Buzz goes LARGE: VW ID. Buzz LWB 7-Seater FIRST LOOK | Electrifying

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Read the preview:

It's obvious that we're a bit in love with the Volkswagen ID. Buzz here at .com. It's a practical household vehicle with a sense of enjoyable and is perfectly designed. Add the big dose of nostalgia we feel whenever we get behind the wheel and you have one of the most appealing and enjoyable on the marketplace.

However even we will confess that it has limitations. Regardless of its vast size, buyers of the launch design have actually only been able to have five seats, while the 77kWh battery doesn't precisely sit will with long distance hauls. However here is the variation which appears to have the answers. It's the Buzz with more bus– as it's a longer, bigger, and quicker seven-seater.

Perhaps most notably– Volkswagen is FINALLY fixing the infotainment too!

The Buzz we are utilized to– which is now called the 'normal' wheel base – is 4,712 mm long. This Long wheelbase variation measures an extra 250mm in between the wheels.

That additional 250 mm is partially used up by bigger doors 192 mm, and a bit extra in between the door and rear wheel. The bigger doors likewise have electrically moving windows now too. The larger Buzz can be utilized as a five-seater with a big boot, a six-seater with private seats and armrests in the second row of seats and as a seven-seater.

A three-seater bench seat is utilized as standard in this 2nd row of seats. The back-rests can be reclined by 16 degrees to make it more comfortable, and the bench can be moved forwards and backwards by 200 mm, either totally or in sections

In the five-seater configuration, the load up to the upper edge of the back-rests results in a volume of 1,340 litres– about the like a mid-size SUV with the seats folded down.

The long-wheelbase Buzz will be offered with two battery sizes. The first is the 77kWh which we have already seen. However a brand-new, larger 85 kWh pack is also available, which comes with a more effective 282 bhp motor. That improves the 0-62mph time by 2.3 seconds to 7.9 seconds.

And that's not all: a four-wheel drive version called the GTX will use two motors to offer an output of 335 bhp will be coming later on in 2024. That will have a GTI-like 6.4 second 0-62 time. The battery can be charged quicker too, at up to 200 kW at a suitable DC battery charger, indicating a 10 to 80 percent top up takes 25 minutes. To speed things up a lot more, it includes the Tesla-like "Plug & Charge" system which suggests the activation and billing is automatic, without the requirement for charging cards or apps.

There are no main range figures yet for this model and we need to be sincere, the efficiency of the Buzz hasn't been the best when we've had them. However there is a brand-new heat pump to increase effectiveness in colder weather.

Join Ginny as she takes a close take a look around the brand-new Volkswagen ID. Buzz LWB ahead of its arrival in the UK next year. What do you believe? Should this version become part of the range from the start? Do you think it's still missing some features? As constantly, let us understand in the comments listed below.

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34 responses to “Buzz goes LARGE: VW ID. Buzz LWB 7-Seater FIRST LOOK | Electrifying”

  1. Mark R Avatar
    Mark R

    I have only had my Buzz for a week (which is great)and was worried i would want to upgrade to the LWB as soon as announced but the battery isn’t much bigger and it’s main negative for me the rear bench seat is just the same-

    1. Pongo Pygmaeus Avatar
      Pongo Pygmaeus

      I’m afraid I find the Buzz interior uninspiring compared to an original Espace TSE, which you could have with captain chairs and turn the centre row seat into a table. Instead this is not much more than a smart estate car to me, hopefully Renault maybe come along with a new Espace, Buzz is a nice car though enjoy.


    I always find it strange that BHP is always mentioned when Torque is usually the impressive number with electric motors. It’s the huge Torque that gives you the kick in the pants feeling.
    I did look it up for the higher powered version
    413 ft lbf = 559.95 N·m

    1. DeezjaVu Avatar

      Horsepower affects insurance rates and is thus important when buying or comparing vehicles.

    2. BACONBUTTTIES  Avatar

      @DeezjaVu Torque is important to me and many others, so just include it.

  3. Artel Avatar

    GTX long wheelbase, twin motor, big battery, get a move on VW😊 I want this now

    1. Alex Avatar

      which will probably cost 90 grand

  4. drxym Avatar

    Imagine if some brand like MG sold an affordable bus EV without the ludicrous markup of VW. They’d sell like hotcakes.

    1. Hank Moody Avatar
      Hank Moody

      Have you checked out car prices lately? An electric Renault Kangoo starts at 40k€…

    2. Phuket Explorer Avatar
      Phuket Explorer

      They’ve got their Cybster sports car all wrong, so don’t expect them to do anything sensible with regards to a van

    3. Bruno  Heggli Avatar
      Bruno Heggli

      Why you always want it cheap?Would you like to work for way less?The ID Buzz is worth the money!

