Porsche 718 Boxster GTS – 9 Months of Ownership and the most expensive tyres EVER ! | 4K

I have actually had my GTS for 9 months now. It was my dream to own a however has the truth lived up to the dream. What have I learned about the car and are there any things I'm not delighted with?

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Video Contents
00:00 – How can it be 9 months!
01:50 – PPF and Grills!
04:39 – Milltek Exhaust
07:00 – The most costly tires!
09:34 – Dropping the roofing!
10:00 – Interior and Trip Plans!
13:48 – Drive Modes
17:19 – Pushing on a bit !!

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21 responses to “Porsche 718 Boxster GTS – 9 Months of Ownership and the most expensive tyres EVER ! | 4K”

  1. Allan Carr Avatar
    Allan Carr

    I’ve loved my Boxster S, it’s been the best car I’ve owned.

  2. Joe Achilles Avatar
    Joe Achilles

    Great video buddy (10 mins in anyways)! Can’t believe it’s been 9 months already…. We need to take that and my M2 somewhere fruity 😉

    1. Petrol Ped Avatar
      Petrol Ped

      We sure do 👊

  3. Bizzie1956 Avatar

    Great video Ped love that you have gone over to 4k I’m very jealous of your car but I know that I will never own a car like this but back in the day I had a lotus Cortina MK1 then I had a Triumph Dolomites Sprint followed by a Renault Gt Turbo MK1and my best car I have ever owned was a 3 litre BMW convertible that was my favourite car ever

  4. AoToGo Avatar

    Hi Pete, surely a decent PDK has to be the best of both worlds ! I think the spec of this car is spot on and the ppf really is a sensible addition. Very much looking forward to your upcoming videos covering the “drive trip” it would be superb if you could get a lap with Misha Charoudin on the Nordschleife 🤣😀. It does seem in France you were royally ripped off re the tyres, there is a great argument for space saver spare wheel 😉 Ps the bike that overtook you was a BMW K1600 GTL, it’s an inline 6 cylinder, 1600cc, 160bhp, crazy torque bike, he had oodles in reserve and probably had a better view of the road ahead than you did, lol😀

  5. John S14a Avatar
    John S14a

    It’s a lovely car with a great spec. That exhaust is just right I think.

  6. Fishtigua Avatar

    The front end turn-in looked so positive with the new tyres, even on a cold and damp day. GTS spec is always the best deal on a Porker, like having clean urinals all to yourself at the Pub. 😁😄🤣

  7. Ian Banister Avatar
    Ian Banister

    Does sound better with that Miltek on it Pete 👍🏻

    Driven a number of Caymans through work & did consider one before the covid price hike 🤦 but although the 718 is no doubt a better car, I preferred the 981 flat 6 engine.

    The road trip sounds epic !

  8. Petrol Ped Avatar
    Petrol Ped

    If you are interested in joining my on the Podium Tours drive tour to Spa and the Ring you can find more info here…

  9. Alasdair Wilson Avatar
    Alasdair Wilson

    Good honest review.Glad you are still loving the car.It does look really nice.Hope you will be doing a vid on the tour in April.Sounds fantastic.

  10. HQBProductions Avatar

    I’m so pleased that you have a “perfect” Porsche that brings you great pleasure…enjoy every moment of it and I know this sounds daft, but take plenty of pictures of it..one’s to keep and look back on. I have just one picture of my first car despite owning it for five years, two of my Morris 1300GT (and both hopeless) and three of my Ford Capri….now, 49 years on, I just wish I had some to look back on. I have never driven a Porsche but a friend bought a sound but well used 2002 Boxter and it was still “special” and later swapped for a 997 Carrera 4S which she still has. I fear time is running out for me to buy any more special cars and Hilary cannot get in my SL because of osteoarthritis so that is facing a one way trip but I just love driving it…but not on my own now. We are NOT “falling apart” but Peter…just savour every moment…do all you can today..not tomorrow.. Safe driving!! Richard 🙂🙂🙂🙂

  11. Me Avatar

    Love the commentary from a regular, car loving person like yourself. So tired of the wealthy YouTubers with collections of pricey cars. You genuinely appreciate these cars, as opposed to some, who change them like watches.

    I wish you many many happy miles.

  12. graham inkpen Avatar
    graham inkpen

    They are lovely and that one’s lovely, though a 987 / 981 Boxster gives you more of an emotional driving experience. I just love the rasp of a Porsche 6

  13. Neil Barden Avatar
    Neil Barden

    Definitely drive a lap or two of the Ring if you can. Did it for the first time last year and it was honestly the most exhilarating and satisfying track driving I’ve ever done. Keeping it safe rather than fast, but still a lot of fun.

  14. Mark Lotinga Avatar
    Mark Lotinga

    I’m pleased that you’re still pleased with the car.
    Looks like you have some fine roads l presume near to where you live to take it out on.
    As it became clear that you had a motorcyclist behind you l was wondering what he might do, and he did that!
    Another fine video only spoilt by the 8,000 sets of pointless adverts.
    I guess those new tyres won’t pay for themselves! 😁

  15. reinmansmith Avatar

    Beautiful car and great to see you enjoying it 👍 …. Will look forward to your video on the financing of it. As you say, in the real world it’s a major commitment for most of us!

  16. Simon Davey Avatar
    Simon Davey

    This is why I love your channel, great car that is appreciated by it’s owner and not some YouTuber flipping numerous brand new shiny cars that all cost telephone numbers.

  17. Cinq '66 Avatar
    Cinq ’66

    Great car, great video and it clearly shows you love it but I didn’t expect anything else! Tyre wise the PS 4S is a great choice. Grip with the Cup 2’s (at operating temperature) however is something you have to experience for yourself to believe it.

  18. Evan John Avatar
    Evan John

    That’s the best sounding exhaust I’ve heard in ages, and from a flat 4

  19. eSysman SuperYachts Avatar
    eSysman SuperYachts

    When I owned my old 981 Boxster S I had a GTS like yours when it was boing serviced. It was clearly a better car in terms of performance and handling. You could feel subtle improvements everywhere. But when I got my car back, that flat 6 made the experience just better. The 981 Boxster is I think the sweet spot. Get a 981 GTS and you have the best Boxster. I now own a 718 Spyder but because of the OPF the sound has been ruined really. I have a device that stops the valves closing and it helps but still nowhere near the old cars. The Spyder is an amazing car but the soundtrack is missing.

  20. Steve Luck Avatar
    Steve Luck

    Love the look of Lady P. I think the sound is great. It has its own sound and without doubt the power delivery is a step up on the flat 6 that’s in my 981. The tour sounds epic. id love to do that but we will have just returned from a family hol so too soon for me. Maybe next year though. And for what its worth, I did the Nurburgring a few years ago and did one lap late on a Friday evening when it was pretty clear. It’s an incredible experience unlike any other road/track. Once i’d done it once, it was ticked off and then I just enjoyed watching everyone else with a beer in my hand. The roads around the ring are also incredible.

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