FIRST DRIVE: Lotus Eletre: Masterstroke or madness? We deliver the surprise verdict | Electrifying

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As a business that has teetered on the edge of extinction at many points in its history, Lotus understands all about the principle of reinventing itself. Although the brand is in fine monetary fettle nowadays with owner Geely at the wheel, the end of the combustion period suggests that Lotus is as soon as again looking for a new instructions.

The brand name's first all new production design to be funded and established under Geely ownership is the Eletre– a five-seater, all- SUV that will usher in a new generation of battery-powered Lotuses. Big, brash and filled with innovation, it's a world far from the stripped-back two-seaters that made Lotus a household name. However times modification, and as the success of vehicles like the Porsche Cayenne and Lamborghini Urus continues to reveal, big supercar SUVs are big business.

With a 112kWh battery, 350kW charging, 373 miles of variety and supercar efficiency, the Eletre certainly looks the part on paper. Question is, do these extraordinary figures translate to a fantastic vehicle? Join Mike as he puts the new Lotus Eletre through its rates.

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23 responses to “FIRST DRIVE: Lotus Eletre: Masterstroke or madness? We deliver the surprise verdict | Electrifying”

  1. Debbi Mulberry Avatar
    Debbi Mulberry

    Finally positive feelings I feel again because of this video🍆🍆

  2. Matt Carvers Bulldogges Avatar
    Matt Carvers Bulldogges

    Very nice car but I’m just not sold on them new camera wing mirror set up yet, right now it just seems a slight design flaw

    1. Leisurecide Avatar

      optional anyways.

    2. Matt Carvers Bulldogges Avatar
      Matt Carvers Bulldogges

      @Leisurecide optional ‘extra’ £/$

  3. Simon Yapp Avatar
    Simon Yapp

    112kWh !! And LiDAR is not the way, What a car.

  4. Asif Khan Avatar
    Asif Khan

    “designed by someone who likes other human beings” 😅😅😅

  5. Kenneth Stealey Avatar
    Kenneth Stealey

    I think that it looks a lot like a Leaf from the side.

  6. Alun Jones Avatar
    Alun Jones

    And you clean those cup-holders, how?

    1. Alan Wayte Avatar
      Alan Wayte

      Ultimate first world problem

  7. Gary Sooty Cook Avatar
    Gary Sooty Cook

    Great looking car

  8. Tore Hansen Avatar
    Tore Hansen

    Welcome to Norway, great car and video!

  9. David Burke Avatar
    David Burke

    And it will be worth next to nowt after 12 months.

  10. Eliot Hochberg Avatar
    Eliot Hochberg

    Regarding the camera mirrors, I know that the main reason for them is to reduce drag, which is very important for electric vehicles. But it’s got me thinking, is there a way to do a mechanical version of those? I find myself concerned as to what happens if there’s some kind of an electrical failure while you’re driving. But it seems to me that, periscope and lens and mirror technology want to be able to give you a real world view of what’s going on outside the car. I’m sure I’m being silly, but at the same time it would be very cool.

  11. Mark McCombs Avatar
    Mark McCombs

    Letting you know in the comments below.

  12. Eliot Hochberg Avatar
    Eliot Hochberg

    Looking at the gear controls, it looks like even Lotis has been subject to these systems that do not retain gear state. I’m halfway through the video, but I would’ve thought that would’ve been demonstrated earlier. But it looks like it’s one of those buttons where you push it up to changed and you push it down to change, etc.

    If I’m wrong, then great, but I really don’t understand why all these vehicles insist on having Shift systems that don’t allow you to put the button or a lever or something else into a fixed position for each gear. It doesn’t need to be mechanically connected, but by having to look at what gear you’re in, you open yourself up for accidentally missing a gear change. That is to say, And driving where you are in a parking lot or other situation, where you’re changing direction from forward to reverse, I would much prefer that the lever is in the Ford position while we’re driving, and then, when I switch to the rear word position, that’s in reverse, so that I can make adjustments and tight maneuvers without having to look at the screen or at the Lover.

  13. Mark O'Sullivan Avatar
    Mark O’Sullivan

    Colin Chapman: “Simplify then add lightness”.

    Lotus 2023: Eletre – 2.5 tonnes, 2.2 metre width.

    That is not a Lotus in my opinion; I suspect Chapman would agree.

  14. Peter Sephton Avatar
    Peter Sephton

    Good review of an interesting car. Lotus Engineering seems to have done a really smart job in adding features that may justify the high price. Your comparisons with the Tesla etc suggests this is what they’ve achieved. And for those quoting Colin Chapman and lightness – it’s an ELECTRIC car. He wouldn’t be upset, he’d embrace the future.

  15. Jude Brown Avatar
    Jude Brown

    Very droll review, enjoyed the chuckle.😂👍

  16. Savannah Jackson Avatar
    Savannah Jackson

    The Evija was Lotus’s first fully electric car… not this one.

    1. Roberto Avatar

      Don’t be so rude 😂

  17. Channel NEM Avatar
    Channel NEM

    Reminds me of the MG4

    1. Roberto Avatar

      Alejandro Pérez would agree😂

  18. Mark Richards Avatar
    Mark Richards

    Only a brit would think that is the opposite of a snall sports car. Have tou ween the hummer? Or any pickup in the US??

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