    4. drxym Avatar

      @Bruno Heggli I’d want it cheap because there is no reason it should be so damned expensive and like most people price matters. The ID Buzz normal version is mechanically almost identical to an ID.4, sharing the same platform and yet it’s £20,000+ more for what reason? This is just ludicrously, piss takingly expensive and if VW want to gouge people then there is open opportunity for other manufacturers to sell a similar vehicle for a lot less money.

    5. drxym Avatar

      @Phuket Explorer Unless there is something fundamentally broken in the car when it goes out for reviews, I think the Cyberster sales will be off the charts.

  5. Zwaluww Avatar

    I’m glad USA has gotten it’s priorities straight: Illuminated grille logo is allowed, but not matrix headlights, which is a matter of safety.

    1. kelvin Avatar


  6. Darren Aitcheson Avatar
    Darren Aitcheson

    Depending on the price and the range, I would’ve thought this might sell like hotcakes. But if VW screws up on either of those (and the infotainment system, and their stupid subscription model), it won’t.

  7. Bryan davies Avatar
    Bryan davies

    Buzz over EV9 every time. The latter may have better V2L and arguably a better driver interface, but it seems to have been beaten with the ugly stick. Whereas the Buzz has charm and those sliding doors. That charm should stand the test of time.

    1. Pad A Avatar
      Pad A

      Kia EV9 wins on price as it’s £60k but people buying the buzz are going for the looks but if I had that sort of money and wanted a 7 seat I’d probably go for the maxus £32k

  8. Ian Ackery Avatar
    Ian Ackery

    Buzz goes large indeed – well the price will be extremely large and the range extremely low. Notice they haven’t said anything about range in the press release.

    1. Bruno  Heggli Avatar
      Bruno Heggli

      Its just normal that a Minibus has a high windresistents!Whats wrong with a high prce?

  9. #buzzofftoxic Blog Avatar
    #buzzofftoxic Blog

    😊 my name is buzz. I would have to have one. I think I would have the short wheelbase but it would have to be the all-wheel drive with a lot more speed with a lighting up badge 😅

  10. Bryan Wiltshire Avatar
    Bryan Wiltshire

    Easy choice for me, LWB Buzz all day long 👍🏻

  11. burropoco Avatar

    Love it. More choice across manufacturers and in every segment will probably also mean that overall wait times will reduce which can only be good.

  12. alistairjl Avatar

    New heat pump?! Yay – hoping that goes across the ID family.

  13. Grizzly HP2 Avatar
    Grizzly HP2

    I love the Buzz, i hate the exorbitant price.
    Early May, we went to Electricbrands in Eppertshausen where the Xbus is developed.
    That one has more potential to be affordable for the masses, with a starting price of €18.000.
    9 different models with a Cabrio, a Kipper and a Camper model with a range up to 600km and with solar panels standard. Probably will be build starting this year at VDL netcars in Netherlands.
    Increasingly heavy, wastfull and obese EV’s are not the way to the future. Lightweight is more common sense.

    1. kevin lally Avatar
      kevin lally

      I agree – I love the design and principles of the xBus and the Canoo – we really don’t need GT versions of cars that can out-sprint a Porsche. We need lightweight, modest-speed and modest-priced transport.

  14. Seth Pinnock Avatar
    Seth Pinnock

    This choice has my head buzzing however I am leading to the EV9. I am terrified of the actual prices they will be sold for and that they will. Be targets for theft

  15. A J Wright Avatar
    A J Wright

    I’ve been waiting for this, keeping my venerable, though fully kitted Espace IV ticking along for long enough to be a very early waiting lister… However, Only 2 ISO Fix for the middle row.
    Instant worry until at least one is out of a booster.
    Absolutely gutting. Still stunning, but actually no more practical – but at least it’s electric.

    1. David Polak Avatar
      David Polak

      Are you sure about the Isofix anchorages? She mentioned six, so all seats except (luckily) the driver seat.

  16. Madonsteamrailways Avatar

    I originally thought of getting an ID Buzz but the Vauxhall Combo Life Electric is good for camping as a micro camper is available from Wheelhome.

  17. Pedro Sanches Avatar
    Pedro Sanches

    Anxious for the California version!!!!

  18. G Cam Avatar
    G Cam

    Can it Tow? Will it have better efficiency than the 2kW/Mile that some owners reported! And Im sure the software will have no Bugs (Pun Intended)

  19. Toby Bushnell Avatar
    Toby Bushnell

    This looks great. It won’t be cheap though! Be interesting to see how it compares with the EV9 on efficiency.

  20. JB9000x Avatar

    They could easily have fitted 7 seats in the short version. 7 seats in many smaller vehicles

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