Living with the Nissan Ariya – 6 weeks and only 1 charging nightmare ! | 4K

I have actually been running the as my Hendy Long Termer for simply over 6 weeks now so here is my ownership impressions examine. The wasn't a car I was that familiar with and I have invested much time in modern Nissans. Ends up this is a truly fantastic plan. It definitely had edgy styling but I enjoy the way the car isn't set up for speed but rather a good balance of efficiency and efficiency.


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Video Contents
00:00 – Has it truly been 6 weeks!
00:48 – Front end styling
03:15 – Aero Wheels
04:29 – Can you fit a pet dog in the boot?!
05:46 – Rear traveler room
06:57 – Ingenious Interior
11:09 – Driving impressions

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19 responses to “Living with the Nissan Ariya – 6 weeks and only 1 charging nightmare ! | 4K”

  1. Robert Lloyd Avatar
    Robert Lloyd

    It’s about time you have this car a plug ! 😊

  2. Garry Matthews Avatar
    Garry Matthews

    Great on Pete, good to know that efficency is starting to be more of a thing with manufacturers. Definatly need more charging otherwise why go electric!!

  3. Brian Griffiths Avatar
    Brian Griffiths

    I still have never gone outwith my small EV’s round trip range due to my lack of confidence in the public charging infrastructure. Good road test and looks like a decent all-round car.

  4. John Freshwater Avatar
    John Freshwater

    Hi. Just watched your video, we have a nissan leaf and when we bought it our nissan dealer said if your ever desperate for charging we can go to them and charge for free. Not sure if all Nissan dealers do the same. Seems a nice thing to offer

  5. Ian Banister Avatar
    Ian Banister

    Looks nice that Pete (better then the Renault Arkana you had). I used to work for a Nissan outlet & there was a long wait for their EV revolution to kick in following the introduction & then mk2 version of the Leaf but I believe there are a few more coming through the pipeline.

    Range anxiety will rumble on for years as infrastructure will only ramp up significantly after demand reaches a desired level (sadly).

    Next long termer…. Hendy Maserati surely 😂

  6. The Lone Ranger Avatar
    The Lone Ranger

    Hi PP, you never said where you did eventually find a charger when you were down to 10% left, I wouldn’t have thought you ran out of charge on your Journey, still the range anxiety must have started to kick in a little bit. Another great review as always, especially when it comes to everyday EV usage.👍

  7. Mr Mawson Avatar
    Mr Mawson

    Great video mate

  8. Michael Staunton Avatar
    Michael Staunton

    A most interesting & impressive vehicle really good 👌👌

  9. Jim Cabezola Avatar
    Jim Cabezola

    I like this car. It has inoffensive, non-polarising styling. Increasing the efficiency of electric cars is a very important point that you make here; the need for efficiency doesn’t just go away now that fossil fuel isn’t (directly, at any rate…) powering the vehicle. The charging infrastructure here on O’ahu is virtually non-existent even after over a decade of electric car imports. Charging at home is a necessity here. Mahalo for a very-thought-provoking video, Pete!

  10. Colton Cleveringa Avatar
    Colton Cleveringa

    Great review and video Sir Pete.

  11. Matt Carvers Bulldogges Avatar
    Matt Carvers Bulldogges

    Another well executed car review Ped 👍🏽. . I totally agree with you on the looks of the exterior, its kind of good looking and also a tad lets just say less striking from certain angles and i definitely see what you mean about the rim bladed cover things that will take a bit of getting used to for sure but overall not a bad electric vehicle tbf

  12. John S14a Avatar
    John S14a

    I really like the Ariya. Drove one the other week and was very impressed. Still prefer my ioniq 5 though. I charge out and about quite regularly and charger reliability isn’t getting any better and as you say there just aren’t enough of them to meet demand.

  13. Nick Leighton Avatar
    Nick Leighton

    Been waiting for this one Pete 👍 first off I really like the way you review cars you do it in such a good honest way👏👏, the Ariya is a fantastic car only managed to drive one on short journeys, but Iam glad you mentioned the infrastructure its lagging behind Iam afraid to say and even worse is there reliability..!!🤔 I had a Leaf on PCP for two years only need to public charge it a couple off times as I did the rest at my work saying that things have changed since, seems to be backward moves rather than forward..!!, the worry is the clock ticking if they the Government want us to revert to electric..!! hmm time will tell I suppose.

  14. Alberto Sanguino Fernandez Avatar
    Alberto Sanguino Fernandez

    When you change the Ariya, do you think you could get your hands on a Mazda MX30 R-EV? Would be interesting to get your thoughts on this car as it seems to be, on paper, a reasonable half way house between ICE and pure EV. Just saying

  15. Trev Avatar

    Love the interior, front looks a bit Peugeot (which isn’t a bad thing)? I think if I went for a new car it would still have to be a hybrid at the moment, Pete.

  16. Bin The L Plates Avatar
    Bin The L Plates

    I know it’s a completely different type / style of car, and I’m using it in an urban and semi rural environment for my driving lessons, but the efficiency of my Hyundai Ioniq 38 kWh is just bonkers in comparison to the trend for boxes on wheels that manufacturers are churning out now. Doing over 120 miles each day, and this week it’s not dipped below 6.1 m/kWh, today it finished at 6.3 m/kWh. Even in sub zero temperatures it’s around 4.5 m/kWh, so the Ariya’s 3m/kWh seems poor, when I can achieve 220 miles in the summer on a battery that’s half the size.

  17. MrFatknacker Avatar

    Great review as always.

    While certainly the charging infrastructure is far from perfect, you do seem to go out of your way to make life difficult for yourself like you are almost trying to prove a point 🤔

    And I do wonder about your Zap Map use, since mine is set to only locations with 4 or more chargers at 100kW+ power rating, and there are loads of those between Silverstone and Woking… so why chose a garage with a solitary 50kW charger? 🤔

    Agree on IONITY – I remember when IONITY access was quite exclusive … but now I avoid unless really early in the morning or really late at night because they have certainly oversold their available service 🙄

  18. Richard Peat Avatar
    Richard Peat

    That’s impressive efficiency for an SUV EV. Much like Hyundai and Kia whose efficiency is usually pretty good, Nissan seem to be getting better and better at efficient EV’s.

    With regards to finding chargers, I tend to favour WattsUp which is specifically for finding rapid chargers and has a good number of charging networks with live statuses, and I tend to find it more reliable than ZapMap. It also works fine on CarPlay without paying extra which is a bonus.

  19. Alex !M Avatar
    Alex !M

    Ariya is a play on word for Aria indeed, but intended as “air that you breathe” (as opposed to the air you sing). I love the blue, anything but black !

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