ1s Avatar

    I like its retro features, don’t like battery kilowatt but I understand. I would to see the real world results.

    1. @trixiepickle8779 Avatar

      I get just under 300 kilometres in the summer and around 230 in the winter. But easy to top up.

  2. @DougHolmes Avatar

    “The smaller the car, the smaller the profit”… Honda – hold my beer, here’s the ‘E’

    1. @vokstar Avatar

      How many did they sell?

    2. @toyotaprius79 Avatar

      They should’ve stuck with the Jazz/Fit EV they’ve built for California since 2015

    3. @vokstar Avatar

      The Jazz is a great car, especially the gen 1 car, driving the not new version now and it is in comparison disappointing. It’s not a bad car it’s just not as nice as the original IMO@@toyotaprius79

    4. @Brian-om2hh Avatar

      The Honda E is no longer on sale new.

    5. @bluemountain4181 Avatar

      @@vokstarOn wikipedia is says they sold just 12,500 and now it’s discontinued.
      I’m not surprised, when I first saw the e I loved the looks and really wanted to get one. Then I saw the range and the price lol

  3. @tonybarton3746 Avatar

    Trick of the day , no room in the back to sit properly, learn to ? Man spread 😂😂, + great little town daily runaround etc 👍👍

  4. @ashtontechhelp Avatar

    It’s the Fiat Panda of our age.
    All we need now is an actual electric Panda 4X4.
    Apparently one is coming – but it will be nearly double this price.

    1. @stevenjones916 Avatar

      The Panda is a STELLANTIS vehicle so expect it to cost 50% more than sanity would suggest 😂

    2. @patriotbarrow Avatar

      @@stevenjones916 How does Stellantis manage to overcharge so much on their electric cars? Prices are insane.

    3. @drfisheye Avatar

      The new Panda will be based on the Citroën e-C3 platform, so it might be relatively cheap.

  5. @JoshuaOmmen Avatar

    Los Angeles needs these on every corner like the electric scooters!!

    1. @toyotaprius79 Avatar

      The closest you’ll get to is a beat up Scion iQ, Smart ForTwo, Prius C or a free ride and bruise in the back of a police car because being a homeless person is both illegal and inevitable in Los Angeles, SanFrancisco, etc

  6. @stevenjones916 Avatar

    £15k ? I’ll believe it when I see it. £20K minimum.

    1. @MimMusMet Avatar

      It is $7k in China. Under different names. Dongfeng Ex1, Nano or stgh.

    2. @davidstuart4915 Avatar

      priced somewhere between judging by pics would be ok, say £10k@@MimMusMet

    3. @PsychedMedia Avatar

      £15k is still expensive. For the same price you can get a BYD Dolphin in Thailand.

    4. @MimMusMet Avatar

      @@PsychedMedia BYD adjusts prices for Europe. They do not compete enough.

    5. @JMB1891 Avatar

      £15k is reasonable but anymore than that and I don’t see the appeal, much more attractive as a used purchase considering how much EVs depreciate.

  7. @urbanstrencan Avatar

    Is the rest of Europe also getting this updated Dacia Spring, really like the new design 😊❤

    1. @Brian-om2hh Avatar

      Just prepare yourself for a bit of a surprise when you sit in it. It’s narrower than a Fiat 500….

  8. @gathonar Avatar

    Nice to see an EV that is not trying to be a track day car or 0 to 60 King as well as a family car at the same time Tesla could learn a thing from this car.

  9. @alistairl Avatar

    Brilliant to have the option on the market – will cost less than my motorbike 🙂

  10. @trixiepickle8779 Avatar

    Hi, I live in SW France, and bought my Spring last Summer. I absolutely love it. It is incredibly nippy, and I live in the heart of the Countryside so speed seriously is not a priority as too many obstacles in the way. We have another electric car for long hauls. I charge at home as I’m quite happy to top up. It’s fun, and nippy. The back seat isn’t really an issue – the dog loves it. Sorted.

    1. @C4RPeT Avatar

      How much was it?

    2. @maksmaksowski8408 Avatar

      I did a test ride, 2 years ago with the first dacia spring

      Desaster 🙄

      1. Sh1tty light in the night (Normal yellow bulb lights)
      2. No cruise control
      3. Very slow charging
      4. Back seats for people without legs
      5. Narrow you touch your neighbor with shoulders
      6. Above 100km/h on the highway the car is dismantling
      7. Acceleration like in an old diesel without turbo
      8. Loud inside
      9. Coolness level 0

      I decided to buy used BMW i3

      1. Led light
      2. (adaptive) cruise control
      3. Comfy
      4. Cool (looks still modern)
      5. Harmann Kardon sound system
      6. App connectivity
      7. Drives super good (almost 200 bhp)

      Dacia was too cheap, too simple.

      I expect basic things from a car.

    3. @TheAllMightyGodofCod Avatar

      ​@@maksmaksowski8408seriously, you went to test drive the cheapest electric car on the market expecting it to have cruise control and a space in the back?

