ALL-NEW Compressed Air Engine Will Disrupt The Car Market

EVs are a thing of the past due to the fact that a new, 0-emissions innovation has just been developed! Say hello to the , a brand new, extreme style that has actually set out to entirely reinvent the automobile industry and with it the way our entire world functions! This brand- offers unbelievable fuel-economy, and usefulness that outclasses both routine internal combustion engines and EVs and is likewise the most environmental option of the bunch!

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3 responses to “ALL-NEW Compressed Air Engine Will Disrupt The Car Market”

  1. @JungLeeTheDoctor Avatar

    This engine would actually work if they used supercritical CO2 and the brayton cycle. otherwise power output is way too low.

    1. @ChristopherLecky Avatar

      These people just jump from one thing to another without actually seeing anything, firstly EVs are currently powering essential innovation and secondly having one dominant solution applied world wide is extremely unhealth…

  2. @lylek8933 Avatar

    Tata motors tried but failed miserably. 🙂

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