NEW ELECTRIC CARS 2024: EVERY new car coming our way |

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Electric vehicles being available in 2024:.

It feels like there's been at least one brand-new electric vehicle introduced each week in 2023. makers have been racing to include whatever from superminis to supercars to their line-ups and things aren't set to slow down any time soon. In reality, the pace is picking up even more with a wealth of brand-new electric automobiles being available in 2024.

While there are a lot of household cars originating from the similarity Peugeot, Ford, BYD and Mini, 2024 will likewise bring a host of brand-new, more compact and more budget-friendly options from Citroen, Dacia, and Renault to make electrical vehicles more accessible. And premium and performance fans needn't feel excluded, with everybody from Audi to Lotus also releasing much-anticipated brand-new models.

As always, launch dates are a movable banquet – the Ford Explorer has currently been pushed back six months – but, bearing that in mind, we have actually polished up's crystal ball to have a look at a few of the cars that are due in the near future to see if they are worth the wait.

Join Ginny, Nicola and Batch as they list the electrical vehicles they're anticipating seeing in 2024. Is your next vehicle on the list? Will you be making the switch to electric in 2024? Let us understand in the comments listed below.

Do you have an anti-electric story that we've missed or are you fed up of hearing a particular myth? Let us understand in the comments listed below.

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23 responses to “NEW ELECTRIC CARS 2024: EVERY new car coming our way |”

  1. @michaellord2844 Avatar

    Love the retro designs coming on stream. MG lighting cluster looks very good! Think the Polestar 3 is good, but i’d have the top spec EX30 over the Polestar and save 000’s..

    1. @Banyan314 Avatar

      EX 30 is overpriced and smaller than you think especially in the back

    2. @davidcottrell570 Avatar

      The EX30 is smaller than the XC40, whereas the Polestar 3 is about the same size as the XC90 and a tad shorter than the EX90. As far pricing goes, it depends on your market and where it’s built. If you’re planning to order right away, you will likely be looking at waiting for a year or more, by which time factories in Europe, Korea and the US may be coming on line. Whether that has any impact on pricing, who knows?

  2. @pauliusraila5798 Avatar

    Thanks for the good mood watching you guys, can’t wait 2024 models

  3. @garrycroft4215 Avatar

    No Toyota, Mazda, Honda, Mitsubishi, Lexus, Subaru, Suzuki. Now there’s a surprise. 🤣

  4. @molepatrol7529 Avatar

    Renault 5 more than any other for me.

  5. @Madonsteamrailways Avatar

    I can hardly wait to change my Renault Zoe next July!! I’m changing her in for a Vauxhall Combo Life Electric with Wheelhome Vikenze III camper conversion.

  6. @Hayles6677 Avatar

    I love the term Long Boy. It totally describes all of our old and new (MG5?) estates. Never heard that term but totally using it from now on.

  7. @Madonsteamrailways Avatar

    Oh yes we have!! We have the MG5, which is only available as an estate car!!

  8. @chasf3433 Avatar

    Key to EV3 will be the battery and range, hopefully it will have 300 miles via the latest LFP battery tech. If it still has the great Kia driver interface with buttons and paddles count me in as my Niro hybrid replacement

    1. @The_Observer72 Avatar

      Key to the market will be price point.

  9. @Alwaysrighty639 Avatar

    Shame the ec-3 isn’t a good looking super mini instead of a ugly little suv. Would be lighter with better range

  10. @adamshooter6302 Avatar

    Looking forward to the Renault Scenic. £41k, heat pump and 545 litre boot. I hope it is good.

  11. @adamshooter6302 Avatar

    I agree with Ginny, I love an estate but there aren’t any mid priced ones apart from the overpriced 308/Astra. There is a Fisker Ocean in our village, it looks great. I would like to know more about it, and about servicing and repairing a Fisker. I do hope they succeed because the smaller battery model looks good value.

  12. @trouble1871 Avatar

    Enjoyed this video, simple format but entertaining! Never heard of a long boy though 😂

  13. @DwainDwight Avatar

    those KIAs look incredible. Mini cool as always.

  14. @dsd174 Avatar

    Mr. James is an excellent adittion to the channel. I always liked his (re)views on cars and wishes him, especially, and to all the Electrifying team a wonderful 2024.

  15. @th42 Avatar

    The Microlino – bit more practical than the Ami, but expensive. I’d love to see a full review on UK roads of this. Bristol has a lot of narrow Victorian streets # perfect city car here.

  16. @Yanquetino Avatar

    Nikola: your glasses become you! I’ll hold off with opinions on these up-and-coming EVs until I can watch your reviews of them. What I’m looking forward to here in the USA is… the transition to the standard J3400 charging connector. It’s about time…! As for “long boy,” isn’t that a term used on porno channels…? 😂

  17. @hishamg Avatar

    I have had 3 estates and I have never heard the term long boy (or longboy), it sounds like a euphemism for something. I think estate versions of the Hyundai Ioniq 6, Kia EV4 and even BYD Seal would be pretty good, I have fond childhood memories of the Peugeot 504 and Volvo estates, which were humongous by 1970ies standards. The car i would love to see would be the Hyundai Ioniq 4 (if it ever comes) presumably a smaller hatchback version of the Ioniq 6 or an updated version of the orginal Ioniq.

  18. @anthonystevens8683 Avatar

    Another cracking video team. Some really cool new stuff due for release in 2024. The one that I’m most interested in but least likely to purchase unless I win something that’s enough to significantly increase my bank account would be the MG. Wishing you all a brilliant 2024!

  19. @chris-townson Avatar

    Nice to see James on the channel. I’ve always enjoyed his reviews.

  20. @a.wartongarden1957 Avatar

    A Happy & Healthy New Year to everyone! Was there a reason why Renault Scenic Etech wasn’t mentioned?… A much needed C sector family car… Possibly could regard it as a small estate car?

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