New Volvo XC90: You won’t believe what’s changed!

Meet the new XC90!

's 7-seater behemoth has actually been upgraded, and it has competitors like the Land Rover Discovery and Audi Q7 in its sights! But is it the clever choice? Let's find out …

For starters, the outside style hasn't changed much compared to the old model. Although that's not precisely a bad thing! Sure it's quite chunky, but what do you anticipate from a 7-seat SUV?! In either case, seeing a couple of more updates would have been great.

Take a step within, and it's a similar story! You'll find some brand-new extra-comfortable seats up front, along with a few updates such as a cordless charging pad, but otherwise, it's all quite comparable to the old XC90. There's a large portrait infotainment screen on the dash, but to be honest, it's all a bit old-fashioned now. At least the cabin is full of soft-touch, nice products.

Under the bonnet, there's very little to pick from, with all XC90s rolling up with a 2-litre 4-cylinder engine. The range-topper is the T8 plug-in hybrid we have here, with the engine integrated with an electric motor to provide 455hp.

Costs for the XC90 start from just north of β‚€ 60,000 … However is it worth it? You'll need to stick to Mat and see on your own!

00:00 Introduction
00:35 Design
01:51 Interior
03:33 Rear seats
05:57 Boot
07:41 5 Annoying Things
09:04 5 Advantages
10:41 Engines
11:36 Town Driving
14:22 Motorway Driving
15:26 Back Road Driving
16:51 Verdict

Mat's choice:

BMW X5 :

Land Rover Discovery evaluation:

Audi SQ7 evaluation:

Offer your automobile with :

… … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … David Attenborough Photography Credit:- By John
Cairns -The Bodleian Libraries, CC BY 4.0,.
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58 responses to “New Volvo XC90: You won’t believe what’s changed!”

  1. carwow Avatar

    Describe the Volvo XC90 in ONE word below!

    1. TCM_Tatra Avatar


    2. Peter Damen Avatar
      Peter Damen

      @i like bread (: Chinese 😞

    3. Si Raff Avatar
      Si Raff


    4. Stekkerbox Avatar

      @i like bread (: china

    5. senraXD Avatar


  2. Mano Z Avatar
    Mano Z

    Such a great timeless design. I’ve driven the XC60 and loved it, well apart from the white seats lol

    1. TELE_G_R_AM πŸ™ ExpertCarWow Avatar
      TELE_G_R_AM πŸ™ ExpertCarWow


    2. Tribalsun Avatar

      XC60 still rocks. And the XC90 also. This design of new Volvos are aging just fine like old fine wine. πŸ˜ƒ

  3. Connortown96 Avatar

    It’s a great car and nice to have a luxury SUV that isn’t pretentious.

    1. 1CORINTHIANS 15:1-4 KJV Avatar
      1CORINTHIANS 15:1-4 KJV

      @Aware of Vacuity I actually agree. There is nothing about modern SUV’s, that the MPV’s did not do better and to a fraction of the price. You could go offroad in a SUV, but in this one not by much and no one ever really do anyway, so what is the point!

    2. Tribalsun Avatar

      I think Volvo XC90 is still a nice suv to travel long distances. Safe, comfortable, elegant. It aged fine. Like good wine.
      My preference in this segment is :

      1st place. Porsche Cayenne because I like a suv wth more sporty feeling into it.

      2nd place. BMW X5

      3rd place. Volvo XC90 T8 455 hp with top level equipment. more discreet and refined.

      4th place. Mercedes GLE. Very good suv but it is a little bit too show off with all those lights inside… looms like a discotheque. Not my style.

      5th place. Audi Q7

    3. alangil40 Avatar

      @1CORINTHIANS 15:1-4 KJV We had a 2005 XC90 and now we have a 2012 Audi Q7 still going strong at 160k miles. I live in Colorado and our SUV definitely goes off road for camping or remote trailhead access. I also have a Tesla Model S for daily driving as well as a few 6-speed manual cars for driving fun, and while a good touring car can also go off-road, my kids take our SUV skiing and load it up with 6 of their friends and gear. It would take two smaller cars to accomplish that, so there is definitely non-pretentious and efficient uses for SUVs. And when the kids were younger we regularly had them plus a weekend’s worth of gear loaded for mountain trips that would have been tough to do in a non-SUV.

    4. D2cbro Avatar

      ​​@Tribalsun yes and it’s the top of 3 rows imo. none of the others you listed are 3 row, right?

