Sub-£30k electric car shoot-out: MG4 vs Nissan LEAF vs MINI Electric ? Electrifying

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Among the important things that people constantly discuss when it comes to and trucks, is that they're costly to buy. While there are creative things you can do with lease arrangements and wage sacrifice, at the end of the day it's difficult to escape the reality that electrical cars and trucks currently cost more than the equivalent gas or diesel counterparts. In reality, there are precious couple of pure under ₤ 30,000.

Amazingly, there are just 3 automobiles on the UK market that have a sticker price under thirty grand: the , the MG4 and the MINI Electric. Which are all pretty good cars and trucks, to be honest. But why so couple of? Well, inflation, increasing costs and the loss of the electrical automobile grants are to blame – and the entry price of particular designs has increased by a rarely credible 53-percent in the last two years. 53 percent!

Does a sub- ₤ 30k budget plan limitation you a second-rate cars and truck? Or can you actually bag a fantastic electric without breaking the bank? Sign Up With Ginny and Nicki as they pitch all three head-to-head to find which one is best.

Which alternative would you select? As constantly, we 'd enjoy to hear your viewpoint, so please comment listed below to let us understand.

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24 responses to “Sub-£30k electric car shoot-out: MG4 vs Nissan LEAF vs MINI Electric ? Electrifying”

  1. Robert Smith Avatar
    Robert Smith

    Used EV prices have been falling very fast of late. Tesla model three now available under £30k used, E208 for £20k anyone?

  2. Nihal Dhillon Avatar
    Nihal Dhillon

    Bought my Mini Electric last May for retail price. 12,000 miles later and it’s just as fun as the day i bought it❤
    One of the most underrated EVs in terms of driving experience out there!

    1. Be Low Below Avatar
      Be Low Below

      That has it going for it. The Mini-e before it was better (ignoring 2 seater), there used to be a 1-series electric back +10 years ago

      But what’s offered now are far too upmarket. Like every MINI now, it was a very unpleasant experience for me driving a 2014.

      The ergonomics and image/plushness, just unpleasant knowing what could be if the decision making was geared different.

  3. Michael Goode Avatar
    Michael Goode

    Why not do a feature on two year old used cars? Still low mileage, still mostly current models, still loaded with safety features and yet prices are definitely competitive.

    1. Be Low Below Avatar
      Be Low Below

      That’s not how you sell new cars!


    2. Dubnoreix Avatar

      They do have some video’s on second hand EVs.

    3. Stevie Carson Avatar
      Stevie Carson

      I think the Hyundai Ionqi Premium SE would win that. 2 years old, under 10k miles for £22k is a relative bargain.

  4. Ralph Clulow Avatar
    Ralph Clulow

    Great comparison – a joy to watch too. So many buyers of second hand Leafs in New Zealand. There are three in our street. Electric cars are such a joy to drive. We still have a “Clean Car Discount” on EVs in NZ. Being newly retired we were able to afford a base model Ioniq 5. Happy motoring and keep those great videos coming.

  5. Grizzly HP2 Avatar
    Grizzly HP2

    Yes, thats our problem to, EV prices were already a lot higher than comparable ICE cars. Last two years they went completely out of reach.
    There are so many small ICE cars even below £18.000, like:
    The Hyundai i10, Mitsubishi Space Star, Dacia Sandero, Toyota Aygo, Fiat Panda, Kia Picanto, Toyota Aygo X, Fiat 500, VW UP, Suzuki Ignis, Hyundai i20, Suzuki Swift, Citroen C3, Mazda 2
    Opel Corsa, Dacia Duster, Toyota Yaris, Fiat 500C, Dacia Jogger, SEAT Ibiza, Renault Clio, Skoda Fabia, VW Polo. . . . to name a few.
    An EV with a usable range of 200mls is hard to be found below £30k. So the masses will stay in their small cheaper ICE cars, as long as there are no EV’s below £20.000.
    And dont forget, you will have to pay a lot more rent every month, when you need to get a loan for a £20.000 than for a loan £30.000. That adds up to the difference between ICE and EV.

