Citroen oli. We name the TEN amazing features coming to ALL future cars / Electrifying

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We find it tough to conceal how thrilled we are by the Citroen . And from the reaction we needed to our very first drive video in is anything to pass we understand you do too!

But the huge question is, how much of that thinking will we ever get to experience in real life driving? The Oli may be just a one off program automobile, however Citroen is committed to introducing as many components as possible to its next-generation of electrical cars and trucks. Designers and employers insist that there is absolutely nothing on the Oli that can't be utilized on proper production designs – which is great news for those people desiring, lighter, more affordable and more effective vehicles.

But which bits will make the grade? Sign up with Ginny as she takes a close look around the Oli in the UK for the first time and names the 10 features that Citroen will present on future cars. Which components are your favourites? Let us understand in the remarks listed below – we constantly like to hear your views.

And don't forget to check out Ginny's drive of the Oli on the streets of in our World Exclusive First Drive:

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23 responses to “Citroen oli. We name the TEN amazing features coming to ALL future cars / Electrifying”

  1. SNG S Avatar
    SNG S

    Nice…Ginny! Happy to see you back in Olli! Hopefully, Olli will become a reality!

  2. Max Siegieda Avatar
    Max Siegieda

    I’d like them to produce the Oli. I keep wanting an Ami’s simplicity and size but with the practicality to be your only car (at least 3 seats, motorway capable, reasonable range).

    1. Be Low Below Avatar
      Be Low Below

      There was such a car, it was called the Mia electric. 3 seat french early electric car

    2. Max Siegieda Avatar
      Max Siegieda

      @Be Low Below  there are a few cars that fit the size and range bill like a Renault zoe but I wouldn’t call them simple. If the air conditioning ever breaks I’ve heard that costs half as much as the car to fix. The VW E-up is close if you can find one.

    3. Ben Holroyd Avatar
      Ben Holroyd

      Yes. We desperately need some kind of kei class car for EVs. Something that’s capable of motorway driving but without all the modern safety stuff.

      There’s loads of cheap (£5000) electric cars in China that should be available in Europe.

      We’re 7 years away from an IC ban and we’ve got EVs that the average person can barely afford as a first car, let alone a second car.

  3. HF Fletcher Avatar
    HF Fletcher

    Amazing tech & engineering Ginny. Looks though?? Yes Ginny I do remember cassettes 😂.

  4. Hutch Avatar

    Does nobody review these videos before they go out 😂

  5. Carel Avatar

    My favourite EV channel ❤

  6. D Z Avatar
    D Z

    I wonder what the euroncap rating will be. I think safety is also important

  7. ocker mmm Avatar
    ocker mmm

    Nice to see that one year on, Citroen is still promoting oli to the press and the public as a future vision of how cars can be made more environmentally friendly and efficient yet desireable. I was not as happy for the editing of this video. It had awkward silences between segments. The video does not flow as well as your previous Oli video. Also your voiceover audio sounds like it was recorded in your bedroom closet. But please carry on.

  8. Jonathan Taylor Avatar
    Jonathan Taylor

    Oh my gosh, Ginny…!
    You made me wait SO long to hear the most important aspect of the Oli that I desperately hoped will make it to production- those incredibly light, strong and fully recyclable body panels… PHEW…!
    Lightness = efficiency = job done… 👍

  9. Wayne Blackburn Avatar
    Wayne Blackburn

    Citroen do seem to be considering a lot of the issues regarding sustainability and it’ll be good seeing these coming through into production. The phone idea is interesting but care is required to ensure nothing essential relies on that – you don’t want to be stranded because you’ve lost your phone or had it stolen.

  10. Vincent Ouwehand Avatar
    Vincent Ouwehand

    From the amazing things i have my doubts on a few of them.
    3: Retirement plans.
    – It sounds great to use all kinds of non oil based material for tire production, no doubt there is enough of the materials around (doubt it) to provide the world with all the tires it needs.
    – Right now a owner goes to a tire shop and in less then an hour (s)he has 4 new tires and drives off. Resurfacing sounds great but is a lengthy process. Maybe the industry will give you new tires and send the old ones back for re-threading, maybe not. This may be a good thing for the industry to go through.

    6: The smarter phone:
    – Although i think they are on the right track, what is in the Oli completely misses the mark. Not only do we use the phone for music, but it is a main form of nav software for most people. So unless they put a screen in the Oli it is pointless as it will not get used by the majority for it takes away the nav option the phone provides.
    The idea behind it is right, use that computer in your pocket to do things, it is better then what a car can provide. But unless they provide a smooth working display for it, so all the functions get unlocked it is sort of pointless.

    I do like the concepts look and ideas, it makes me think of the first series Citroen C4 Cactus (that is still drive after 8 years, lovely car), some of the same ideas behind it. Light, features that reduce the need for certain things (wiper spray in the blades as it uses less water, thus a smaller wiper tank), quirky looks. I would love to see this as a replacement for that cactus, as long as it has a screen on the dash so i can use it to navigate. Oh and maybe another 25% battery for my business drives, 250 miles is just a little too short for what i need.

  11. Mika Davies Avatar
    Mika Davies

    Nice to see Citroën returning to their 2CV simplistic roots! So many lightweight ideas…. brilliant design , with fresh thinking. 100% sure that you wouldn’t see this fresh thinking on a German brand!

  12. Keith Reynolds Avatar
    Keith Reynolds

    How would you clean the honeycomb seat backs? Would they have some kind of cover? How do you keep the phone slot clean? Good optimistic video thank You.

  13. Grizzly HP2 Avatar
    Grizzly HP2

    Yes, We want one, and would buy one, when that range is indeed around 250mls, and the Price is below €25.000.

  14. john sweet Avatar
    john sweet

    The windscreen point isn’t particularly useful – in the summer when it’s hot you’re getting best performance out of the battery anyway. I’d be more worried about good aero in the winter to maximise range when the battery is at its worst?

  15. Lars Olivius Avatar
    Lars Olivius

    This car should definitely enter into production!

  16. David M Avatar
    David M

    Citroën! Just put this out. I reckon you would be really surprised at the sale figures.

  17. Alex Avatar

    Just make the Oli, I’ll buy one, we’ll all buy one..

  18. Tony Barton Avatar
    Tony Barton

    Great concept hope they bring it out + when’s Stanley coming out 🤪😂😂😊👍

  19. Diogenes Devletoglou Avatar
    Diogenes Devletoglou

    Citroen is on the right track here. Electric driving and driving in general in the future is not who will make the fastest supercar but who will make the safest and more practical one. Given the various restrictions coming with electricity, like difficulty in storing energy, or weight, etc we do need to limit (somewhat) top speed but add all sorts of technology including autonomous driving. And no more accidents! Oli has nailed it, everything but the vertical windscreen. But the idea is correct: protect the interior from overheating. Yes we definitely need more ideas like these! Good job Citroen

  20. Seve Sellors Avatar
    Seve Sellors

    Nice to see something quirky, not seen an Ami on the road yet , this car could be good if the price is right, and if VW,bRenault and Dacia all come in with sub £22,000 cars then things will get exciting providing there is a massive expansion on public charging and the price of electricity doesn’t get too high, or are we going to see another diesel scenario. The EU have now put their plans back to 2035.

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