    5. barry heller Avatar
      barry heller

      @LeahAnn Lafemmebear Music Mitchell Volvos are very reliable vehicles. They are a lot better made than Mercedes BMW or Land Rover.

  4. Ivan Avatar

    The good thing about them not updating it visually, is it shows how much uglier the re-designs for the other manufacturers have been.

    1. TELE_G_R_AM πŸ™ ExpertCarWow Avatar
      TELE_G_R_AM πŸ™ ExpertCarWow


    2. Emilios Powerballer Avatar
      Emilios Powerballer

      Problen with that is Volvo will eventually be forced to change that because of others manufacturers, otherwise it will lag behind. Think about it, if all manufacturers frequently change their designs making them look more futuristic as time goes by and yet still sell as many, it means that regardless of people think of that, they still buy them, which in a way means that it either doesn’t matter to them, or it does and people buy them for that exact reason. Personally, the new BMW look looks more attractive in my eyes and I prefer 100% over ANY old style design.

    3. Harris KA Avatar
      Harris KA

      @Emilios Powerballer looks like a walrus tho

  5. Make oxtail cheap again Avatar
    Make oxtail cheap again

    How the xc90 doesn’t get more love over the range rover is criminal. Best front end in the business

    1. Donald Zizas Avatar
      Donald Zizas

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    2. Kate Carola Avatar
      Kate Carola

      Wooo that woman and her good work has been everywhere. Been seeing a lot of good comments about her on several places. I feel more confident investing with her, I’ve been on the train for over two weeks now… best Broke for life

    3. Dino Robinson Avatar
      Dino Robinson

      I have been able to arrange fund’s to invest i will kick off anytime soon, I have $3,452 Already

  6. Chris Dooley Avatar
    Chris Dooley

    My parents had a 2011 T6 with the twin turbo inline 6 motor that was just glorious to drive and sit in. I remember my father test driving the optional 4.4 V8 motor but after I drove it as well we both agreed the turbo motor was absolutely the way to go (a car must have a very special V8 motor for me to say no to a turbo engine) so that was that lol

    1. Loma Media Avatar
      Loma Media

      The V8 was very special. Yamaha engineered and used in the Noble M600

    2. Joachim Jankowski Avatar
      Joachim Jankowski

      Wasn’t the T6 in 2011 single turbo but twin-scroll?

    3. deafyboy86 Avatar

      @Joachim Jankowski Yes, twin scroll single turbo.

    4. Ali Yuksel Avatar
      Ali Yuksel

      Fantastic V8. Only around 300 XC90’s with that engine ever made.

    5. Chris Dooley Avatar
      Chris Dooley

      @Joachim Jankowski yes in retrospect it was. Made nice chunky torque and power.

  7. Wenzile Sondzaba Avatar
    Wenzile Sondzaba

    One of the reasons we recline the 2nd row seats also is because we want to carry a whole adult size casketπŸ™Š, it’s a nice SUV though. I like the fabric on the seats, Volvo took a different turn on this one.

    1. TELE_G_R_AM πŸ™ ExpertCarWow Avatar
      TELE_G_R_AM πŸ™ ExpertCarWow


  8. Scotia Jinker Avatar
    Scotia Jinker

    I’ve got the B5D & get nearly 50mpg on the motorway & about 30mpg in town , it also gets roughly 30 mpg towing my caravan. Surprisingly the 4 cylinder is more than adequate.

    1. Noah Mayer Avatar
      Noah Mayer

      Do you get the same issue regarding a bit flinty ride? Lots of reviews discuss it

    2. Scotia Jinker Avatar
      Scotia Jinker

      @Noah Mayer yes & no , on a rubbish road surface the ride isn’t the best (I don’t have air) but on normal to decent the ride is what you would expect on a car of this price.

    3. SHOOMBOOL TALA Avatar

      Because it’s twin charged lol

    4. Scotia Jinker Avatar
      Scotia Jinker

      @SHOOMBOOL TALA no it’s not , the euro spec diesels only have 1 turbo.

  9. Johann W Avatar
    Johann W

    We now own the 2nd Volvo XC90 II and after nearly 8 years it’s still one out of the best looking suv’s out there.
    Sure the screen could and should have been upgraded already, but other than that its a pure beauty.

    1. Stefan Major Avatar
      Stefan Major

      In my opinion I prefer the estate V90 Version, looking wise

  10. Paul Wyman Avatar
    Paul Wyman

    I love my XC90, and after owning a few Land Rovers it’s nice to start a journey knowing you’re not going to break down on the way.

