DRIVEN – new 2024 MINI Electric: is this the perfect small electric car? | Electrifying

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The has actually been an excellent success for BMW. It's only been on sale given that 2020, and yet one in every three new MINIs that roll down the production line in Oxford is now the variation.

Time does not stall in the brand- world, specifically so when it concerns electrical cars and trucks, and BMW is already preparing the next fourth-generation 'New' for its international reveal later this year ahead of a full launch in 2024. In spite of the covers not coming off for another couple of months, has currently had a very first taste of the new design.

Although employers covered up a lot of the new exciting bits, we know that the next-generation vehicle is going to be a real contender thanks to its increased range, performance and innovation. Sign up with Nicola as she takes a pre-production model for a spin in a snowy Austria.

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