Tesla Model Y 2023 Update Is Here And SHOCKS Everyone!

Tesla's brand- Design Y update is here and here's whatever we know about the most recent and most exceptional Tesla electrical vehicle, the Tesla Design Y. The Tesla Design Y was an instant hit with the general public when it came out back in 2019, much more so than its sis vehicle, the Tesla Model 3. The Model Y has regularly been the very popular Tesla model, carefully followed by the Design 3, and the best-selling , period. Over 700,000 Design Ys have actually been provided since it was first presented, which landed the Design Y in the leading 10 very popular lorries two years in a row, The upcoming update will be a revamp of the whole vehicle, including both the exterior and interior style and the powertrain along with it! The expected upgrade also bears a particular name: Project Juniper.


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  1. NorthernLight Kind Avatar
    NorthernLight Kind

    We that live in northern Scandinavia for exempel are still whaiting for a EV that will work up here. We have 6months of winter with temps +5 to -49 Fahrenheit (-20 – -45 Celsius) all winter and drive’n distanses often betvin 190-400miles (300-650km) of pure wilderness often without eny privat residens or infrastruktur to recharge betvin where you start and your destination….thats one way.
    Some EV’s clame 310-370 miles on full charge but thats in warm temps and apsolutly no extras like a heater/AC or a propper sound system no mather what the EV companys promis.

  2. Love u ok. Avatar
    Love u ok.

    I love it ❤❤🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉

  3. J.© Avatar

    Truck Electric?

  4. Kent M. Allen Avatar
    Kent M. Allen

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  6. Keith Lambert Avatar
    Keith Lambert

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