FIRST DRIVE: Jeep Avenger small electric SUV. Superhero or villain? | Electrifying

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The Jeep Avenger is the very first all-electric design from the American brand, too. It rests on a brand-new, greatly upgraded version of the Stellantis e-CMP 'platform' of mechanicals that also underpin the Vauxhall Mokka-e and Peugeot e-2008, both of which are essential rivals to the Jeep Avenger. But it manages to be rather a lot much better than both – a minimum of until they are 'facelifted' and get the very same new motor and battery.

The styling is clearly Jeep, thanks to the squared-off wheel arches, butch-looking black plastic cladding, the hallmark seven-bar grille and cross rear light signature. It's dinky yet chunky, which is rather the design technique and matches the brashness of the Jeep brand name.

Complete with 51kWh of functional battery capability (54kWh overall), the Jeep Avenger gets an official WLTP driving range of 248 miles in between charges. It's clever things, too, as the batteries on this updated platform have been shuffled about so that they're stacked beneath the seats and boot instead of laying flat like a bed mattress, which has actually freed up more foot space for guests.

Sign up with Ginny as she puts the brand-new Jeep Avenger through its rates in the UK for the very first time. Is this the small electrical automobile that requires to be on your shortlist? Would you select the Avenger or something else? As constantly, we love to hear from you, so let us understand in the comments listed below.

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a Jeep not a Jeep? 01:45 Size.
02:17 Styling. 03:04 Design grades, Battery size and specs. 04:06 Rate.

04:17 Optional extras. 04:40 Interior and Tech.
08:56 Rear seats space. 10:29 Boot space. 11:25 Driving impressions.
13:33 Off-Road capabilities. 14:13 The indication
noise. 14:37 It is enjoyable to drive.
15:59 Jeep's partnership with Octopus energy for the Avenger.
16:23 Real life efficiency.
17:13 Our conclusion.


22 responses to “FIRST DRIVE: Jeep Avenger small electric SUV. Superhero or villain? | Electrifying”

  1. Obie Paddles Avatar
    Obie Paddles

    Great review as ever

  2. pnketia Avatar

    Glad to see you did not have the brake warning issue that Matt Watson had multiple times during his review of this vehicle. It turned me off to it, but I guess it was a one off issue!

    1. DreadPirate Flappy Avatar
      DreadPirate Flappy

      Cheap interior, nasty plastics and awful infotainment aren’t. Niro and Kona are twice the car for the same price, they also have a frunk and one pedal driving.
      I honestly question the sanity of anyone that buys this over one of those.

  3. Davi Salles Avatar
    Davi Salles

    That car is so beautiful. I love the design of it

  4. osman mohamed Avatar
    osman mohamed

    09:12 5 ft 4 163 cm

  5. Gregory Yeakle Avatar
    Gregory Yeakle

    Wonderful review. Keep them coming !!

  6. Mark McCombs Avatar
    Mark McCombs

    Avenger. AVENGER! A-V-E-N-G-E-R!!! (lots of reverb there) Sorry. No. I see a mum and her two popping off to the schoolyard for football practice. Yes, a perfect ride for that. Bad name for the car. I agree that back seat area was a bit Spartan.

  7. hojomo Avatar

    Excellent review, and Love the Car, BUT it highlights a perfect example of how the manufacturers are trying (hard) to rip us off – “PROFIT-TAKING”! With it’s cross-platform template there is no way this Summit model should come in OVER £30k – especially for your new SMUV category! High demand & Low supply is THEIR problem – it should NOT be ours!! 🤬

  8. Jackie Ramsay-Fraser Avatar
    Jackie Ramsay-Fraser

    Guess this is based on the same platform as the DS3 E-tense I’ve just bought. So many similar pros and cons (small back seat space) but still prefer the look of the DS.

  9. NEALY Avatar

    Reviews of the Avenger seem to vary greatly, interesting.

    1. DreadPirate Flappy Avatar
      DreadPirate Flappy

      almost like Jeep forgot to pay some reviewers…

  10. Anthony Worley Avatar
    Anthony Worley

    it’s a 40k super mini. It looks fun for around town and as a very expensive 2nd car go for it if you can afford too.

  11. zim ben Avatar
    zim ben

    It looks good. The new Fiat 600e is also out now with all the same tech and next year an Alfa will come as well.

  12. Colin Lambert Avatar
    Colin Lambert

    Oh Ginny, what HAS happened to the colour on this video??
    VERY LOW specc’d for the price. Only one regen level? Other reviewers have criticised the over light steering and excessive body roll, So why does Ginny not pick up on these?
    Also Jeep are one of the worst in the reliability surveys. Which seems to be the ‘thing wit most Stellantis group cars .
    Good review as usual but as far as I can see… overall rubbish car.
    Ill stick to my eNiro thank you very much. (313 miles per full charge on a Kia quoted 282)

  13. marklola12 Avatar

    That touchscreen looks identical to the one in my 500e

  14. Alex Avatar

    This would have been an amazing car if it weren’t for the range-to-price ratio. Passing on it.

  15. TheAllMightyGodofCod Avatar

    I like it. I like it a lot.
    Outside is nothing special but it looks nice (maybe I would prefer the Moka or 2008).
    I am not a SUV person as I do must of my trips on motorways and long distance so I would prefer a sedan or a station but I like this one.
    The inside is what convinces me, love that yellow dashboard and somehow I think that the very thin horizontal screen looks better than a vertical one (ok…a Vertical might be better for GPS but this looks more pleasant and being so panoramic, it doesn’t obstruct your view much).
    Only thing I dislike on the interior is that “concertina cover” as that will surely tear apart rapidly.
    All in all, if I need a car for driving in the city, I would like this one.

  16. Nick Beardshall Avatar
    Nick Beardshall

    Being much lower power you might be able to insure it without selling one of your children. Car reviewers never mention that.

  17. Billy Heywood Avatar
    Billy Heywood

    Great review Ginny. Just think how good the Avenger could have been if it wasn’t stuck with a combustion platform. Who puts batteries in a transmission hump? All the packing issues would have disappeared with a proper EV skateboard

  18. Fred Bloggs Avatar
    Fred Bloggs

    Suzuki have been making small SUV’s for decades, about time they produced a SUV-EV.

  19. Anthony Stevens Avatar
    Anthony Stevens

    A lot has changed since the Hillman Avenger of the decades ago, I still quite like that model but most have turned to red dust following the plague of metal moth around at the time. For mainly town driving and dropping smaller bipedal offspring off at the house of learning this car makes a bundle of sense. As you mention for people less vertically challenged than us it’s not so good. On longer runs with four taller adults there is a good chance that you will not be the designated driver so that’s a positive thing. Personally I like it but I’ll not be spending the cash anytime soon. I’ll hold on a while to see how it’s like after it’s been out a while and we get a view of build quality (what falls off that shouldn’t and what should come off that doesn’t) , reliability and residuals. There is a lot of new design gone into the Avenger so we’ll see. A great quick review and thanks for sharing Ginny.

  20. Narom Avatar

    When you compare the range and price, the EX30 seems more appealing.

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