Why Creating the Ultimate Mini is taking longer than planned ! | Project PP – Ep5 | 4K

Producing the ultimate is taking longer than planned however we have actually made a lot progress. In this episode I join Darren to describe the progress on this impressive R52 construct. The engine is in and running in and the customized outside is taking shape nicely.


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20 responses to “Why Creating the Ultimate Mini is taking longer than planned ! | Project PP – Ep5 | 4K”

  1. stevie 007 Avatar
    stevie 007

    Darren !!!!!! mad as they come but a truly top guy👌👌👌👌

  2. Russell G Avatar
    Russell G

    Loving this project!

  3. Robert D Avatar
    Robert D

    Coming on nicely 😀

  4. Robert D Avatar
    Robert D

    I’m loving it. can’t wait to see it finished 👍🇬🇧

  5. Garry Matthews Avatar
    Garry Matthews

    Have to say love the wheels, any chance you might be getting a set?

  6. DM 800 Avatar
    DM 800

    Fantastic update, very well done Darren & PP. Exciting project and exiting times ahead, cannot wait. Cheers guys

  7. paul vallins Avatar
    paul vallins

    Enjoying this build P

  8. Michael Avatar

    Darren is working magic with this car.
    Will look good for a mini that’s for sure ✔️

  9. Matt Fochs Avatar
    Matt Fochs

    Would love to see the research on the scuttle scoops as there are designs that have the scoops facing forward (like in this video) and others with the scoops pointed towards the windscreen. There are conflicting conversations about if there is air forced in (the setup on this car) vs sucked in due to the negative pressure zone created off the windscreen turbulence (the reversed set up with the scoop pointing back)..

    1. Automotive Magic with the mulgari wizard Avatar
      Automotive Magic with the mulgari wizard

      This alteration is more about what happens to the air once it has passed through the scoop, since this is a forced induction engine it doesn’t need to be ‘scooped’ in but the air charge does need to have as little turbulence as possible hence having it drawn through a narrow opening into a void in the scuttle before entering the filter and intake pipe reduces the disruption in the air charge before the supercharger takes over.

  10. Mackem C Avatar
    Mackem C

    Great build so far can’t wait to see the finished article. Makes me think that mine needs to go back to Mulgari to have some more done….any ideas Darren for what’s next on mine???

  11. Steve Mitchell Avatar
    Steve Mitchell

    It’s looking absolutely fantastic and look forward to seeing the finished project

  12. Lewis Hunter Avatar
    Lewis Hunter

    Great update, but still no mention of red mud flaps? 🤔👍

  13. James Padbury Avatar
    James Padbury

    That is looking amazing 👍

  14. Tim Phillips Avatar
    Tim Phillips

    Looks sublime Pete, your video with a first look of the finished article is going to blow the utube universe apart 🎉

  15. John Brown Avatar
    John Brown

    What a build. Darren is a genius and seems to be a really genuine guy that I am sure I could spend hours and hours just talking cars with him. This series makes me think I sold my JCW in haste. I had always thought of converting my wing mirrors to carbon to match my bonnet scoop. I am not so sure about the rear aero but it may look better with the roof down so I will hold judgement until it is complete. Really looking forward to completion and the exhaust routing to either side is on point.

  16. Paul Young Avatar
    Paul Young

    Looks absolutely amazing. Looking forward to the next episode already. Definitely think we shouldn’t have sold our JCW convertible😢😢. Would love to know what the budget is and who the lucky owner is!?

  17. Anthony Smith Avatar
    Anthony Smith

    It’s really loving this build , can’t wait for the next one

  18. Gordon MacKenzie Avatar
    Gordon MacKenzie

    Just to let you know it’s Winter 🥶 Just followed a gritter on my way back from Aldi. Roads being salted at sea level in November.

  19. Trev Avatar

    Love the wheels you’ve chosen. Darren is mad as a box of frogs and mucho funo. PP is going to be one special motor, Pete, just don’t drive on the roads around me or you’ll have no bumpers!

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