    4. @maksmaksowski8408 Avatar

      ​@@TheAllMightyGodofCodI had a cruise control in 1995 renault laguna. How much cost CC in production? 20 euro?

    5. @TheAllMightyGodofCod Avatar

      @@maksmaksowski8408 was the Renault Laguna by any means a cheap, entry level, low cost city car?

  11. @ouethojlkjn Avatar

    I agree with several comments here in that the only thing that will kill this car is a ridiculous list price. As it is, I can get a three year old Renault Zoe with 20,000 miles on the clock and 240 miles range for £11,000.

    1. @presterjohn71 Avatar

      You will drive yourself mad comparing new with used. New doesn’t make sense for anyone but without new buyers you don’t get used cars. This will sell because of PCP and lease deals.

    2. @Brian-om2hh Avatar

      And a decent used Zoe will be in another league entirely……

  12. @garyayres4404 Avatar

    Oh yes the Ora Cat was going to be £17k so let’s see!

  13. @toyotaprius79 Avatar

    I’m pleasantly surprised by how Dacia spruced up its Spring, better yet if the better exterior and interior weren’t prerequisites of jacking the prices even further. It definitely looks like the PR and white collar management demanded it to look like an SUV because profit & appeal; but when you said it had the same footprint of a VW eUP I was pleased to imagine that it’s a cute little but beefy city car that’s only allowed out if it dressed up like an SUV by its overbearing parents

    If there’s anyone at Dacia or Renault reading, and if hairs must be split and gripes had to be made, I’d wish Dacia had the sense and courage to make the Spring as aerodynamic as possible, which is do-or-die for EVs that means full use of air curtains, wheels skirts, underbody panels, aerofoils, longer spoilers; but crucially an extended bum in an estate or kamm back. An estate version of a VW UP was what a good friend of mine really wanted because of how much they loved that brilliant car despite relying on a roof box, matched by how much they hated the driving a Polo, Golf, etc. so they had to go for a 2000s Peugeot 207 estate.

    An estate not just brings the extra boot space but it crucially allows the airflow more time or length to slip off the body. The lack of which is why short cars have more drag and turbulence.

  14. @narvuntien Avatar

    Regen braking is really important for a short ranged city car like this, very good that they added that. You can eek out way more range that way when low speed city driving is its bread and butter.

    1. @FranciscoNogueira Avatar

      Although regenerative braking isn’t the same as 1PD as she implies… They’re related concepts but note the same.

    2. @evkx Avatar

      @@FranciscoNogueira yes, to much focus on 1PD when other regen options is better

  15. @TryNotToDieOmega Avatar

    They should advertise that vehicle-to-load thing as a glamping feature for festival party people. Imagine a picture of this thing next to a big bright yellow tent, with a cable leaving the front of the car and entering the tent to power a mini home away from home.

    1. @cosmintrutia3277 Avatar

      People who buy a Dacia, are not into glamping, trust me. 😄

    2. @stevecade857 Avatar

      The glamping sight better be less than 100 miles away.

  16. @mtb0x Avatar

    The price has doubled since it was originally launched in Europe. So I don’t feel like we should be ‘thankful’ for £15000 being the new acceptable price for “cheap” That’s a huge price for most average families in the U.K. wages have not grown with the cost of things.
    We had a Renault Twingo so have had an eye on the Dacia Spring for years now. But we have bought a two year old low mileage EV Corsa. It has 200miles range and cost £16000 just under a year ago. Does 0-60 in about 7.5 seconds.
    So. 100miles range and slow acceleration for a similar price for the Dacia is a hard sell.

    1. @drfisheye Avatar

      Comparing used cars with new cars on price never works. People get Dacia’s because they want a new car for the price of a used car. They like the warranty on the new car, they don’t like to gamble on the state of an older car. They like the simpleness of Dacia’s where less can go wrong and repairs are cheaper.

  17. @ArthurVicentini Avatar

    It has been sold here in Brazil for some time (as the Renault Kwid E-Tech), and Renault has cut its price multiple times (cars here have a reputation of being overpriced compared even with neighboring countries) to take on the competition (especially BYD – the Kwid E-Tech launched here at 150,000 BRL, the same launch price as the BYD Dolphin some time later – now, the Kwid E-Tech goes for 100,000 BRL, in anticipation for the local launch of the BYD Seagull, to be sold here as the “BYD Dolphin Mini”)

  18. @barnoslogik Avatar

    This reminds me of my mums old suzuki ignis, which was a similar type of car, so i would class it more of the jacked up hatchback rather than mini SUV. Now the ignis wasnt much to look at, had a little 1.3 litre engine but was perfect for commuting to her work, and even for driving to scotland from bristol to visit family. Now journeys like that might be the issue with the slow recharging speed, so would have to plan these sort of journeys , but that would be the same in any EV.

  19. @pumpkinhead456 Avatar

    What a very positive review, even saying that 0-60 in 14 seconds is sprightly…

  20. @jamesward1931 Avatar

    The joy of small lower powered cars is underrated – really looking forward to going and test driving one of these

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