Living with the Audi RSQ8 – The ULTIMATE road test ! | 4K

I invested a week living with the and gave it the supreme road test. I put big stuff in the back, went to an occasion with Tiff Needell, went motor racing, di lots of launch controls and ended up the week with a great weekend on the Cotswolds with Mrs G!


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Video Contents
00:00 – Introduction
00:39 – Plan for the week
02:10 – Little wheels huge rate!
03:45 – Under the bonnet
04:21 – Interior
04:57 – Betting a bike in the boot
08:52 – A night with Tiff Needell
12:03 – Driving to Oulton Park
17:15 – Checking the Ford KA
18:02 – Race Day!
20:12 – Ben's First Release Control!!
23:15 – Driving home with the pups
25:50 – Last Impressions

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21 responses to “Living with the Audi RSQ8 – The ULTIMATE road test ! | 4K”

  1. Sandman Avatar

    Good evening. Fortunately (for me) cars were not as quick and did not have launch control back when I was Ben’s age.

  2. Tristan Bird Avatar
    Tristan Bird

    Hello everyone how are we doing? Brilliant video as always petrol ped thank you very much

  3. Matt Healey Avatar
    Matt Healey

    Been waiting for this. Really kind of want one. Mind you it’s be an inheritance job and I’d go full vorsprung

  4. Colton Cleveringa Avatar
    Colton Cleveringa

    Not a fan of the looks of this car but the v8 now that’s something to love about the car. Great review Sir Pete that jacket was epic

    1. Petrol Ped Avatar
      Petrol Ped

      Thanks 👍

  5. Peter Kirton Avatar
    Peter Kirton

    As you told me about your intention to drive up to Cheshire after the Podium Place I was surprised to hear that you stayed in Newbury as did I for my onward journey the next day. Torrential rain later that night so a wise decision

  6. stevie 007 Avatar
    stevie 007

    Wow !!! the price is totally mind-boggling, but I guess if you were a millionaire this would be mere short-change 👌👌

  7. John Brown Avatar
    John Brown

    It’s quite the car but very understated but it would not get me to swap from a JLR product even though I was a huge fan of Quattro’s as a boy into his rally cars, Those 22″ rims look like 18″‘s on that car and I think I would want carbon on those silver accents at the front for that kind of money.

  8. Clive Sinclair Avatar
    Clive Sinclair

    I think if you can afford a gas guzzler the mpg comes second to the tank size and how often you need to stop to fill them up.

  9. Battery Powered  Avatar
    Battery Powered

    I guess compared to the urus is good bargain for what it offers but Unfortunately I’ll still have to wait another 10 years to afford one😂

  10. Garry Matthews Avatar
    Garry Matthews

    Man that MPG is lower than when I tow my caravan, have to say that is an epic bit of kit though, love the Dame Darcey rug!!

  11. Wyn Hughes Avatar
    Wyn Hughes

    As you said Ped. The car looks totally different in Carbon Black edition or Vorsprung trim.But the price and fuel consumption is rediculas. As an Audi owner and fan. I’d go for the Macan GTS.
    Great video Ped.

  12. reinmansmith Avatar

    Great review Pete. I think you’re right about the ‘under the radar’ looks of this car. A great car in many ways, (apart from it’s thirst for the go juice!) but if you’re spending that amount of money I think you want the car to look special ….

  13. DM 800 Avatar
    DM 800

    Great review, very thorough and well done. Its off to Audi next month for me for a SQ8

  14. Robert D Avatar
    Robert D

    Great review! I think it’s a great street sleeper!

  15. Justin Evans Avatar
    Justin Evans

    Loving the Bianchi top! I had a Gianni Bugno replica racer back in the 1990s. Also like the RSQ8, a proper monster

  16. David White Avatar
    David White

    Nice car, crazy fuel consumption not affordable for most in this day and age, as an ex owner of a 2nd Gen Cayenne 4.8S V8 ask me how I know! I like those wheels BTW, but then I am old 😄

  17. Philip Parkes Avatar
    Philip Parkes

    Hi Ped
    Not disappointed with this review🤭 however the spec, the price, and the fuel consumption 😥😥. I have loved all the Audi’s I have owned over the years, and your review confirms my satisfaction with my SQ5, smaller yes, but at least you can fit in a supermarket car park. It performs reasonably well with its 340 ps. The economy does not break the bank, mid 30 to 40 mpg without trying and 27mpg towing twin axle weighing in @ 2000kg. Reckon I have a bargain😉And it looks good in Navarro Blue metallic, with pan roof & 21” wheels! @ half the price new🤭

  18. Jim Cabezola Avatar
    Jim Cabezola

    What a lovely car! Audi seem to do a great job of preventing their displays from looking as though they were nailed on as an afterthought. Job well done there! BUT…ceramic coating an e-bike? What an idea! My bikes are almost always covered in dirt and filth and grease from my daily rides. Now I’m thinking ceramic coating would make my bikes easier to keep clean. If you feel like it (and can fit it your videos), tell us about your experiences with a ceramic-coated bike. Mahalo for a very nuanced and multi-faceted report!

  19. MdvK Avatar

    I really like the looks of this car! If only it could be shrunk to normal size..

  20. Marthaviews Avatar

    You may have been a bit savage about the mpg, especially as you were driving it in Sport and using launch control. I think in the real world an owner of one of these would do a lot better. And at GBP115K price, they probably can afford to fill it up twice a week! Love an Audi. They’re just so good!

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