  6. Donald Parish Avatar
    Donald Parish

    Chevy Bolt for $27k in USA is low cost winner

  7. Mika Davies Avatar
    Mika Davies

    Yes… Full ticket price is higher. But look at leasing. Citroen E-C4 on HP…. £534/mth….. E-C4 on 10,000 miles lease £265/mth…..

  8. gtm559 Avatar

    My wife bought the cheapest ev in our country 22000e dacia spring. Used ev are twice the price I don’t know the reason but for me is crazy to pay so much money for used car

  9. Be Low Below Avatar
    Be Low Below

    Wanting buttons have nothing to do with your age!! It’s just honest ergonomics. Most modern cars going 12 years old are suffering most from electrical failures. Infotainment.

    I’d rather an electric car had more flexible spec that had intuitive but simple user controls. Even analogue! Like the Citroën C-Zero Mitsubishi i-MiEV!

    One reason why I would never want the Honda-e, besides it’s very over hyped.

  10. Борець за свободу Avatar
    Борець за свободу

    I LOVE my EV. The secondhand market is developing very well. The best made secondhand EV is the BMW i3. How many times do you need to go over 150 miles? You can get a 70 plate i3 with low mileage for under 24k. Throw in any part ex and it becomes more affordable.

  11. Mr Mawson Avatar
    Mr Mawson

    True you ladies do have the solution.

    Great video 😃

  12. Asif Khan Avatar
    Asif Khan

    Love my 2021 Leaf e+ tekna. Love the chunky physical buttons and that the rear view mirror has a camera mode. 360 degree camera, one pedal driving mode. Always charge at home which is a big factor.

  13. Adrian Byron-Parker Avatar
    Adrian Byron-Parker

    Stop it with the handling. Most “Normal” people wouldn’t know good from bad handling when going to the shops / work.
    I know this is a YouTube channel, but it would be nice if you supplied info to the “normal” buyer not the enthusiast.
    As you reviewed in the C5X… comfortable transport for the masses.. please push this concept for a bit.

  14. Lynda Hill Avatar
    Lynda Hill

    Thank you, both. But PCP has a balloon payment at the end, doesn’t it?

  15. russvhill2 Avatar

    The monthly payment is only part of the cost. How about giving an indication of the insurance group, especially as that can change with trim level, and efficiency in real world miles per kilowatt.
    Tom’s video alluded to the high price of Tesla insurance, so I’m sure that element of car “ownership” is crucial when deciding what we can afford.

  16. Mark Daniels Avatar
    Mark Daniels

    Of the three you recommend, it’s definitely the MG4 that wins and I think it’s the better looking of all three too.

    But why does the Zoe get a lower Euro NCAP rating? Is it being compromised by software, which I think is an unfair way to measure the car, rather than how it performs in an accident.

  17. Commuter branch line Avatar
    Commuter branch line

    Plenty of lightly used EV’s under £30k. Kia E-Niro, Tesla Model 3 and Hyundai Ionic and Kona. Kia offers a 7 year warranty which is comforting when moving to new propulsion technology.

  18. Tim Rothwell Avatar
    Tim Rothwell

    I guess manufacturers removed their cheaper/smaller battery EVs because not enough people were buying them. I wonder if, over time, that happens with the cheapest MG4. The MG4 is the clear winner in this test. The Mini is great but I don’t understand why handling is so important if it’s main role is “around town”.

  19. Andrew Gage Avatar
    Andrew Gage

    If I had to buy an electric vehicle, the MG would be my choice, the other two wouldn’t cope with my daily commute, the Mini may just manage two days before charging, the Leaf, I would kill the battery very early on, but as I can’t have a home charger, and in practical terms, for where I live, I need a small vehicle, (I currently drive a 2011 Smart ForTwo diesel), an electric vehicle is a long way off for me

  20. iTech Talk Avatar
    iTech Talk

    I personally like the leaf a lot, I like the smart design. And with my morning being only about 6 miles. An electric car would be very useful for me. But as a young driver, it’s way out of my reach at the moment.

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