FIRST LOOK: BMW i5 – is this the car to topple Tesla? | Electrifying

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Having spent some time in the wilderness, BMW is quite back building electrical vehicles. In a short area of time, BMW has actually released its polarising iX range-topping SUV, a chic i7 limo and an entry-level design in the shape of the iX1 SUV. There's also an .com favourite, the i4, which has set brand-new standards for premium EVs and revealed saloons can provide a long electric driving range, however also be enjoyable and engaging to drive.

For BMW the i5 is the big one. Why? It's basic– the 5 Series is the most crucial automobile the Bavarian carmaker develops. It has churned out more than 10 million of them over 50 years, and is quite its all-rounder– the BMW that needs to cover all bases and exhibit precisely what the BMW brand is all about.

Much like the i4, the i5 isn't a bespoke, ground-up electrical car. Rather, BMW prefers to build one platform and utilize it for combustion engined designs, hybrids and pure-electrics. BMW's method of doing things is extremely different from Audi's or Mercedes' as these brand names tend to construct a different, bespoke electrical version of a model. Think Mercedes E-Class and the EQE and you'll understand what we suggest.

Has BMW selected the ideal path? Join Ginny as she takes a very first take a look at the new i5. Is this the electric automobile you've been waiting on? Would you choose the BMW i5? As always, we enjoy to hear what you think, so begin typing in the remarks below.

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34 responses to “FIRST LOOK: BMW i5 – is this the car to topple Tesla? | Electrifying”

  1. C7 Avatar

    Well at least finally it’s got a NORMAL looking FRONT GRILLE

    1. Reddylion Avatar


    2. Phuket Explorer Avatar
      Phuket Explorer

      … Look-a-like grille. It doesn’t actually do anything useful.

    3. Bavarian Car Enthusiast Avatar
      Bavarian Car Enthusiast

      @Phuket Explorer you are right. – just holding sensors, a bit of cooling still (much less though) and showing the company logo – and a crumble zone if there is an accident

  2. Bedfondo Avatar

    Really great to hear about this one 😊 and killer heels too Ginny 👠

  3. Angus Oksen Avatar
    Angus Oksen

    very excited to see the touring version of this soon. We want boot space!!

  4. Krzysztof Ćwik Avatar
    Krzysztof Ćwik

    bmw Van please – 7 seats, slick x7 electric !

  5. Phuket Explorer Avatar
    Phuket Explorer

    Lose the silly LP tyres and it would ride and look a lot better.

    1. charles UK Avatar
      charles UK

      and the rims might survive a pot hole or 2

  6. Finn G. Hermansen Avatar
    Finn G. Hermansen

    Ginny what about rear seat legroom and how to sit with the thigh support. Thx for a nother great video. Love your high heels 😉👍❤️

    1. DaS Avatar

      Since it is still basically a universal platform, it probably has that idiotic transmission tunnel, which means: not a lot probably.

  7. Reddylion Avatar

    I am happy with kia,,hyundai.

  8. Phuket Explorer Avatar
    Phuket Explorer

    I suspect most buyers will get the dealer to set it up for optimal ‘normal’ driving and never touch the screen menus – let alone any of the silly gadgets.

    1. David Young Avatar
      David Young

      I’ve got a similar i4 and am always buggering about with all the settings and displays, great fun.

  9. Ian Ackery Avatar
    Ian Ackery

    Lowest spec version ‘starting’ at £73,000 and we all know any BMW will need the options list raided so that’s going to be closer to £80,000. They really have seen you coming.

    1. leo fish Avatar
      leo fish

      Not to bad, actually. Quite a lot of base spec. Electric seats as standard for example. But realistically, M Sport is a minimum, so at least 76k. But then again, how much is an Audi etron GT or Model S?

    2. Fergal James Avatar
      Fergal James

      ​@leo fish Model S is a native EV, this is a compromised platform? So it should be cheaper too

    3. Ian Ackery Avatar
      Ian Ackery

      @leo fish True! They’re all way overpriced!

    4. Bavarian Car Enthusiast Avatar
      Bavarian Car Enthusiast

      Yeah quite aggressive pricing compared to their competition

    5. Bavarian Car Enthusiast Avatar
      Bavarian Car Enthusiast

      @Fergal James The Model S is very old already – the new i5 platform is not compromised, it was designed as EV first

  10. David Fitzpatrick Avatar
    David Fitzpatrick

    It would be a better review if it also covered the rear space and boot space, or did I miss something ?

    1. Steven Jones Avatar
      Steven Jones

      She was more interested in playing games for some reason.

    2. galatasaray1 Avatar

      @Steven Jones 10 liters less than the previous one.

  11. Jordan McBride Avatar
    Jordan McBride

    Does no one else think this just looks like a 2 series gran coupe? Significantly plumper than I’d have liked to be honest.

  12. NOS Crew Avatar
    NOS Crew

    The old design was better IMO, but at least the grille is normal-sized

    1. Bavarian Car Enthusiast Avatar
      Bavarian Car Enthusiast

      That’s not a problem (me too), it works when you see them on the road for the first time and it makes the older one look old too.

  13. Haresh Kainth Avatar
    Haresh Kainth

    This car looks great and it’s amazing how quickly the car can be charged. But this is all fine and well if the charging network can support it. At moment, in the U.K. (from my experience); the charging network is abysmal. The infrastructure is not keeping up with the number of electric cars on the road. Moreover, we need more 50kWh or higher charging points.

  14. Jess Demant Aggeboe Avatar
    Jess Demant Aggeboe

    It is more important to look at smaller and cheaper electric cars, but it is not your fault that new big and expensive electric cars are constantly coming out on the market, so another like from here.
    However, that doesn’t change the fact that you also do well in this video, so from here one more like 👍

  15. Bavarian Car Enthusiast Avatar
    Bavarian Car Enthusiast

    BMW is getting serious with EV´s – their new platform strategy is very smart – their design language is unique (from ugly to get better) – the i5 looks different then anything else on the road quite good.

  16. John Minshall Avatar
    John Minshall

    Yeah, Touring (estate) would be worth a closer look! Guess BMW are aiming to bring that in to rival Audi’s A6 Avant, or whatever it’s actual name is.

  17. stephen c Avatar
    stephen c

    00:46 — Soon to be 60 years old.

  18. Donald Duck Avatar
    Donald Duck

    I’d say not “pig ugly” but “kinda ugly”, the front still bulges out, the grill is still swollen with a large front overhang. To me it’s still a bit in your face, I took out a massive loan/lease so everyone thinks I’m important styling, people with real money prefer subtle more sophisticated styling usually.

  19. EVKX Avatar

    Great summary of a real nice looking car.

  20. Marcello Avatar

    1973 seems to be a very nice year for heels! ähm and wheels 😊

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