Taycan Turbo GT going after Tesla records and smashing Laguna Seca | MW180


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22 responses to “Taycan Turbo GT going after Tesla records and smashing Laguna Seca | MW180”

  1. @Jake.Warren Avatar

    Good evening everyone!
    Great to meet and chat with you PP last Friday at Berry’s, it was a great evening. And the Mini Electric made it back to Bristol without any problems! (and it doesn’t have a jack!)

  2. @anthonyfinch4401 Avatar

    Evening! Hope you’re feeling better

  3. @garrymatthews4430 Avatar

    Enjoy the Japan trip I think you will love the place. Remeber you can get anything from a vending machine

  4. @andyhunt457 Avatar

    I’ve not had a puncture for about 30 yrs but my family have had loads.still have a jack just in case 😅

  5. @wamgoc Avatar

    Think you need to call you channel Electro Ped!

    1. @PetrolPed Avatar

      Yeah cos in the next two weeks you’ve got videos with a Haybusa engined track car, AMG powered Lotus Emira and a McLaren 750S…petrol enough for you 🤷‍♂️😜

  6. @Steve-Hutch Avatar

    X5 and M4 no jacks or spare wheels, but i do have a trolly jack which comes in very handy. Have a great trip to Japan.

  7. @johnnodge4327 Avatar

    All modern cars have reinforced lift points on each end of the sills. These are where a factory tyre changing jack will be placed, but also where the 4 lift pads of a 2 post would be placed for lifting the vehicle to a working hight during maintenance.

  8. @jeffbrooker5183 Avatar

    I am sorry you are not feeling well. Hang in there. I look forward to hearing out your upcoming adventures.

  9. @richardalterman8390 Avatar

    Always added spare wheel on my new Minis( 4 so far) all with a jack supplied.

  10. @londoncentral Avatar

    Hi Pete. Mini cooper S R52 came with Runflats😮No spare but came with a scissor jack . Of course the first thing I did, fitted Michelin Pilot Sports . Wife’s 2015 Focus Spare wheel and jack

  11. @edmoses2049 Avatar

    Get well soon – and I want to say that it was fun at BMW last Friday.

  12. @georgewallerlll496 Avatar

    I think Harry, from Harry’s Garage has driven the Emira, both versions if I’m not mistaken!

  13. @philipguacci6452 Avatar

    Get well soon. My 16 year old Golf has the spare wheel of shame, space saver. Jack and tools included. Mums 25 year old Subaru has 4 alloys But the spare is a full size steel wheel. Jack and tools included. It also has a cassette player! Prices for used cars down under are keeping us in our older cars. I make sure to maintain both. New cars are hard to come by. Cheers from down under.

  14. @user-ci8wv1vd2b Avatar

    I can beat Tasmania! Joining from Auckland, NZ! Great podcast

  15. @ianmelling-xt9ht Avatar

    Well Pete got to be worth a mention on the Celebrity Infinity sailing from Cyprus to Rhodes tonight see you next week as normal.

  16. @malcolmbennett3555 Avatar

    like the new format, get well soon, from near Calgary Alberta, Canada

  17. @tomashley5869 Avatar

    Hang in there, Pete! Hope you’re feeling better, and have a decent second half of the week. Cheers, Tom

  18. @jefferiespj1 Avatar

    Hope you feel better soon Pete 👍

  19. @guylambrechts2303 Avatar

    Only one of our 3 cars has a jack and spare and it’s somewhere in the garage. Great seal interpretation!

  20. @davidbennetto9667 Avatar

    Hi Peter, many thank for last Saturday. Really enjoyed the evening. Niff was great to meet. Small world, ask Tracey if she nows Mountcharles and Porthpean Road. I lived there until 1999.

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