12 New EV’s Coming To Roads This Year

2023 has actually already been a quite big year for electrical vehicles. But even with business like Tesla and Volkswagen having currently launched excellent additions to the and truck market, the very best is still yet to come.

Here are 12 more 's that are pertaining to roads this year! I bet you would not think them all!

00:00 – INTRO
00:18 – Number 12
01:34 – Number 11
02:50 – Number 10
03:50 – Number 09
04:55 – Number 08
06:11 – Number 07
07:15 – Number 06
07:45 – Number 05
08:51 – Number 04
09:56 – Number 03
10:39 – Number 02
11:18 – Number 01

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8 responses to “12 New EV’s Coming To Roads This Year”

  1. Robert Grant Avatar
    Robert Grant

    How long will Lithium last at this rate?

    1. T B Avatar
      T B

      Well there is about 26 billion kg of reserves (economically viable to process – there is around 90 billion kgs in total) , and about 10kg of lithium per EV battery (most of the battery is iron and nickel) – that’s around 2.6 Billion cars (if it were used for nothing else other than EV’s), but that’s only based the reserves we currently know about and on the amount used in an EV battery currently – the first is getting bigger, the second smaller. It’s also nearly 100% recoverable from dead batteries. We have a long way to go before this is an issue.

  2. Maravilhas da Engenharia Avatar
    Maravilhas da Engenharia


  3. J* Avatar

    Full adoption is the same as fusion…. Only 30yrs away 😂

    1. funbar solaris Avatar
      funbar solaris

      Nonsense they are already absolutely everywhere and nearly all major car manufactures have stopped production of non electric cars…. hardly 30 years away! More like 5 years ago

    2. J* Avatar

      ​@funbar solaris😂wishful thinking…

  4. Nick Usalis Knight Avatar
    Nick Usalis Knight

    More way overpriced mehhh. Yipee

    1. funbar solaris Avatar
      funbar solaris

      Compare to petrol prices, repair costs and incoming taxes/fees for polluting vehicles they will save a small fortune, especially if you buy extremely good value Chinese cars which are at insane price to quality ratio. Obviously you should be charging at home, and if you’ve been smart enough to install dirt cheap solar and battery storage its basically free fuel

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