    1. D G Avatar
      D G

      @LeahAnn Lafemmebear Music Mitchell – I had one for 4 years and not one issue and first 3 years Volvo took care of maintenance and one negotiated for the 4th year too. So not a penny spent driving about 45K miles.

    2. Harris KA Avatar
      Harris KA

      @ks67 better than a range rover tho haha

    3. Harris KA Avatar
      Harris KA

      @LeahAnn Lafemmebear Music Mitchell anything is better than a range rover

    4. I like pie Avatar
      I like pie

      Got a D5 Xc90 SPA , had twin turbo replaced, and a bunch of issues all fixed under warranty. It’s really quite bad

    5. Euro Ultimate Avatar
      Euro Ultimate

      Lexus also breaks down

  11. Javier Grego Avatar
    Javier Grego

    Sold our XC90 2005 a year 1/2 ago. Had some crazy tech in it for the time, had some β€œfun times” in van mode 😏
    Really really miss it

    1. TE_LEGRAM_ME_πŸ‘‰@matt_watson Avatar

      Thanks for watching… πŸ‘†πŸ‘†Dm right away to claim a price from me🎁

  12. mass de Avatar
    mass de

    Pro tip: If you had a knee surgery and you are over 2 meters tall and your not allowed to bend your knee so you cant get in any seats. You can fold the 2nd row away so you can sit in the 3rd row and strech out your legs on to the back of the folded 2nd row. (saved me a lot of time)

  13. Scott Roberts Avatar
    Scott Roberts

    Mat, Lol can’t believe I’ve been waiting for you to test this and the one thing you did not do was the 0-60. Feels quicker than 5.2 that’s stated. So happy with mine

    1. Noah Mayer Avatar
      Noah Mayer

      In a family hauler, is that so important?

    2. Wga Avatar

      @Noah Mayer that’s why there are different engine options, each to their own πŸ™‚

    3. Scott Roberts Avatar
      Scott Roberts

      @Noah Mayer yeah do kind of agree with you, but there is such a variant from 4.5 upto 5.7 secs through the various youtube reviews…..and to be fair @Matwatson is only famous because of his timing gear 😜

    4. Riga Style Avatar
      Riga Style

      I very much doubt that you will be able to feel a fraction of a second in acceleration.

  14. Tribalsun Avatar

    Another example of a very famous Volvo is the XC60. It still rocks. 2018 world car of the year.
    And the XC90 also. This design of new Volvos are aging just fine like old fine wine. πŸ˜ƒ

  15. kempez Avatar

    Our XC90 is a brilliant car. Absolutely love it. Hugely reliable and the hybrid is good (albeit not enough miles on our model – 30). The drive mode thing is genuinely terrible though and the interface feels old now. We’re a bit unsure if we want to keep it or downgrade to a smaller car or not, albeit it’s just so massive and really useful.

    If you run it on electric-mode a lot then its great for efficiency. We’ve seen mid-50’s, but a lot lower in winter. And actually it’s quite fast, faster than you should really drive it because it’s still a bit of a boat πŸ˜‚

    We also deliberately specified it with smaller wheels/taller sidewalls and it makes the ride better and hugely protects the alloys

  16. BH London Avatar
    BH London

    Had one of these a while now. Averaged 68mpg so far which is pretty good. Also, you can change the drive mode using β€˜Hey Google’.

  17. safari safari Avatar
    safari safari

    When discussing the 5 good things Matt said the remote can help you locate the car via the panic button. Isn’t that pretty standard on most vehicles?

  18. Harris KA Avatar
    Harris KA

    Off the top of my head they have changed: extended range on t8s, redesigned chrome inlays for front, new alloy options, new radar and camera system, Google infotainment, wool interior, wireless charger, new panoramic roof switches, new interior inlays of wood, removing and hiding of exhaust tips, addition/replacements of 12v with usb c, changed interior lights to capacitive.

  19. FireB919 Avatar

    I had one of these last year as a replacement for our 2019 Cayenne S while it was being repaired and my initial impression was it was really good, great interior, fast but also really good midrange performance (compared to the Cayenne) but I hated the lane assist. Turned it off but it still kept vibrating the steering wheel. Biggest problem was though it kept throwing a drive train error and failed to start on numerous occasions even though it had only done 60 miles.
    Don’t like hybrids, they have all the complication of a ice and ev combined.

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