Toyota Made First Ever TALKING Car That SHOCKS The Entire World!

Toyota presented an all brand-new that has consisted of and this brand-new Toyota speak with it's motorists.

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4 responses to “Toyota Made First Ever TALKING Car That SHOCKS The Entire World!”

  1. Shaniloka369 Avatar

    Why don’t they make an ev car that tells you what needs to be repaired

  2. h7opolo Avatar

    i’ve been holding off on buying a new vehicle until something truly revolutionary comes along such as this. well done, toyota.

  3. Theodore Haskins Avatar
    Theodore Haskins

    So what makes you think that this is so revolutionary that nobody’s ever thought about it? Toyota is dead, in fact all of these legacy auto manufacturers are dead. It’s just a matter of time before every single one of them will be heading to bankruptcy court. A talking car, a manual shift transmission in an electric car. Yeah! Right! That makes a lot of sense, to maybe someone who just had a lobotomy! 😁😁😁

  4. DJB Avatar

    If I ever have a taking car, I prefer to be able to choose and shape the personality that interacts with me. I don’t want a cutesy, clingy, childlike voice. I want something I can talk with not just too.

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