New 2023 VW Touareg has THE best feature I’ve ever tested and impressed ON and OFF Road | 4k

The brand-new 2023 Touareg is 's flagship design and had the best function I have actually ever evaluated. It is jam-packed filled with ingenious technology and in this comprehensive test I put it through its speeds both on and off road.

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Video Contents
00:00 – Introduction
00:26 – The Touareg in 21 years old
02:07 – Variety details and pricing
02:55 – On roadway driving
06:58 – Rear passenger comfort
08:18 – Sport Mode
10:33 – Parking Assist Mode
11:46 – Trailer Assist Mode
14:17 – Off-roading!
17:16 – Last Ideas

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22 responses to “New 2023 VW Touareg has THE best feature I’ve ever tested and impressed ON and OFF Road | 4k”

  1. Rusky 0770 Avatar
    Rusky 0770

    Reverse feature would be an amazing thing for my other half with her horse box. Very cool

  2. Rich T Avatar
    Rich T

    The colour scheme of the one he drives at the end, is beautiful. But I can guarantee that won’t be available in the UK (it’s LHD, so not for UK market no doubt). VW UK will only offer black and grey, and there won’t be an auxiliary heater option like there used to be. So it will probably be a Defender or RRS where British buyers still have the full range of options to spec.

    1. Andrew M Avatar
      Andrew M

      I own one, in Lapiz Blue. You can only spec it for the R variant.

  3. John Brown Avatar
    John Brown

    That looks like a very capable car on an off road with some interesting gizmos but I am not convinced in the badge i.e. turning up at a shoot or a riverbank it would in my opinion not be my car of choice as you said yourself it is roughly the price of your Defender. The plus side though is it probably wouldn’t break down as often and it will have more room in the back than the 90 so I suppose it is a contender.

  4. Mika Davies Avatar
    Mika Davies

    In 2006 I owned a V10 diesel. I purchased it at a very good price because it needed a new gearbox. Following the gearbox I had it stage 2 mapped, it had over 1,000Nm of Torque. Lovely big SUV but fragile…. it ate discs, pads, prop shafts. I even managed to shear the bolts holding the flywheel…!!

    1. Ben Gray Avatar
      Ben Gray

      I wouldn’t call it fragile because driveline components failed following a 45% increase in torque to HGV levels.

    2. Mika Davies Avatar
      Mika Davies

      @Ben Gray Other diesel vehicles can be tuned beyond Stage 3 without failures… So I stick with “fragile”

  5. Steve Mitchell Avatar
    Steve Mitchell

    Looks a very impressive car another great video Pete

  6. Garry Matthews Avatar
    Garry Matthews

    Have to say trailer assist is amasing that has to be something that comes to all SUVs

  7. Therocksansand Avatar

    Yup two thumbs up! As always, you videos are spot on in every respect. Way back when, yes I could have used the technology for the parallel parking on my test, but I got it eventually. That is a beautiful vehicle indeed, and if someone wanted to give me one I’d gladly accept. All the best from Canada, Petrol. Cheers mate, safe driving.

  8. Andrew M Avatar
    Andrew M

    Great review Ped! Love my Touareg R, apart from it being thirsty when not in E mode..!

  9. Michael Avatar

    Brilliant technology, especially self parking and trailer assist.
    Impressive off road, what system is it?

  10. Tom Ashley Avatar
    Tom Ashley

    Well done Pete!
    I really like the new Tiguan and bigger Touareg !
    They’re both good-looking and capable cars.
    Cheers, Tom

  11. steven bennett Avatar
    steven bennett

    I had the previous version for a day on test. Very comfortable car. Plenty of poke from the 3L V6 diesel but oh my days the economy around town. hence they have a PHEV version.

  12. Trev Avatar

    Nice motor, Pete, but at that price point the Cayenne has one major advantage – the badge. (And subscribed to Nick, hope he can get over the 100K hump!).

  13. Malcolm Kerr Avatar
    Malcolm Kerr

    Hi Pete what a cracking stunning car , build quality top class love the style and practicality and the R version with 460 bhp wow but the price over 80k that’s up against the new cayenne S with a V8 470 bhp having driven my brothers new Cayenne S I know if I had the money lol which one I’d bye the cayenne for such a big car handles like a dream and build quality is out of this world

  14. Mr grumpy Avatar
    Mr grumpy

    Love the car – what range does it have on EV mode? Looks like it would be good for all types of driving.

  15. Peter Williams Avatar
    Peter Williams

    I had trailer assist in my Passat R bitdi in 2016, and it did exactly the same then. The Park assist has improved though, you had to control the gas pedal and the gears in that car. It did park perfectly though, parallel and out again plus bay parking, forward and backwards. Great car.

  16. Philip Parkes Avatar
    Philip Parkes

    Hi Ped
    I thought this might be interesting, and I was not disappointed. Initially badge snobbery came to the fore, surely VW cannot be serious trying to compete in this price sector, but then as we all know prices have gone crazy. Initial impression favourable and worthy of further investigation. The level of tec impressive but warning bells ring when you consider possible problems outside of warranty, which would seriously dent the housekeeping🤭

  17. Colton Cleveringa Avatar
    Colton Cleveringa

    Theses VWS are definitely good looking suvs. The blue color you mentioned is a very pretty color. Great review Sir Pete!!

  18. George Daville Avatar
    George Daville

    I remember when I bought an Evoque back in 2016 we had a LR Experience Day thrown at Peckforton Castle. I remember the instructor summarising the drive saying we have been in low speed control all of the time, haven’t exceeded 6mph and the car has done all the work! Looks the same in the VW. Very enjoyable video Ped,, however the car looks too nice to be ploughing through mud all of the time!

  19. Alasdair Wilson Avatar
    Alasdair Wilson

    Nice car and a great review as always.Nice to see it getting dirty.

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