We had to rebuild the engine AGAIN ! | Project PP – Ep6 | 4K

This task is taking way longer than planned and we have actually needed to rebuild the engine once again !!

There has actually been much development considering that the last upgrade. The custom Milltek exhaust is now total and looking remarkable and work has actually begun on the custom Cobra Negaro container seats and interior.



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Video Contents

00:00 – Invite back to
01:09 – More Engine Issues
08:38 – Customized Milltek Exhaust and Engine Start
12:34 – Custom Cobra Seats

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21 responses to “We had to rebuild the engine AGAIN ! | Project PP – Ep6 | 4K”

  1. @Alberta_Duren64 Avatar

    Lying at home with corona sucks but the videos improve the whole thing by 1000% love you‍❤️‍

    1. @Yorkshiremadmick Avatar

      You should try Stella Artois so much better than Corona or a Desperado 👊🏻
      Hope you feel better 🔜

  2. @francoisg3500 Avatar

    Evening all! Hope everyone is doing well and have a great week ahead.

  3. @garrymatthews4430 Avatar

    Have to say that sounds nothing like a Mini I know, well done guys

  4. @HollyTuch Avatar

    The level of thoughtfulness and consideration in this community is truly remarkable. It’s inspiring.😻

  5. @GRfourfun Avatar

    I think it should be renamed Project okey cokey 😉 Jokes apart it’s coming along really nicely mate, Darren is such a lovely bloke and I love his attention to detail.

  6. @mackemc3021 Avatar

    Great watch as per usual Peter. Really informative and nice to see how much work Darren puts in to these vehicles.

    I know what his attention to detail is like as my project has taken 15 months so far and is still an ongoing process.

    On that point I can’t wait for the review you’re going to do on mine and to get your views on the new icon2 we’ve designed and built together.

  7. @1BLUEMEANIE Avatar

    This is better than project binky 👍

  8. @dangreasley7934 Avatar

    Thanks for this, fascinating to see how these projects come together. The engineering is incredible.

  9. @jogonbeaky Avatar

    Excited to know when the reveal is – will bring my Clubman (fixed by Mulgari)

  10. @daggidding4478 Avatar

    Hopefully everything is working fine now, so that you can enjoy it when the weather is improving.
    I had a similar problem with the rebuild of my engine; pistons and rings had to be renewed, because of smoke, which is essentially burning oil.

  11. @stevie007 Avatar

    👌👌Hi Peds 👌👌

  12. @watchcommander2012 Avatar

    It’s clear the final product is going to look fantastic well done all looking forward to the next instalment

  13. @AndrewMcDonald Avatar

    Makes me want to go back to my 03 Cooper S!

  14. @trev8591 Avatar

    Coming along nicely, especially with the engine setback. Darren is a natural on camera!

  15. @Anthonys41 Avatar

    So pleased to see progress here can’t wait for the final build video!

  16. @jamespadbury4302 Avatar

    That’s coming along nicely and sound awesome. Can’t wait to see the next step. 👍

  17. @HawkMillFarm Avatar

    I’m sure the welding on those exhaust tips got cleaned up. Not that I’m a coded welder of any sort but if a jobs worth doing…

  18. @mrmawson2438 Avatar

    Evening mate

  19. @boboc155 Avatar

    Looks like you’re in the final corner, excellent work! Was good to hear Darren‘s thoughts on the strut brace. Definitely something I need to look at on my F57

  20. @mrmawson2438 Avatar

    Cheers guys

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