10 Reasons Why Cybertruck is Tesla’s Biggest FAILURE!

Don't squander your time or money on Cubertuck. Here are 10 reasons!

Cubertuck is among the most significant failures in Tesla's history. From the high-cost materials to the inferior building, this item is a disaster. If you're thinking about buying a Tesla product, do not trouble picking Cubertuck– it's not worth the headache.

00:29 – Number 10
01:31 – Number 9
02:57 – Number 8
04:29 – Number 7
06:21 – Number 6
07:20 – Number 5
08:43 – Number 4
09:47 – Number 3
10:48 – Number 2
12:07 – Number 1

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16 responses to “10 Reasons Why Cybertruck is Tesla’s Biggest FAILURE!”

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  3. @florencioaviles408 Avatar

    Isn’t the cyber truck supposed to be the fastest production model truck?

    1. @gardoni Avatar

      It is

  4. @Seventh7Art Avatar

    Νumber 10: The RWD version is the least desired by customers, therefore it makes sense that its production is delayed. RWD truck is not something that customers really want. Very few actually choose this version. Number 9: 850 horsepower is more than enough. So is 0-60 in 2.6 seconds. Towing capacity is also adequate. Number 8: Initial price tags could not predict Covid19, the war in Ukraine or the war in Israel. The argument is simply idiotic…. 2019 suggested prices are 4 years old, so quit the nonsense… Competition offers inferior products, without steer by wire, no bullet resistant body, no rock resistant windows, with less ground clearance, less performance / acceleration and inferior software and hardware in general. Also, its competition offers smaller loadbed volume and surface area. Finally, prices of competing models are in reality fairly close to the Cybertruck, offering less value for money because Cybertruck is the superior product from all aspects of technology and numbers prove it. Just google the specs…

  5. @Seventh7Art Avatar

    Number 7: the Cybertruck is both a car/SUV and a pick up truck that can carry 1.1 ton of cargo, its weight is actually lighter than its competition, despite the use of a special stainless steel alloy, which makes the vehicle much tougher than its competition. It can take a lot of beating without receiving any damage and you fail to mention that….. or ignore it, in order to push your agenda. Number 6: Build quality was not good only in previous Tesla models. It is no longer a thing. Panel gaps photos show pre-production vehicles. Check the videos posted by real owners, to see the truth… Number 5: Panel replacement costs are not really high. It is actually easy to replace broken parts in very little time. Concealing scratches is a piece of cake, by the way. Also, only a serious car crash can damage one or more panels that might need replacement.

  6. @Seventh7Art Avatar

    Number 4: That is a lie. The promise was that the range would be around 500 miles. The dual motor version, combined with the optional range extender can provide 470 miles of range, which is close to what Elon had promised. Number 3: Drivers who own the Cybertruck say that the vehicle is very comfortable during cruise. So, you are spreading lies, again. Number 2: Again, more lies. EV sales go up rapidly, according to official statistics. Tesla and Chinese / Korean manufacturers see a rapid growth. Overall EV demand is surging. The problem is that Ford, GM and certain European legacy auto makers struggle to sell their inferior EVs, because their products are inferior, as simple as that. Value for money is what actually sells and in that regard, Tesla and Asian EV manufacturers lead the EV revolution, not legacy auto makers. As for problems and issues in general, it is the charging networks of non-Tesla companies that fail, not Tesla! Software glitches happen due to bad programming and guess what, in almost all cases they apply to other car makers, not Tesla!!! Tesla reliability is the highest among ALL EV makers and you are just lying!

    1. @brunoheggli2888 Avatar

      So you need the cheapest available Cybertruck right now for 80k and a you have to buy a 500 pound extra batteriepack that costs you 16k to drive maybe 470 miles!Total cost 96k

    2. @Seventh7Art Avatar

      @@brunoheggli2888 versus the competition which offers even less value for money, don’t forget that….

    3. @brunoheggli2888 Avatar

      @@Seventh7Art And you have a very small frunk and the additional batteriepack takes at least 25% of your bedspace away correct?

    4. @Seventh7Art Avatar

      @@brunoheggli2888 Yes. However, even the reduced bed space is still bigger than its competition’s specs… Google is your friend…

  7. @thavatutor Avatar

    Do a video on Chevy Blazer EV.

  8. @FizzleFX Avatar

    Underrated video ❤
    Though the end is a lot butt kissing
    Missed its moment?? It just sucks

  9. @davidbarnett6931 Avatar

    People don’t normally repair dents on their work trucks they just live with them. At least the stainless steel will resist denting better than a steel panel.

  10. @danfred579 Avatar

    Its a cool looking car????😂😂😂 pssshhh i dont know what cool is but I sure know what ugly is

  11. @NotTheStinkyCheese Avatar

    company promises things that it can’t do at release …
    colour me surprised (not!).
    Let’s name the biggest issue : it looks ugly as sin and might be a bigger danger to pedestrians than other trucks out there.

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